just in case u were wondering what kind of tumblrs the JTHM characters would have

nny: pictures of weapons, gore, shitty memes. rarely posts happy noodle boy comics anymore because people always shit all over them
devi: an art blog honestly, her own and other people’s. posts about her life here and there.
tess: band blog
anne gwish: personal blog about how dark and awful her life is
tenna: just selfies of her and spooky in random fucking places. devi’s place, noodle shops, anywhere you can think of
jimmy: literally just reblogs everything from nny
edgar: shares poetry and his personal thoughts on a variety of things. does book reviews every month

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Salty Asks: 23 and 24

An unpopular character i love must be Anne Gwish, it’s kind of a love to hate em thing, the aesthetic is on point but the parody on the classic stereotypical self-victimization shtick etc etc is pretty great… It’d be neat to see her interact with Nny. Once.

I’ve recommended JTHM to several people before but it really depends on the kind of person they are, a lot of people don’t have the taste for this sort of thing and that totally makes sense. But the people i can show it to and they laugh pass the true test of friendship and when i meet someone who already liked the comic it’s like

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