Today I reached 2k+ followers so  I decided to make my first follow forever since  I didn’t do it when I reached 1k ,which was not that long ago. So with this I would like to thank everyone for following me,rebloging my edits and gifs, it really means a lot. I’m here few months and I reached this amazing number of followers which is absolutely unbelivable. And I also met amazing people in this fandom and I hope I will meet more of you! ^^ I will name here amazing blogs  that are my fav of all that I follow and they  make my dash full with nice and quality posts.  ~

Love all of my lovely mutuals!


aegyojimin / addicted-to-my-bias / anajwo-tae / applejimin / aestaegibae-hopebangtanosaur / butt-tanchan-tae-tae / cherrysweetiepie / chibi-jimincypherkookie / cyphkiller / electricbubblegumprincess / ew-jiminnie  / ex0duz


 gizi-bae / gwiyo-min / holdmehoseok / holy-yoongihopeatuulihoseoks-gf /  jeon-beankookies / jeonify / jeonxguk /  ji-booty / jhorsearmy /  jimin-nim / jiminsbeach / jimin–s  / jiminsugah / jiminstan / jiminth / jungisoo / jungtothekook                                                                                                                                                         


korean-bacon /  kim-taehyvngs /   let-out-the-noodlelovesugaminyoongi /  marriedtothe-cypher / megane–samamenacingsoo / milky-jimin /  minioongi


namjamjarsonpout / parkjimiyeol / purelyoongi / professorpark / qoseokraisingbts / rapm-nsterrepmonsters / seokjohn /  shoulder-hyung/ sleepsuga / smoll-ksoo /  spearjimint /  taechims / taeguk  / the-damnedest-koreature / tiraminsuga / yawngivevo

*and special shoutout to my sweethearts who I don’t follow but I talk with them a lot : kaneki-kek and mileyjanoskians who became one of my close friends  ♡

a thankyou.

i wanted to say thankyou to my mutuals for making this past year a more enjoyable one… so thanks?? i’m gonna try and list as many as i can so ye but i hope everyone had a good year and perhaps has an even better one starting tomorrow… *bows* twas good.

@fawnave @so-bangtastic @noamixiu @psycho–pass @ilho0ns @noxarcanax @burningdoobeast @jeonghans-hair-flip @baekinguptrouble @mcwonwoo @butleeseokmin @sapercookiemonsters @parkoyeolo @whatamievendoingherelikesrsly @ffee00 @hongbinspinkhair @yooyugyeommie @jinisthemomfriend @strorb @feistystrawberry @ohnonotexo @gwiyo-min @dattebaekyo @xaiota @levineedsahighchair @ii-otaku-bubblez-xx @hunhans-cartier-cockrings @00yuen @rubytint @kkaesthetic @butterybaek @baeksgrannyhouse @marachankawaii @oraree @dlvlded @justmnms @gotta-love-that-baozi @hanbooby @the-glow-of-the-moonlight @i-have-a-kawaii-unicorn @jn-gguk @jonginkai-ah @jhopeflowers @syrinfin @gyusclues @tachi-m @kkaebtae @youngbaae @svhvn @pinguchingu @minseok-is-my-sock @tuan-the-chosen-one @wuyifanblr @mvnxcv @dibidibidisrespectful @baeqpsae @madichanji @miniseokjin @oribob 

i may not have spoken to all of you but all the same, thankyou ^^


160707 #엠카미공개사진 Summer Vibes와 함께 돌아온 귀요미들 #아스트로 야 내게 뭔 짓을 한 거야 #숨가빠 #차은우 #문빈 #MJ #진진 #라키 #윤산하 #ASTRO

160 707 # # M. Kami public pictures should gwiyo middle Astro Summer Vibes ’ll come back with me the fuck did you do shortness of breath # # # Wu chaeun munbin exciting #MJ # # # Rocky Yoon affiliated #ASTRO


I was tagged by @mxmb4ever thanks!

Wallpaper/Lock screen: My wifey Bias and my two adorable Bias Wreckers!!

Latest Selfie: Well, its not latest or recent selfie but I took this few weeks ago. Dont kill me im sorry.

Last song I listened to: Ultimate by Denzel Curry (this song is currently my favourite becos it gives me energy lmao)

I tag: @kihqun @sukiieeeee @gwiyo-mimi @monstaxmemes @pandofwoo Just do it guys! I wanna see yall *-* actually its all up to you 😂 I wont force ya 💖