BTS’s reaction to their short s/o trying to reach something up high while only wearing one of their shirts and panties

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Rap Monster

height monster will find you adorable..

..but instead of helping you right away, he will probably admire your back view for a bit #perv


*chuckles and helps you get what you wanted*

“now who gave u the right to wear my shirt and look so freakin adorable in it”


“GWIYEO!!! “

*helps u reach what u wanted*

“now that you got what u were looking for, shall we go back to bed, cutie?” #perv


“you look like an adorable little bunny drowning in my clothes…

.. how about you allow this oppa/hyung to save you” #perv


“what do we have here” #perv

“jimin-ah i need help”

“oh i will help. but first..” #pervinessintensifies 

Taehyung (V)

“i just want to put u in my pocket and keep u there forever” #cutie 

“or would u like my pants better?” #notsocuteanymore


“well hello there..” #per-

*gif* #-nope #stillafetus

*i dont own the gifs*