gwydion's forest

Here we go… this project is actually one of the reasons I got a 3d printer in the first place. based on my word tower design, I had the idea to make a triple-word version, with a hexagonal profile instead of a square. I’d been tinkering with the concept for years, and finally got a proof of concept out of paper. Taking that to the next level, I took my 3 nephew’s names: Henning, Connor, and Elijah, and put the concept to the test. 


It could use a little bit of refining, in that with the way some of the letters cut out, bits of detail are missing. But I have an idea for a blockier custom font that I think will fix it.


In the show, Charlie (the boy narrating from inside a coma) and his dad play a game they invented called “Gamiverse” using my origami fairies, pegasi, gryphons, and dragons as figurines. Here are some better screen shots of the episode- check out that mountain set, it’s covered with them! And, *SHAMELESS PLUG!* you can see them and my other designs here!


So tonight will be the 5th episode of the new Steven Spielberg-produced show, “Red Band Society”. according to the propmaster who contacted me a couple months ago, tonight should be the night my Origami dragons, gryphons, and pegasi get screen time! I haven’t seen any hint of them in the teasers for this episode yet, and it is possible they got moved to a different air date, but I’ll be watching ready to crack a new bottle of scotch when I see them!

**EDIT** And there they are! Better screen grabs coming tomorrow!

Here’s a custom word tower I did as a gift for two of my favorite people. :-) It was an interesting challenge in that one name is longer than the other, as opposed to the majority of the towers I make that have words of the same length. This one worked out nicely as a 2 to 1 ratio, so I was able to keep the divisions between letters cleaner. Hope they like it!