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Who among the GX crew would have a vlog for ridiculous stunts?

Okay but are we absolutely positive that Fubuki doesn’t already have one of these in canon?

Kaiser is a reluctant guest star on some of them, and he spends most of his time trying to talk Fubuki out of the stupid shit he’s about to get into

Fubuki: I will now drink 8 glasses of milk in five minutes

Kaiser: -pulling the glass of milk out of Fubuki’s hand- no you will not because you will die


I’m really curious now to find out more about this Duel Academia and why it’s like this. Because it’s definitely nothing at all like the Duel Academia I’ve seen in GX so far. Even though some of the kids there are jerks, I can’t imagine them wanting to go out and attack and hunt other people.

What are they getting out of this? Is it still a school set up like the way it is in GX or another way? Because if they have the same dorms I would bet Sora would be in Obelisk Blue.

Also poor Yuya is having such a hard time processing what’s happening down there. ;_;



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Vibri (Vib Ribbon) // Demoman (Team Fortress 2)

Hornet (Daytona USA) // Blue Falcon (F-Zero)

Parappa the Rapper // Xoda Rap (Noitu Love)

Gunstar Green and Seven Force (Gunstar Heroes)

Part 6! No Heavy for Team Fortress 2 because he gets plenty love already. I tried emulating the flatness and folding distortions that Parappa suffers in the game but that’s -very- hard to do being 2D and having these color limitations, you have to distort a -lot- to make that effect come across, and when you do, it looks too weird and not easily recognizable. Hopefully some of it still comes across to you?

Countdown to Yusaku Fujiki

Pharaoh’s Incarnate

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The Supreme King

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The Hero of Legend

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Shard of The Emissary

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Satan’s incarnate, Supreme King Dragon

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  • Yusaku: Uhm, hi? I'm Yusaku Fujiki and I'm the new YGO protagonist--
  • Yugi: Ah yes, welcome to the club! I'm Yugi, and these are Judai, Yusei, Yuma, and Yuya!
  • Yusei: Nice to meet you, hope you are prepared.
  • Yusaku: Prepared for what?
  • Judai, Yuma, and Yuya: TO SUFFER. :D