The Gwyllgi is a Black Dog that is said to roam Wales. Its name comes from the Welsh language as a combination of gwyllt (meaning “wild”) or gwyll (meaning “twilight”) and ci (meaning “dog”). It is also known by many other names, such as The Beast of Brymbo, The Dog of Darkness, and the Black Hound of Destiny. The Gwyllgi is said to mostly wander in the north east of Wales but can be found in other places. Witnesses claim that it is a large shaggy black dog that is around the size of a calf and it wanders lonely roads at twilight. 

Name: Barghest, Barguest

Area of Origin: Northern England

Prevalent in Northern English folklore, the Barghest is a monstrous black dog, with fiery eyes, large teeth and claws, though the name has been known to refer to ghosts or household elves in other regions of the country. The word “Ghost” was pronounced “Guest” in Northern England, and the etymology of Barghest is thought to be the combination word, Burh-ghest or “Town-Ghost”. Similar to other mythical Black Dogs like the Black Shuck, Grim, Padfoot, Gwyllgi and Gytrash, the Barghest is believed to be an omen of death, foretelling the passing of an individual by laying on or near their doorstep. In some tales, the dog is but one form the entity can shapeshift into, with other appearances being that of a headless man or woman, a white cat or a rabbit. They are said to attack lone travelers in the countryside as well as the narrow alleys in those of the old English cities.


The barghest is the particular flavour of hellhound that stalks the ashen slops of the Bleak Eternity of Gehenna. The barghest is especially ugly, looking like a bulky mangy wolf with goblinoid facial features. This beast is capable of shifting between a fully lupine and fully goblinoid form, but primarily stays in its hybrid body.

What makes the barghest a challenging opponent is its stealth capabilities. While it can’t fly, it can surpass obstacles by levitating. It naturally leaves no marks of its passage and high-level spells are needed to detect nearby individuals. Larger barghests can also render themselves and members of their pack invisible. A barghest grows by consuming the corpses of humanoid victims, eating flesh and bone so nothing is left. The scant availability of puny mortals in their volcanic dimension means that any unfortunate interloper will find themselves greedily sought after.

The Barghest is one of the many names that the ghostly black dogs of British Isles. This particular name originating from Yorkshire. Other national variants include the yeth hound (Devon and Cornwall), Gwyllgi (Wales), Moddey Dhoo (Isle of Man), Grim (Lanchashire) and just so many spelling variations of Black Shuck. Black Shuck may be the most famous of these names, but I can’t be sure. All of them are large ghostly dogs, black-furred with glowing red eyes, and death omens. The Hound of the Baskervilles was inspired by these legends. The name “barghest” is the one I was most familiar with because it was in a book of mythical creatures I had as a kid. I can’t remember the title though. I had a lot of these books.

I’m not sure where the whole shapeshifting into a goblin thing exactly comes from; I’ve only found once instance of a legend that claims that black hounds can shapeshift. My closest guess is that somebody read the term goblin-dog (“goblin” meaning “monster” rather than your contemporary fantasy Tolkein goblin) and went with that.

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Legendary Creatures [G]

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Black hounds are the guardians of the cemetery, the keepers of the gates and the denizens of the cross roads. Their flesh is desiccated and rotted, and the carry with them the stench of death and decay. The necromancer makes good use of them as servitors, to guard their items, ward off intruders or haunt those who’d oppose them.
Let only the initiated attempt this, should the novice not bring harm to themselves. Sources: Folklore of Cornwall (Tony, 2003), Mythology: Timeless Stories of Gods and Heroes (Hamilton, 1942), Dictionary of Northern Mythology (Simek, 1993), The Practice of Magical Evocation (Bardon, 1991), Fourth Book of Agrippa (1559), De Nigromancia (Bacon, 1988), Forbidden Rites (Kieckhefer, 1997), Crowley Goetia (Crowley, 1904)

Having abstained for three days from bathing and eating (to protect the magus from the hounds), with the third landing on the new moon; the necromancer will be ready to conjure the black hounds.
Let it be noted that once this spell is complete the first time, this abstinence will no longer be necessary, the hound will be bound to your service and thus can not harm you so long as you wield the blade (see below).

In a red pigment, and using a brush made of human hair, the magus writes these names on one side of a blade:
and upon the other side:
TE LIGO CANEM NIGRUM (I bind you, black hound)

Having done this, the magus takes a bone like the femur of a large beast or man, the magus writes:
ET REGNUM MORTUS VINCENT (may the kingdom of death come forth).

Having consecrated these items with their incantations and nine times having drawn the equal armed cross over the tools (an old sign, signifying the crossroads, made with the voorish sign in the left hand), they will be ready for the conjuration.

Taking these things ash of hound, war water and chalk down to a natural portal (being Crossroads, Cemeteries and Mausoleums), the necromancer can begin the summoning, but only should the time be between 12 AM and 4 PM, and no sun be seen.

A circle of of nine steps in diameter is drawn upon the floor, and within it they cast the Tridecagon.
To the west is drawn a circle of Five steps, and within it a triangle, with a point facing east. On the outer borders of the triangle, these names are written (clockwise): FENRIR+GWYLLGI+CERBERUS+ (with the + being located on each vertex, and the names on the sides).

Within the triangle, the magus pours ash of hound, hydrates it with war water (aligned with MARS, planetary ruler of war), and animates it with blood (Iron in the blood to further push a mars alignment and to symbolically give life to the hounds).

Retiring back to the Tridecagon, the necromancer takes good care to raise the circle well, that the hounds do not cause some great harm upon the self.

Taking up the bone scepter, the magus cries out thirteen times the first conjuration to the east:
“I summon, conjure and evoke thee O’ raging hounds of the underworld, and adjure thee to come quickly,
by the names of thy exalted and divine sires,
by whom you were conceived in the cold darkness of death and to whom you are bound to serve: FENRIR+GWYLLGI+CERBERUS+
to come forth and manifest thyself, To pact with me and obey my commands!

The magus sets the sceptre down in the middle of the circle, and walks around it thrice clockwise and finishing in the west, facing out.
The magus prays the second conjuration thrice:

“I conjure and adjure you,
dreadful hounds,
by the servitude you owe to the names of your sires,
from who’s seed you were born in the cold expanses of death with ne'er a tit to suck.
Come now savage and starved wolves on thy rotted paws and ancient bones,
rise from the ashes and blood of resurrection and up from the gaping maws of the earth.”

And when this is done, the magus crosses to the east and recites it thrice more. The magus will turn west again to see one, or perhaps even a pack of black hounds, in or around the circle of evocation.

The necromancer raises their blade and plunges it into the earth, just beyond the circle and asks:

“Would you, O’ Cŵn Annwn,
Speak, listen and obey,
And swear that
They who possess this blade
And know thy name,
May conjure you up from the gates of death?”

And the beast will take the blade by the handle and say:

“I swear on this blade
My servitude unto you
Who knows my name __
And holds this blade
If you swear
Your essence
To nourish me at every call
We have a deal”

And the magus must say:

“I swear”

And the hounds will dissipate. And should you strike the blade into the ground with the scepter as a hammer and call it’s name with every strike, so long as the sun has gone, they will come to you, and you will soon endure some great pains or heavy lethargy.

To treat this, cast the circles again, and after having written the name of the beast on a white cloth and wrapping it round the blade’s handle, the magus pours ash of hound, war water and then gives sacrifice of a old white hare into the evoking circle, whist saying: “__ , take this spirit to satiate your hunger, and drink deeply of it’s milk, that when you come to me, it shall be without harm”. The magus then ties the sullied cloth to the handle, to serve as a reminder of your payment.

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