gwyne capacio

The Blue and White Squad's Promising Forward

Kiefer Ravena and Greg Slaughter are not only the players to have
joined the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Gwyne Capacio, the son of former FEU
Tamaraws head coach, Glenn Capacio also joined the blue and white
There are five players who competed in the Ateneo-La Salle juniors’
championship in 2009. They joined two giants collegiate teams in the
UAAP, the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles and the De La Salle
University Green Archers. Kiefer Isaac Ravena and Von Rolfe Pessumal
stayed in the Ateneo while Nico Elorde and Arnold Van Opstal stayed in
the green archers. But Gwyne Matthew Capacio decided to cross over
from Taft to Loyola.

The 6 foot 2 Capacio plays as power forward/small forward for the blue
eagles. He wears jersey number 11. Gwyne started playing basketball
when he was in 3rd grade. It wasn’t his dad who influenced him to
play; it was his uncle who influenced him. At first, he wasn’t really
serious. “I was just playing for the sake of having fun.” he says. But
as he got older, he started to love the game. When he was growing up,
he never really had an idol except for his dad. “I always dreamt to be
as good as him, or even better!” *laughs* Gwyne shares. Aside from
basketball, Gwyne also played other sports. He really likes to play
sports. He has played soccer, swimming, golf, volleyball and
billiards. But baseball was the only sport he loved among the others.
When he was in grade school he used to play dual sport, baseball and
basketball. He only had stopped playing baseball because he had to
focus on basketball.

Coach Glenn Capacio let Gwyne decides which school he will choose to
study. He just gave him the Pros and Cons of choosing schools. Gwyne’s
dad really wanted him to study in Ateneo. “Ateneo would be a great
school for getting a degree. The only thing is it would be far from
home. La Salle was also a great school for getting a degree.” Gwyne’s
dad. But in La Salle Gwyne would have some difficulty in getting in
the line up.
Speaking of moving from La Salle to Ateneo, this decision has not been
easy for Gwyne. “It’s kinda like moving to a new town. You’re not
familiar with the place. Not familiar with the people.” he says. And
when Gwyne was asked what it has been like to be part of the team, he
answered “It’s not that easy. Of course, being a student comes first
before being an athlete. I mean we really have to find time to study
even though we’re tired from a practice or game.”
Gwyne knows that respect is needed to be earned. “You have to prove
yourself first. Especially coming back from an injury. I need to work
twice as hard to earn the trust of my teammates and coaches.” he says.

In this competitive basketball scene, Gwyne wants to make a name for
himself. But this will not be easy. Nothing is served in the silver
platter; he has to work hard to win the spot.

NAME: Gwyne Matthew D. Capacio
BIRTHDAY: June 1, 1992
HEIGHT: 6'2"
COURSE: BS Management

Some information was taken from The Guidon

*Credits to the owner of the respected photos*