slept in mikey’s top last night and I feel wonderful! Ignore the fact that no bra and lying down makes my boobs look fairly non existent, I swear they’re there somewhere!


for the first time i’m baring all to address something I feel is needed to be discussed. Lately i’ve had a few young girls approach me to do with their stretch marks. As you can see, I have stretch marks myself, and I have a lot more than just these. I’m not ashamed of them, in fact, I call them my tiger stripes. No two tigers are the same and no two people are the same. They make you different from the rest and i’m happy showing the world that I have them. It’s just skin that look like freaking awesome multicoloured stripes and they feel pretty cool when you run your fingers over them!  No one should be ashamed to be a tiger.

Made it rebloggable because I’d love it so much if these ideas got out there and helped people
Remember everyone, you can always turn to me for advice about anything <3 

Spending my afternoon playing black ops 2 and scrollin’ tumblr

Tummy because I put on a little weight over the past few weeks due to stress but I’m still happy that I can see my hip bones!