So I went to this Wall Street Journal sponsored interview of Kit at the Paley Center tonight. It was a really great interview, so keep your eyes on the look out for it. It was about an hour long. 

A few things I can remember right now off the top of my head:

I watched the Jimmy Kimmel interview last night and Kit was asked the question he’s normally asked - who does he think should be on the Iron Throne? Last night he was cagey and said he definitely has his theories, but he really didn’t want to say for fear of inadvertently spoiling. He also said he strongly believes that his theory is correct. 

Well, tonight he was asked the question again and this time he gave a definitive answer. He said he thinks that Tyrion is going to end up on the Iron Throne and that he thinks that’s how it should be. He said that Tyrion could see the bigger picture better than most people on the show and that he thought that the whole series was really through Tyrion’s eyes. 

Kit was asked what he thought the whole series was ultimately about and he said that he thought that that it was probably about how those who seek power are probably the worst ones that wield it. He said one of the things he loves about Jon is that he never really seeks power, that he’s just thinking of how he can save as many people as he can. 

He was also asked if he could send a message to his younger self who was starting GoT what would it be. He didn’t really answer it, but he noted that Maise and Sophie are the same age as he was when he started the whole thing. He thinks about that a lot and how much more knowledgeable they are about the craft and the industry than he ever was. 

Someone in the audience asked if he’d ever want to to a sitcom about the Jon and Ygritte show and he said can’t since she’s dead, but also that when you get in a relationship with someone, it makes it harder to actually play opposite them again. He said the other day he and Rose were watching Sliding Doors and there was this really emotional scene of John Hannah’s character saying goodbye to Gwyenth Paltrow’s character on her deathbed. And he turned to Rose and asked, can you imagine us doing a scene like that. She laughed and they both agreed that she wouldn’t be able to get through the scene without taking a piss out of him.  

He also said that this has been the most enjoyable season for him because everyone is converging again and it’s been like a big party for the crew. He also said, storywise, it’s been the most satisfying for him. 

I freaking can’t wait until Sunday!

-Amanda Holpuch

Yes, we’re back with Goop-split 2014! The Telegraph has added to its collection of geographic reasons not to marry the person you love with The Pitfalls of Marrying an American Woman.

The pitfalls include: “swapping hands with cutlery,” “absurd conception of distance” and “the word ‘woo!’”

To marry an American is to accept the word “woo!” into your life. The word is not in any dictionary, but is written deep inside an American’s heart and soul. To an American, if anything vaguely good is happening, one must emit a “woo”. Perhaps a baseball team has hit a baseball. Or a tray of cupcakes successfully made it from the kitchen to a living room table.

Benefits: “Incredible teeth,” “down to earth” and “they actually enjoy sex.”

Advantage: Love

(photo: Colin Young-Wolff/AP)