As you clearly understand from all the reblogging, I'm really excited for "Ruby Red" or "Rubinrot"!!

I just found out about it from a friend, and I’ve been researching for over an hour! 

SOOOO thankfull for the amazing people that have translated most of the videos!!

There are moments like this I wish I knew and understood german, but sadly I don’t. So, I’ll just have to wait till I can buy the movie (w/ english subtitles of course) or download it… probably both.


Here’s a link too:

Well, this is me!

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My name is Gwendolyn Shepherd. In some books people changed my name to Gwyneth.

My family really is'nt normal: my evil spide… eh, my cousin Charlotte can travel through time in any minute, my great-aunt Maddy sees visions, and my aunt Glenda is an evil witch, just like Charlotte.

Sometimes my BFF Lesley says that she wished that she had a time-traveling family. I wish we just could switch.

So, that’s me :)