I accidentally a thing again.

A long thing. Curse thee, fan art and alcohol! And antibiotics! AND EFFIN PIANO MUSIC! *shakes fist* And there’s not enough Iorweth in my life now, so…
Could be loosely tied to this, but works also as a standalone thingy. Huh? Of course it’s nsfw, what kind of question is that?! Fluff? What is fluff? Oooh, it’s that thing that breaks your heart even if you just think about it? No? Well what the frack, I was wrong my whole life 8D
I NEEDED FEELS, OK??? Hence why it’s out of character as fuck, probably, but hey, we all know it would never happen anyway, so what am I even talking about? *screams internally* It hurts :’D
You see any errors, note me. I’ll repay you with cupcakes. Really. Frosting and all. And maybe chocolate chunks. Or cinnamon :B
Also, anyone got an idea for a title? Cause my mind is blank. Does it even need a title?

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