Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Vivien Leigh, 5th November 1913 - 8th July 1967.♡  

Vivien is one of my favourite people to have ever graced the earth, she had such incredible talent and is without doubt the greatest actress Britain has ever produced. She has left us with such soul wrenching performances, Waterloo Bridge (1940), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), That Hamilton Woman (1941), Anna Karenina (1948) amongst many more. Not only was she an incredible screen star but she was a prolific stage actress, I only wish fans of today could have been able to witness her perform in the flesh. She had such magnetism and glee, I think she was a very special, bright and intelligent woman and is so inspiring to us all, she worked her damn hardest and had such sheer determination and bravery. I love you darling Vivien, I hope you’re celebrating up there. 

“This, this was love,’ he said, in tears. ‘This was the real thing.” - (Laurence Olivier, the love of Vivien’s life) 


Forty five years ago we lost the beautiful and incredibly talented Vivien Leigh, rest in peace beautiful you will forever be in our hearts. 

November 5th 1913 - July 7th/8th 1967 <3

“Some critics saw fit to say that I was a great actress. I thought that was a foolish, wicked thing to say because it put such an onus and such a responsibility onto me, which I simply wasn’t able to carry.”