gwynn amell


One time I asked David Gaider if there were Asians in Thedas and he said “No" Now 96% of my Dragon Age OCs are Asian

Left to Right: 

Gwynn Amell: Korean/White
Class: Mage
Specialization: Blood Magic/Arcane Warrior/Battle Mage
Romance: Alistair

Juno Mahariel: Chinese (has albanism)
Class: Rouge
Specialization: Ranger/Assassin/Shadow
Romance: Zevran

Eryn Hawke: Korean
Class: Mage
Specialization: Force/Blood Magic
Romance: Anders

Gerard Hawke: Indian/Black
Class: Rouge
Specialization: Shadow/Duelist
Romance: Merrill

Vanya Hawke: Kazach/Russian (white passing)
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Templar/Berserker
Romance: Fenris

Anahita Adaar: Persian/Korean
Class: Mage
Specialization: Rift Mage
Romance: Blackwall

Atar Adaar: Persian/Korean (Anahita’s baby brother)
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Reaver
Romance: Dorian

Yeonsu Lavellan: Korean/White
Class: Mage
Specialization: Knight Enchanter
Romance: Solas

Sybil Trevelyan: Korean
Class: Mage
Specialization: Necromancer
Romance: Cullen


You hear so much about kissing and… things in the Circle, sometimes you just gotta try it out for yourself.

I’m doing a thing for which I make my OCs kiss errbody so if you want one of my babies to kiss one of yours (or another one of mine, or a canon character or whatever srsly I’m not picky) send me a prompt! u_u