Twenty Kids (BTS’ Kim Taehyung (V) x male!reader)

Rated: G

Written by: Admin L

“To the couch!” Taehyung proclaimed and threw himself over the back of said piece of furniture, landing on the cushions with his arms outstretched for me to jump into. I laughed into my hand and collapsed into his warm hug, cuddling against his chest. He looked down at me and chuckled. “Ah, so cute.” His grin widened. “Our kids would be so adorable, just like their dads.”

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vega-sheliak  asked:

Hey there! My birthday is on November 2nd and I would be delighted if I can get a "growing back together" drabble. Thank you! ❤️

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Happy birthday! This charming  Everlark growing-back-together delight was written for you by @javistg. Enjoy!

Dandelions for Dinner.

rated G

written by @javistg

A/N: A huge thank you to @burkygirl, for pre-reading, making suggestions, and holding my hand. This piece would have been a mess without her help.

This story is a follow-up to Peeta and The Primrose Bushes, but it’s not necessary to read that to understand this.

Katniss stretched out her legs, rested her back against a tree trunk, and let out a tired sigh.

Lazily, she glanced around.

It was a beautiful spring day. The sun peeked through delicate clouds warming the damp earth beneath her fingertips, and a cool breeze caressed her cheeks.

A knot in the wood pressed against her shoulder blade, sending sharp pain shooting down her spine. She squirmed, trying to find a better position against the tree trunk, but the dull ache in her muscles made her wince.

It’s no use, everything hurts, she thought before finally laying still.

Apparently, the weeks of inactivity had done a number on her body. Not that she was surprised.

She had spent endless days wasting away by the fire. It stood to reason that she wouldn’t be strong enough to immediately snap back into action. But still, the notion that only one day of activity had left her so sore annoyed her.

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Sweet Child of Mine

Summary: Emma and Killian’s dreams come true when they learn they are having a baby.  But when he is born prematurely, they must face their greatest challenge together. 

Word Count: 4,662 

Rating: G

Written for this week’s Parenthood theme.

…Sweet Child of Mine: Part 1/1…

It was something neither one of them ever expected to go through when they decided to have a child.

They discussed having a child together at length.  Emma was nervous about being a mother to an infant, raising a child from the beginning of his or her life.  She had given Henry up at birth because she knew she couldn’t be the mother he deserved and she wanted to give him his best chance.  She didn’t have a role model growing up and she wasn’t sure she had what it took to be the nurturing mother that a child needs from the outset.   But, as always, Killian believed in Emma even when she didn’t believe in herself.  He assured her that she would be an amazing mother to Henry and she would be the same to their child.   He reminded her that she would get to experience all of the wonderful moments with their child that she had missed out on with Henry.  His belief in her always helped her believe in herself and deciding to have a child together was no different.

Killian experienced a similar fear.  He worried that he wasn’t capable of being the father a child deserved.  His own father had abandoned him and he was left to wonder if he was doomed to repeat his sins.  There was a time when he thought he could be a father, a good one. Milah’s son, Baelfire, had come onto his ship and he imagined them as a family, sailing the open seas together.  But Baelfire had quickly brought him back to reality with his comments about the kind of man he was.  He knew he was right.  He knew he was selfish and would never change.  And he believed that to be true for centuries.  But then he met Emma and she opened his heart.  She made him believe he could be more, care for more than just himself.  He became fond of Henry.  He enjoyed spending time with him and even became protective of him.   Killian began to wonder if maybe he could be a good father.  Once they married, he was a wonderful stepfather to him.  He missed Henry now that he was away at college.

But still the doubts persisted in the corners of his mind as they began to discuss having children three years into their marriage.  Just as he had done for her, Emma calmed his fears, assuring him that he would be a great father.  In time, he came to believe her words and her faith in him strengthened his belief in himself.

There was one thing they both knew from the outset.  They didn’t want to go on this journey alone.  For the first time, they had something they didn’t have when they had flirted with parenthood earlier in their lives.  They had each other.  Parenthood was the scariest adventure they would ever go on and they knew that they needed to do it just like they did everything else: together.   They were and always would be a team.

And they would soon find themselves facing their greatest challenge yet.

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