Witcher 3: Gwynt

I’m having waaaay too much fun with Gwynt in W3. Just reached level 12 and all that by running around playing cards, doing only those quests necessary to unlock new players… Funny thing, I have quite a good deck now, but still wearing a shirt and basic swords… seriously they definitely made an addictive game inside this addictive game .___.

Someone: I’ll fight! Temeria will be free!

Me: Sure sure, you play cards?

Someone: But Temeria…! Oh damn it, let’s play.

Hold on Ciri, I’ll come to save You, I will… one day… just one more round…

We’re losing light,

And strength of will.

The darkened depths beckoning still!

Then we hold on against the tide…


A commission I purchased from the absolutely amazing Lapres @ FA 

Please check her page out on FA! -


Okay, so it’s not FFXIV Gwynt but I had to share this one with you. This is her normal form, when she’s not stuck as a miqo’te. I love this one so very, very much.