The Gwyllgi is a Black Dog that is said to roam Wales. Its name comes from the Welsh language as a combination of gwyllt (meaning “wild”) or gwyll (meaning “twilight”) and ci (meaning “dog”). It is also known by many other names, such as The Beast of Brymbo, The Dog of Darkness, and the Black Hound of Destiny. The Gwyllgi is said to mostly wander in the north east of Wales but can be found in other places. Witnesses claim that it is a large shaggy black dog that is around the size of a calf and it wanders lonely roads at twilight. 

An Arcane Study



“Ugh…I’m tired. Running after Gwyllgi is such a chore…

The apartment was set up to look like a study of sorts. Some things showed Yunneth’s interest. A horror movie poster here and there, cute little knick-knacks on shelves but it mostly looked like “antiques”. Old tomes and small display cases with choice skulls inside. Photos, paintings, and sketches of various beasts littered the walls. There were also scenery paintings that she painted herself. Though they only made the place feel more dour. The only “modern” thing was a TV and a game console but it stuck out like a sore thumb in this “cave” if you will. Did light even find itself in this apartment? Not often, no.

“Welcome back, Milady.”

The cat like familiar would say from up top of the high bookshelf.

“Thank you. Now, my friend, feel free to take a seat. I didn’t expect a visitor so…it may take me a short while to get tea and snacks ready. But make yourself home in the mean time.”