gwydion's forest


In the show, Charlie (the boy narrating from inside a coma) and his dad play a game they invented called “Gamiverse” using my origami fairies, pegasi, gryphons, and dragons as figurines. Here are some better screen shots of the episode- check out that mountain set, it’s covered with them! And, *SHAMELESS PLUG!* you can see them and my other designs here!

the tale of blodeuwedd goes as follows

Lleu: “shit wizard bff i’m lonely bc my mam put a spell on me to not let me have a human gf”

Gwydion: “alright lad i’ll make you a wife out of flowers”

Lleu: “cool thanks she’s really hot”

Blodeuwedd: “my man ain’t shit”

Gronw (some fucking random guy she sees outside her castle when she’s bored lmao): “marry me” 

Blodeuwedd: “alright i have to kill lleu tho”

Gronw: “cool”

Blodeuwedd: “Lleu, how would one kill you dead?”

Lleu: “What an innocent question, well…”

Gronw: “okay how are we gonna kill him?”

blodeuwedd: “killing him is really easy we just have to make sure he takes a bath on the banks of a river and then have one foot on the bath and the other on the back of a goat, and he can’t be killed indoors or outdoors. And the only thing that would kill him then would be a spear, which had been worked on for exactly a year.”

Gronw: “…right”

*A year later Blodeuwedd and Gronw somehow manage to convince him to do this?*

Gronw: “haha taste my spear”

Lleu: “HAHA PSYCH! i don’t actually die when you do that I just turn into an eagle kaw kaw” *flies into the forest*

Gwydion: “what the FUCK, I have to go find him now”

*gwydion finds Lleu eating a wild boar in the middle of the forest* 

Gwydion: “i got this”

Lleu: “thanks man let’s go kill gronw”

*Lleu kills Gronw*


Gwydion: “not so fast binch”

Gwydion: “haha fuck you i just turned you into an owl bc apparently in 1300 wales we fucking hate owls and think you suck so this is a major diss”

the end

Here we go… this project is actually one of the reasons I got a 3d printer in the first place. based on my word tower design, I had the idea to make a triple-word version, with a hexagonal profile instead of a square. I’d been tinkering with the concept for years, and finally got a proof of concept out of paper. Taking that to the next level, I took my 3 nephew’s names: Henning, Connor, and Elijah, and put the concept to the test. 


It could use a little bit of refining, in that with the way some of the letters cut out, bits of detail are missing. But I have an idea for a blockier custom font that I think will fix it.