Where do I insert my punch card?

Hey everyone, new to this new-fangled tumblr thing I’m from distant year of 1993 so forgive me for being so behind, but it’s getting better with this second phone line so I can use the phone AND be on the internet.

Joking aside; I figure this is where I’ll show some art or comic pages however there’s nothing here yet so if you want to see some in the meantime check here: http://www.gx3r.com
Or here:

Hurricane Sandy, snow storm, need a weather break.

Hurricane Sandy:
So Hurricane Sandy has passed as well as another storm but we’ll get ot that later. So Sandy hit and took out our power in the middle of the latest The Walking Dead episode and remained down till the next evening. Which to be honest wasn’t that long a time, and we didn’t really have any damage to speak of here. However there was a lot of damage over the island and some were without power for up to 10+ days so not everyone was as fortunate, infact some peoples houses came off the foundation and floated into a street I hear. (Not near me)

The damage around my neighborhood was quite interesting, many trees apparently had the roots cut on the sidewalk side, which made it easy for a storm to blow them over and rip up half the lawn. Heck I saw half of one guys front lawn entirely lifted by tree roots from a tree that was knocked over…onto his house.

With the power out this brought other numerous problems, local places had no means of keeping food cold and gas pumps need power to operate as well. This left us with people zerg-rushing the pumps bleeding them dry rather quickly. So there’s also a gas shortage, even now 11 days after the event it’s a bit hard to get fuel for your car. And food places were swarmed too, so if you felt like grabbing some fast food you’d be waiting on a line that extended around the place and down the next block or so.

At the time of writing it has just snowed, and that’s not very common for us in November, it was quite dense snow that ALSO snapped branches and actually dragged power/phone lines down to the point where you can smack with your snow shovel.

Anyway, point being it’s been quite interesting lately. If you’d like to see some pics of the disaster have a gander at the end of the journal!

Comic stuff:
There’s been a number of things sort of preventing me from working on Antares Complex easily, none of which I care to go into beyond a rough summary: Family visit, technical problems, windows 8 upgrade, hurricane, etc.

I’m just glad to have issue 5 starting soon even if it’s a tad later than I wanted, but such is life and I’m honestly just thankful to have my home intact. Issue 05 is a bit shorter than the previous issues, I had thought of connecting it to issue 04 via parts or whatever but I didn’t think it’d make a difference.

I’ve been spending more time doing some random sketches trying to improve my art and maybe have some more solid designs with the aliens and what not.

Well I’m sure not many (nobody) is reading this but I would like to get it out there that my heart goes out to those who’ve had no power for this entire time and now a storm on top of that, even more so to those who’re flooded out or had their homes burnt down! It’s been crazy for the east coast, maybe next journal I’ll have something less depressing and more positive.

Catch you guys later

Pics of the damage from hurricane Sandy

Neige fighting Louis, a bit of a random bit of art/poster like thing I felt like doing.

As you can see Louis is incredibly strong compared to Neige, however he underestimates her and she doesn’t fight fair, so maybe there’s hope after all!

For those who are new: Antares Complex is a webcomic/digital graphic novel on: Gx3R Comics following Neige and her crew as they try and make a living in a chaotic sci-fi universe.

Antares Complex © Gx3R / Mike Girardin

Neige is a mercenary in the sci-fic Comic series Antares Complex  who’s trying to make a living in a chaotic galaxy. She’s a rouge like fighter using her wits, her blades, her feet and if things get too heated there’s her 10mm pistol on her hip.

Her ways are a bit brutal but shes been taught: kill or be killed. She will do what it takes to win and make a living for her and her crew.

About the pic:
I was messing with colors and coloring techniques here, also I wanted to play with her new swords and body armor to be seen later in the series.

Antares Complex © Gx3R / Mike Girardin