Lights of my life:

  1. wow actually a perfect person (10%)
  2. my favourite dodo and my best Ross (6%)
  3. I just really want to keep her wow (5%)
  4. precious baby who is reALLY TALENTED AND WHO I LOVE SO MUCH (5%)
  5. babe egg wife who is too illegal for her own good (3%)
  7. I just love you so much also I took a picture of this pigeon for you hee (3%)
  8. dude I think you should draw more I want to see more of your art okay (2%)
  9. precious booboo one and only hubby 。◕‿◕。 (2%)

anonymous asked:

6 favourite blogs?

i would say my own blog but that would be too egoistical amirite

but i’ve already thrown it out there so take a hint

anyway this is a difficult one so i’ll do those that i’ve been reblogging from recently and it’s by order of my following list so

  1. ladyavenger
  2. gingerhaze
  3. gwnstacys
  4. transponsters
  5. haave-you-met-ted
  6. mrhipp
  7. lion-of-lannister

brittneymcgosling replied to your post: Photo reply to this.

tumblr doesnt let me photo reply anymore WHY

gwnstacys replied to your post: That was a test, btw to work out some…

what photo replying kinks? i tried to photo reply to you but yeah didn’t work

Apparently, photo replying the ol “click and choose gif to upload” way doesn’t work anymore for Chrome.

The solution is to simply, drag the gif/photo you want to reply with into the post and it’ll upload it.

You should see the photoreply icon fill up like an upload bar.