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1. First kpop group?

2. First kpop song?
Replay by SHINee

3. Favorite male kpop group?
T^T gotta say vixx or boyfriend or nuest

4. Favorite female kpop group?
T^T T^T Girls’ Day

5. Favorite solo artist?

6. Favorite kpop song?
Alarm clock by SHINee bc I like the lyrics nd it makes me cry

7. Favorite kpop m/v?
All of them but tbh Spring Girls by Sunwoo Jungah or Touch by Anda

8. Favorite kpop ballad?

9. Catchiest tune?
Sugar free by T-ara

10. Best male dancer?
T^T I was watching Beast’s Hyungseung and damn dude’s got some moves nd he’s hot too

11. Best female dancer?

12. Best male vocalist?
Jeongmin from Boyfriend bc he makes me cry

13. Best female vocalist?
Minah from Girls’ Day tbh

14. Best male rapper?

15. Best female rapper?
My mother Cheetah

16. Best male leader?
T^T I’m not saying anything but my angel Hakyeon has a special place in my heart

17. Best female leader?

18. Current song you’re listening to? Wild Flower by Park Hyo Shin 💕💕💕

19. Previous sing you listened to?
This Song by 2am 💕💕💕

20. Next song you’ll be listening to? Wash Away by Geeks ft. Ailee 💕💕💕

21. Current kpop group addiction?
Seventeen, Halo, High4, Infinite, and Beast

22. Current kpop song addiction?
Bad by Infinite the m/v is hella nice too

23. Female kpop bias?

24. Male kpop bias?
KYUNGSOO is the main bae but you know Minho is the second bae in command

25. Hottest male idol?
Hyungseung from Beast at the moment 😊

26. Hottest female idol?
All of them 😊

27. Cutest male idol?
Minwoo from Boyfriend

28. Prettiest female idol?
Must I say it again 😊

29. Cutest maknae?
Yeri from Red Velvet

30. Mbc, kbs, or sbs?
None tbh

31. Are you active on Allkpop?
Ahe nope no

32. Which fandoms are you apart of?
All of them but V*P and BL*CKJ*CK :’(

33. Which kpop group forum are you most active on?

34. What is your favorite Korean drama?
Glory Jane tbfh and it was my first. I don’t think anyone knows abt it here lmao

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Name-  Mi

Nickname- Mimi

Birthday- Sept 7

Star Sign- Virgo

Gender- female

Height- 4 ‘11 T.T

Sexual/Romantic Orientation- straight

Favorite Color- pastels and gray

Time and Date- 1:31 pm on August 3rd

Average Hours of sleep- 10 to 8 hrs

Lucky Number- i dont really have one

Last thing I googled- tumblr

Word that comes to mind- mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

One thing that makes me happy- food

How Many Blankets do I sleep under- one since it’s summer

Favorite Fictional Character- Healer from the kdrama Healer

Favorite Famous Person / Celebrity Crush- Hoshi

Favorite Book- idk (i don’t really read books)

Favorite Musician/Band- i listen to and know all the members of 90%of kpop groups so i’m multifandom trash :)

Favorite Movie I’ve seen at the Cinema- Planet of the Apes 

Dream Holiday- Sleep to my hearts content

Dream Job- pharmacist (dat pay tho :))

Last Book I read- the five people you meet in heaven (for school)

Last movie I saw in the Cinema- Planet of the Apes (it’s been awhile since i’ve gone XD)

Wearing Right now- An oversized shirt with pajama pants

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Rules: Answer the question (do not leave any out or replace it with a member that’s not listed) by choosing one of the three members given. Of course you are able to provide a reason for your answer. I was tagged by lutheman.

Marry? Xiumin/Luhan/Suho.

UHHHH????????????????? Well Suho I guess, but then???????

Would not bail out of jail? Baekhyun/Kyungsoo/Chanyeol

Sorry Chanyeol OTL

Lose your innocence to? Kai/Sehun/Yixing

:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Jongin.

Workout buddy? Kyungsoo/Chen/Tao


Accompany you on an island that has no inhabitants? Kris/Baekhyun/Sehun


Partner in crime? Kai/Chen/Luhan


Introduce to your best friend? Kris/Chanyeol/Suho

Kris, lmao..

Everything at the mall is on sale. Who would you go hopping with? Xiumin/Yixing/Chen


Clubbing with? Kyungsoo/Tao/Kris


Remake 50 shades of grey with? Kai/Xiumin/Suho

Thanks for giving me my biases. Great. UGH. I wouldn’t remake that shit at all, but let’s say.. Suho?

Parents most likely approve of? Chen/Kris/Sehun

Kris, he’d get along with my dad, LMAOOOOOO.

Ditch on a first date? Chanyeol/Luhan/Tao

Sorry Tao T^T

See yourself having kids with? Kyungsoo/Yixing/Baekhyun

Yixing! <3

Watch a Disney animation with in theatres? Chen/Sehun/Suho


Who would you picture your 13 year old self dating? Kyungsoo/Kai/Tao

Soo probably.

Pull the best wedding proposal? Baekhyun/Kris/Luhan

Probably all of them tbh :))))))

Most suitable to be a McDonald’s employee? Baekhyun/Suho/Sehun

BAEKHYUN. I’d kill for a employee like that to serve me.

Spoil you the most? Chen/Yixing/Chanyeol

Lay ^u^

Best kisser? Kai/Kyungsoo/Xiumin

MY BIASES AGAIN. Uhhh, Jongin?

Who would you say you’re the most compatible with? (Choose any of the 12 members but remember, favoritism and compatibility are two different things)

Personally I think Baekhyun.. I think we have pretty similiar personalities, so.. *3*

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Nicknames: Court, Nick, warm hands, Courtney love (my nina calls me that ^.^)

Ethnicity: Chamorru:)

Star sign: scorpio

Gender: the deepest part of the ocean

Height: 5 “ / 152cm

Time and date: 11:10 pm 7/16/15

Average amount of sleep: 2 or 3 hours

Lucky number: 15 or 11

Last thing I googled: bts :(((((((((((

First word that comes to mind: poetry

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Favorite fictional character: Harry Potter, Potter, The Boy Who Lived, Master of Death, Scarhead, some people from Pretty Little Liars, and Holly Golightly

Favorite celebrity: satan

Favorite book: every book I own besides the Fallen series (I hate Daniel and Luce) and the John Green books I own ( it was a dark time when I bought them)

Favorite musician: at the moment Hozier but go to my music page

Last movie I saw in the cinema: Jurassic World I cried when the main dinosaur died :’(

Dream holiday: going back to Guam or visiting Greece Paris Rome etc. I WANT TO TRAVEL MAN

Dream job: I want to teach or write ^.^

Wearing rn: shirt I got in Tokyo and blue shorts

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