Japanese Words for the Signs

I’ve been studying Japanese for a while now, so I thought I would bring my love for language and astrology together! If you don’t feel like the word I chose fits with your sign, that’s okay. It’s my perspective. Enjoy ✿

Aries: Gyaku gire 逆ギレ

“getting angry at someone else for getting angry at you.”

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Taurus: Shinrinyoku 森林浴

“forest bathing; going out into the forest to be in peace.”

Gemini: Jumon 呪文

“a magical spell.”

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Cancer: Kotone 琴音

“a Japanese girl’s name; literally meaning harp sound.”

Leo: Junai 純愛 

“pure love.”

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Virgo: Kintsukuroi 金繕い

“to repair with gold.”

Libra: Yūgen 幽玄 

“Subtle grace & hidden beauty.”

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Scorpio: Torimodosu 取り戻す 

“To regain or recover.”

Sagittarius: Ikigai 生き甲斐

“A reason for being.” 

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Capricorn: Majime まじめ

“A serious person who follows the rules.”

Aquarius: Ukiyo 浮世

“Living in the moment.”

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Pisces: Kawaakari 川明かり

“The glimmer of a river in the darkness.”

This has been my favorite list to make (and to share)—for obvious reasons. ( • ᴗ • )

Hardcore M (Not for the soft of heart • for the 💯 do-S/sadistic girls)

  • ナミダメ (Namidame) - All 5 Volumes 
  • 誘惑(いいなり)第四弾 -研修医、千祖の改悔- (Iinari Vol.4) 
  • 逆調教 (Gyaku Choukyou)
  • 女王蜂の甘美なる交合 第二章 虚編 (Jooubachi no kanbi naru kogou Vol. 2 - Utsuro)

Softcore M (For more moans of pleasure, not pain 🙃 • “More” vanilla ✨)

  • ふたりの秘密1 ~じつはMな彼~ (Futari no himitsu Vol.1) 
  • Relacion Dulce Vol.1 お酒のチカラで知るカレの新たな一面 (Relacion Dulce Vol.1)
  • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.3 M気質の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu Vol.3 M kishitsu no kare)
  • こまった彼氏 White Ver., 守村編 (Komatta Kareshi White, the tracks with the lawyer, 守村)
  • 純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第2弾 リハビリ医葉庭の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 2)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第5弾 耳鼻科医宗矢の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 5)
  • ラブユーブング -永嶺海斗編- (Loveubung - Nagamine Kaito)
  • 監禁男子番外編 ~愛ゆえに彼を閉じ込めて~ (Kankin Danshi Bangai Hen)?* (Straddles** the line between Hardcore and Softcore - in this CD, you assume the position of a yandere/possessive girlfriend)
  • 君がすべて (Kimi ga subete)

Bonus: CDs that don’t explicitly feature M boys, but feature passive/submissive boys. ( • v • ) 

Leans Submissive (Dominant/Assertive MC + Submissive Partner)

  • S.O.S-secret ocean story- Episode 02 エリック (S.O.S. Vol.2 • Eric)
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 (Kare to soine • Sora)
  • Switching?! - Ayumu, and to an extent, Yuu 
  • 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 大人になりたくない少年 ~好奇心旺盛な彼~(Otona no meruhen Vol. 2 Peter Pan)
  • お姉さまと僕~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Bara no shita de aimashou〜)
  • お姉さまと僕~約束のジュリエット~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Yakusoku no Juliet〜)
  • 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王 (Yonshoku no shihaisha to hangyaku no gouka Vol. 1 • Blue king)
  • Twinkle Blossom - Natsume
  • 恋。しかるべき ~芹沢拓海 編~ (Koi. Shikarubeki 〜Serizawa Takumi〜
  • Kare Pillow Vol. 8
  • … ( to be continued )

GFD/RR* Tokutens/Tracks

  • Switching?! 2nd! Stellaworth Tokuten - Kanade 
  • 紅ノ華嫁 (Aka no hanayome) - Mizuho’s rendou tokuten, and the first half of Hidemasa’s rendou tokuten 
  • Reversible + Re:Reversible - always features a RR track
  • 今夜はどうする? (Konya wa dousuru?) - Stellaworth tokutens feature GFD/RR
  • … ( to be continued )

Doujin (Hardcore. These are doujin, after all... 💦)

  • カエデくんの告白。~私が××したい彼~ & カエデくんと2度目のえっち。(Kaede-kun no kokuhaku. ~Watashi ga xx shitai kare~ & Kaede-kun to nidome no ecchi.) 
  • 受けっぽい彼氏、受けっぽ彼氏! (Uke-ppoi Kareshi, Uke-ppoi Kareshi!)
  • お部屋カレシ~尽くし系な年下彼氏を苛めてみたら…~<譲編> (Oheya Kareshi〜Zukushi kei na toshishita kareshi wo ijimete mitara〜)
  • お兄ちゃんだいすき!  (Onii-chan, daisuki!) 
  • ドエス彼氏 ドエム彼氏 (Do-S Kareshi, Do-M Kareshi)
  • クラスの王子様とドSな私 (Class no ouji-sama to do-S na watashi)
  • 赤いヒールのシンデレラ (Akai heel no cinderella)
  • ご主人様と召使い ~カイの場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Kai no baai〜) 仕置 track
  • ご主人様と召使い ~ウィルフレド侯爵の場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Wilfred koushaku no baai〜) 逆転/調教 tracks
  • 執事のいる生活~無知執事・水桐~ and 執事のいる生活~新人執事・魅月~ (Shitsuji no iru seikatsu, Mizukiri’s and Mizuki’s volumes)

*Gentle femdom/role reversal.

**Pun intended.

Absolute Destiny Apocalypse Complete 絶対運命黙示録・完全版

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku is a song from the Banyu Inryoku play Kaspar Hauser. Which was in… 93? It was before Utena. (Seal Spell was also from there.) Kaspar Hauser was a German boy who supposedly grew up completed closed off in a cell. He was taught to say phrases that he only knew by sound and they did weird experiments on him and NOTHING MAKES SENSE. Which is probably why there’s a Banyu Inryoku play about him, because, well, nothing makes sense. Anyway he died with a note written backwards on him and everyone collectively went what the fuck. And so Seazer did a play of it because of course he did.Banyu Inryoku is post-Terayama Tenjo Sajiki, led by Seazer who inherited the group after Terayama died. I’m under the assumption it wasn’t going well for them, but Ikuhara FUCKING LOVED Tenjo Sajiki because uhh, Tenjo Sajiki is awesome, and omg neeeeded Seazer to do his anime. Apparently he went eh sure, why the hell not food is nice, here, take some of these songs I already did, and we got weird remixes of them by Shinkichi Mitsumune. At the end of the second season he actually started recording and making original music for the show. While this song arguably isn’t, the second half maybe is.

Also, the Complete version happened in a live concert, the first stage of which was three Utena songs. This was the opening piece. It had more notes. I want those notes back. Please go back and record a studio version with literally everyone please. Yes, that poor girl had to sustain that awful note live.

Anyway, I did the whole thing, cause it felt cheap if I only did half, and I didn’t want to use someone else’s half. Obligatory tags for @hirakumblr and @empty-movement because.

Absolute Destiny Apocalypse Complete
(Barbara Dwarf Star Child Apocalypse version)

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
shusei touroku senrei meibo shibou touroku

The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalypse
birth records, baptismal registry, death records

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
watashi no tanjou zettai tanjou mokushiroku

The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalypse
My birth, absolute birth, apocalypse

闇の砂漠に 燦場・宇葉

yami no sabaku ni sanba uba
kin no mekki no tougenkyou
hiru to yoru to ga gyaku mawari
toki no mekki no shitsurakuen

A brilliant place in a dark desert, made of leaves
A gold gilded Eden
Day and night turning upon eachother
Time gilded paradise lost


sodomu no yami
hikari no yamo
kanata no yami
hatenaki yami
zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiryami mokushiroku

Darkness of Sodom
Darkness of light
Distant darkness
Endless darkness
The absolute destiny apocalypse
The absolute destiny apocalyptic darkness, apocalypse


zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
shishite fukkatsu
purometius seitai
eisei touroku

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
Death then revival
Celestial body of Prometheus
Records of eternal life (satellite)

プロトゴノス わたし
宇宙 生命 黙示録

zettai unmei mokushiroku
zettai unmei mokushiroku
Purotogonosu watashi
uchuu seimei mokushiroku

The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse
The Protogonos Me
Universe, Life, Apocalypse

わたしのわたしが わたしプラクリティ

kigen no naka no mugen watashi
futatsu no tsuki to taiyou ni
uchuu kaibyaku watashi tanjou
watashi no watashi ga watashi purakuriti

In the origin is the infinite me,
in the two moon and sun,
I am born in the creation of the universe,
my myself is the Prakrti me

原初の起こり 受胎
円満愚息 球体
わたし 宇宙 原理

gensho no okori jyutai
monarizashion to tanjou
enman gusoku kyuutai
watashi uchuu genri

Conception of the original source
Mona Lisa’s Zion and birth
Sphere of the perfect foolish son
Myself, the universe, philosophy

天地  昼夜 暗闇光
双月 男女 アンドロギュヌス

tenchi chuuya an__kou
futatsuki danjo andorogyunusu

Heaven and earth, Day and Night, Darkness and light
Twin moons, hermaphrodite, Androgynous

もくし くしも
しもく くもし
もしく しくも

もくし くしも
しもく くもし
もしく しくも

mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo
mokushi kushimo shimoku kumoshi moshiku shikumo

Oh yay. Notes! So many notes! (Conversely, the song didn’t have enough, I’m making up for that.)

  • 桃源郷 Literally means The Peach Blossom Spring, which is a story about a magical utopia, full of happiness where they’re untouched by politics and the outside world and some guy just waltzes in. (It’s mostly about politics really. Please take me. I love peaches.) Anyway the dude leaves and can never find it again. Apparently it gets used to mean a magical utopia, and I just preferred Eden over Shangri-La, especially since I was in an oasis type thing and statistically speaking, in English I don’t need to explain it.
  • Paradise lost is also written the same way as the novel title.
  • Prometheus was a Greek titan that made humans and gave them fire and is now punished for eternity.
  • Protogonos (but apparently usually Phanes) is the first born and deity of procreation and life in Orphism. Who is also apparently both male and female. And hatched from the world egg. And created the universe. He smashed the world shell.
  • Prakṛti, which has a weird dotted R apparently, is the primal matter of nature and femine existence in Hinduism.
  • Mona Lisa Zion. (Or it’s Mona Lisazation. But Probably not.) Okay. Seazer apparently made this word up. Team Japan seems to think it’s a combination of Mona Lisa and Zion, and according to that and a few random books that put the words beside eachother, it seems to mostly be based off the idea that Leonardo da Vinci filled La Gioconda with secrets about Jesus and stuff, which I will always think is stupid.
  • The original live version of …this version, had the ending lines
    天地  昼夜 太陽 月
    ラララ 男女 アンドロギュヌス
    Heaven and earth, Day and Night, Sun, moon
    Lalala, hermaphrodite, Androgynous
  • Also, I have no fucking clue how they got darkness and light to sound the way it does in song. I hear like, aninkou or an'ninkou or something. I didn’t feel it was worth holding this up for that though. What’s written means darkness and light though.
  • mokushi kushimo, etc is the syllables of apocalypse tossed into a blender. Mokushi by itself does mean apocalypse. 黙示録 is also the way Book of Revelation is written, but they seem to like it as Apocalypse. FYI if you join the Utena 4 lyfe club you’re legally required to randomly spew this line.

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I'm so happy to see how popular JPN Ieyasu is on that event! And I'm curious about his summer story event.. How good is it? Would you be kind to share to a bit of the summary? :)

I was supposed to work on this, but things got hectic on my side, and there goes my promise. :/

On the top of my head, the main highlights (all from memory):

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Mighty Aura - UtaPri ☆ Lyrics and Translation

It’s been way too long since I translated this, but here’s Tokiya’s and Eiji’s Duet: Mighty Aura.

I’ve come to really love this song (my favourite line is Tokiya’s “Kizuna no Mighty Aura”.) Checked my translation of the first half of the song with the anime, and most of it matched, except a few things here and there.

I feel like Mighty Aura is all about Eiji looking up to Tokiya and Tokiya urging Eiji to fly. And I guess that’s sort of reflected in the cover too (and the episode as well). What I also love about Mighty Aura is the recurring symbolism of what I interpret as Tokiya being a member of STARISH (shine, brilliant star,..)  and Eiji a member of HEAVENS (wind, wing, heavens, ..).

The intermission (your voice to yeah yeah brilliant star part) is not in the booklet, so I had to guess a bit there. What I couldn’t hear clearly is filled in according to the theme mentioned above. If you use these lyrics/translation anywhere, credit would be appreciated


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店舗特典ドラマCD Translation.「おいしいパスタとマカロン」「入れ替わり騒動 ~三つ子編~」DIABOLIK LOVERS ~MORE BLOOD~ Pre-Order Bonus CD Odessa no Noroi〜Oitsumerareshi Vampire-tachi〜DIABOLIK LOVERS “gyaku maki kyōdai yoru no karaoke shoubu!”

DIABOLIK LOVERS DVD Bonus Vol.2 Drama Track


ONE OK ROCK 35xxxv Bonus Track Translation

As requested ages ago! ^_^ Sorry, it’s super late. I’ve been MIA for weeks.

I’m not 100 percent sure with the lyrics. What I’ve written here is just based on what I heard since there’s no official lyrics whatsoever (duh!). I’m sorry if some parts don’t make sense. It’s because the song is, well, just a bunch of dirty jokes. I even asked some of my Japanese friends to help me with this and they were all like, “WTF is this?” Haha.

Warning: There’s a reason this is a secret track. lol. Read at your own risk! ^_^

隣のあいつのそいつの後ろの斜めの左が (ゲロゲロパー)

tonari no aitsu no soitsu no ushiro no naname no hidari ga (gerogeropā)

That person on the oblique left behind the guy (or girl) next door (gerogeropa)

後ろの隣のそのまた後ろの右横斜めも (ゲロゲロパー)

ushiro no tonari no sono mata ushiro no migi yoko naname mo gerogeropā

He’s (or She’s) once again on the right side behind diagonally (gerogeropa) (I know this doesn’t make sense. Basically, it’s just a description of where a person is)

360°どこまで逃げてもやっぱりあいつだ (ゲロゲロパー)

360 do doko made nigete mo yappari aitsu da gerogeropā

Even when he tried to do a 360-degree turn and get away, it’s definitely that person


miwatasu kagiri no

As long as the eyes can see


gerogero gerogero

Disgusting, Disgusting


guroguro guroguro*

Rolling, Rolling




age, age, a gerogero pa

So high, So high, gerogeropa

a gerogeropa

左の乳首を右手の小指で優しく摩って (ゲロゲロパー)
hidari no chikubi wo migite no koyubi de yasashiku kosutte gerogeropā

gently rub the left nipple with the right pinky finger (gerogeropa!)

今度は逆だよ 左の小指で優しく摩って (ゲロゲロパー)
kondo wa gyaku da yo hidarite no koyubi de yasashiku kosutte gerogeropā

this time, it’s the other way around; rub it gently with the left pinky finger

もうひとつおまけに 恥骨のあたりもコリコリ触って (ゲロゲロパー)

mou hitotsu omake ni chikotsu no atari mo korikori sawatte gerogeropā

then there’s another bonus; caress the hip area softly (gerogeropa!)

ゲロゲロゲロゲロ ペロペロペロペロ (ゲロゲロパー)

doko wo sawatte mo gero gero gerogero…peroperoperopero…

wherever you touch it, gross gross, lick lick

あ げ 、 あ げ 、ゲ あ げ 、あ、ゲロゲロパー
あ げ 、 あ げ 、ゲ あ げ 、あ、ゲロゲロパー

I’m not really sure what gerogeropa means. I have guesses, though. First, gerogero means disgusting. Second, there’s a popular children song released in 2014 called Geragerapo no Uta. So, this is probably a parody and it’s obviously not for kids. Haha. Third, James Brown’s song called Sex Machine has the lines  “ Get up, Get on up, Get up, Get on up” which the Japanese often sing as “Geropa” in the karaoke.

This translation has a bunch of mistakes (but I’m quite sure about the second verse, though. Haha!), so feel free to let me know if there’s anything I should change. :)

Shuuen -Re:Mind- lyrics (1/2)

I wrote all the romaji lyrics of the Shuuen -Re:Mind- exclusive songs, and will be posting them in 2 posts. Still, be aware of REALLY long post under the cut. PART 2 HERE.

The songs in this post are: Houfuku Revival, Ketsumatsu Yumelody, Fighting Girl, Nostalgic Junk Food, Game and Girls and Yasashii Obakebanashi. To look for a specific song, you can use ctrl+f and put the song title in the search bar :3

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でんぱ組.inc「サクラあっぱれーしょん」MV - Sakura Appareshon  MV Romanized Lyrics

Hey Yo!  D-E-M-P-A from Akihabara to Everywhere 
Sā sā yotterasshai miterasshai 
Mō issaigassai yacchaina 
Arittake no kawaii to tanoshii koto tsumekon de 
Sā shōnen shōjo yo fune ni notte iza shukkō ja 

Hey Yo!  D-E-M-P-A  from Japanese Hot Area 
Minna genki desu ka? Koe kikasete? Hai denpa ?! 
Denpa !! 
Arigato san mohaya junbi wa bacchiri no yō na node 
Sā ima kara dekkai fune ni notte iza shukkō ja 

Sā minna DANSU DANSU DANSU waraji haite bira kan hirari 
Kakko tsuketemo PANTSU PANTSU PANTSU hamideteru 
Mecchakucha no DOKYUMENTARI
Sore ga bokura nitotte no FANTAJI
Shunkashūtō kanjirunda yonderunda sore sore sore

SHEIPU SHEIPU SHEIPU mune o hatte wa ase tarari 
Tsuppashitte mo kocchi kocchi kocchi gyaku hōkō 
Seishun wa sore de ii no da kanchigai mo mikata ni shichau no da 
Shinrabanshō utae nippon odore nippon a sore sore sore 


Chinton tenshan to doko made mo 
hora PAWAFURU zenkai de tsukinukero 
Acchi mo kocchi mo socchi mo matsuri da wasshoi 
Appare Appare ADOBENCHA 
Yamato no kuni e makafushigi na kotodama 

Kisōtengai sa itsumademo kami-sama botoke-sama usagi-sama 
Tsuki ni inotte ogan de kimi omotte hanpa na kimochi o tachikitte 
Toriaezu ii ka? Damatte tsuitekoi FOLLOW ME

Ah.. ah… kimi no mirai o akaruku terasu nante ochanoko sai sai sai 

Hyakkaryōran Yamato Nadeshiko-tachi yo 
To dekkai hanabi o age mashou ne 
Hora odoru ahō ni miru ahō 
Onaji ahō nara odora nya son son son 

Sā minna DANSU DANSU DANSU sarashimaite o heso chirari 
Kutsu nui dara SOKKUSU SOKKUSU SOKKUSU yabureteru 
Dotta batta na hotto SUTEJI sore ga watashi nitotte no seigi 
Kokon tōzai habatakunda kikoerunda a sore sore sore sore 

SHEIKU SHEIKU SHEIKU ude o futte namida kirari 
Tsuyogatte mo kyun kyun kyun kurushii no 
Otome wa sore de ii no da 
MAINASU mo mikata ni shichau no da 
Jōi tōgō aishi tenda minna daisuki da da da da da da 

Break Time ! 

‘Yō ~~~ hai!' 

Chinton tenshan to doko made mo 
Hora PAWAFURU zenkai de tsukinukero 
Acchi mo kocchi mo socchi mo matsuri da wasshoi 
Appare appare ADOBENCHA

Yamato no kuni e makafushigi na kotodama 
Kisōtengai sa itsumademo kami-sama botoke-sama usagi-sama 
Tsuki ni inotte ogan de kimi omotte hanpa na kimochi o tachikitte 
Toriaezu ii ka? damatte tsuitekoi follow me 

Ah… ah… kimi no mirai o akaruku terasu nante ochanoko sai sai sai 

'Yō ~~~ hai!' 

Mangetsu no shita de odori mashou 
Sakura maichiru kisetsu to utai masho 
Kimi to itsuka mata deau sono hi made 
Dakara ijippari-san mo tereya-san mo yaoya-san mo anata mo 
Wasurenaide BYE BYE sayonara!

Translation can be found here.

anonymous asked:

Honestly, the greatest thing about Gyakuten Meets Orchestra is the fact that we get Maya in a white suit with a red bowtie, and she looks goddamn amazing in it.

youre completely right, thank u for reminding me of dapper maya

in the gyaku orchestra art she has two suits, one is all white while the other has this black thingy underneath which i thought was extra dapper :o