Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read The Ruby Red/ Rubinrot Trilogy

1 It’s a story about time travelers in London that was originally written in German. (Even though it’s been translated it’s still beautiful)
2 The love interest is a huge idiot who goes through so much character development and its for the better 100% (all the characters do tbh).
3 There’s some hella rad ghosts, ranging from a little boy to the ghost of a gargoyle demon
4 I personally think the books get better and batter it’s not like some book series where the first one is really good but the next two get increasingly bad
5 T I M E T R A V E L
6 Cool mysteries and stuff you can try to figure out. There’s quite a few tbh and they’re are hella rad and interesting.
8 Witty dialogue I genuinely enjoy all of it’s extremely funny.
9 If I could only have one book series for the rest of my life I’d honestly pick this one because I love every part. There’s some book series I love so much but there are parts I skip every time I reread them because I don’t like them. I love every part of all three books.
10 So in short- Character development, time travel, whole series is already out, no love triangle, super funny ghosts, and just altogether great writing.

As you clearly understand from all the reblogging, I'm really excited for "Ruby Red" or "Rubinrot"!!

I just found out about it from a friend, and I’ve been researching for over an hour! 

SOOOO thankfull for the amazing people that have translated most of the videos!!

There are moments like this I wish I knew and understood german, but sadly I don’t. So, I’ll just have to wait till I can buy the movie (w/ english subtitles of course) or download it… probably both.


Here’s a link too:

May: Female Characters: G for Gwendolyn Shepherd/Gwyneth Shepherd in English

From: Ruby Red Series

Written By: Kerstin Gier

The Series is one of the few German Series I like and I stayed up all night to finish these books.

Some covers for all three books:

Covers from: Germany, Spain, UK, US, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Movie Adaption

Which ones do you like most?

What is The Bookish Alphabet?

Well, this is me!

My name is Gwendolyn Shepherd. In some books people changed my name to Gwyneth.

My family really is'nt normal: my evil spide… eh, my cousin Charlotte can travel through time in any minute, my great-aunt Maddy sees visions, and my aunt Glenda is an evil witch, just like Charlotte.

Sometimes my BFF Lesley says that she wished that she had a time-traveling family. I wish we just could switch.

So, that’s me :)