gwyneth yronwood

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Ok this has been nettling me: can we all agree that the world needs a detailed fic about the intricacies of Operation Distract Balon Swann?

YES. Holy crap, I would pay good money for anyone writing about Gwyneth Yronwood’s orange juggling skills.

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How do you think Quentyn would have married under normal circumstances? I've always thought he'd marry one of the various heiresses he seems a better age mate for those various ladies than Trystane. Maybe Toland so he's not too far away from Sunspear.

I think he’d probably be wed to Gwyneth Yronwood. Doran sent Quent to the Yronwoods for fostering both to deal with the bad blood resulting from Oberyn poisoning their Lord Edgar in a duel (I love Oberyn, but that was straight-up cold-blooded murder) and IMO to bind Dorne together for Doran’s planned Targaryen restoration. A marriage pact would certainly further the latter cause. I think in light of what befell Elia and her children, Doran has basically set aside the ancient, bloody Martell-Yronwood feud to focus on his revenge against the Lannisters.

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If things had been normal and there was no Targ Martell alliance stuff going on, Arianne is going to become Princess of Dorne and Quentyn is second in line who do you think Quentyn would have been married to? Someone like Valena Toland, Jynessa Blackmont or another heiress or would he have married Gwyneth Yronwood or a non heiress lady in Dorne perhaps, or someone from outside Dorne.

Gwyneth is my bet, if Doran is serious about healing the Martell-Yronwood breach for good, and Cletus and the big man’s presence on Quent’s quest suggest that he is.