premature ventricular contractions

chapter seven: doing a paso doble dance
pairings: eunsook/minho, gwiboon/taemin, gwiboon/minho (just talking), past!eunsook/kai (obviously), & frank.
genre: angst, humor, fluff
rating: pg-13
word count: 5685
previous installments:
chapter one: first comes marriage
chapter two: k-i-s-s-i-n-g
chapter three: then comes taeyeon
chapter four: eunsook & minho
chapter five: sitting beneath the tree
chapter six: a baby carriage
a/n: gwiboon has good news, jonghyun makes a mistake, eunsook & minho get drunk, & gwiboon introduces minho to his wife.
warning: past death.

gwiboon starts talking before eunsook even sits down & she’s already halfway into the booth when what her cousin’s saying starts to click.

“he said what?”

“he asked me to marry him.”   gwiboon’s watching her in that way eunsook knows so well, asking for her consent for things she doesn’t need eunsook’s permission for.  this is an easy one: she’s definitely saying yes.

“congratulations!  oh my god!”  it’s not until gwiboon pulls her hand from beneath the table that eunsook even notices that it was missing & the ring is not what she imagined.

“wow.”  a breathless declaration, her hand reaching out to hold gwiboon’s fingers & bring the ring closer.  there’s no stone to glitter in the light, no jewel to catch the eye.  it’s a twist of silver with a rose & a leaf in the center, delicate & intricate & perfectly unique.

just like gwiboon.

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good girl [girl!jongkey, short things 2/?]

rating: junghee/gwiboon [trans!kibum]
rating: nc17
genre: smut [praise kink, sort of d/s?]
length: ~1000 words 
a/n: i get bored of writing porn easily…this is a prime example^^;;

“You’re awfully fidgety today,” Gwiboon remarks when Junghee rolls over in bed for the umpteenth time, facing her girlfriend, but keeping her arms awkwardly wedged between their bodies.
“Sorry,” Junghee offers an apology that sounds absent more than anything, although before long, she’s squirming as she attempts to turn around again. But Gwiboon is fast to interfere.
“Okay, what’s wrong?” Gwiboon demands to know, hands moving to the older girl’s shoulders to keep her in place, her touch light but the look in her eyes allowing no talking back.
“I-” Junghee catches her bottom lip between her teeth, her gaze lowered in what Gwiboon quickly recognises to be embarrassment, and even with the room being too dark to see all that much, Gwiboon is sure there is a pretty, pink blush tinting the older girl’s cheeks right now.
“I’m just…” She mumbles, noticably struggling for words and it slowly begins dawning on Gwiboon just what this is about. And Junghee seems to realise, too, because the next thing Gwiboon knows, the older girl’s has reached for her hand, guiding it down until it grazes the soft skin just above the hem of her pink panties and the implication behind the action makes Gwiboon’s head spin.
“Do you want me to touch you?” Gwiboon asks to make sure that Junghee is actually okay with this, but the small keen of “Please,” is more than enough of an affirmation for Gwiboon, really.
Slipping her hand between her girlfriend’s legs, Gwiboon is surprised to find the fabric soaked already, Junghee’s slick warmth seeping through the soft fabric and onto the pads of Gwiboon’s fingers.
“Fuck you’re so wet already,” Gwiboon eagerly moves the crotch of Junghee’s panties out of the way, exposing the older girl’s coarse hair and swollen pussy as she leans closer to nip at her neck.
It’s rare for Junghee to have any desire for sex at all, but when she does, the experiences are always that much more intense for the both of them, so Gwiboon fully intends to make Junghee lose her mind.
“What did you think about that turned you on so much baby?” Slipping one of her long fingers inside of her, she revels in the small whine the older girl lets out, the feeling of Junghee clenching around her making arousal pool between her legs.
Junghee fails to respond to Gwiboon’s question, however, always so far gone so quickly, Gwiboon can barely keep up at times, but she has been with Junghee for long enough to know exactly how to bring her back to reality.
“You’re not going to answer me?” Gwiboon pulls up one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows, her finger coming to a halt and the older girl’s whines again, in protest this time. Gwiboon isn’t fazed in the slightest, though.
“Want you to fuck me,” Junghee mumbles, but all she earns in return is a chuckle from the younger girl.
“That’s not what I asked about,” Gwiboon informs as she adds a second finger, with the sole intention of working her girlfriend up some more.
“I-” Junghee is visibly struggling to speak, still - the heat that’s clouding her head probably making it even more difficult to express herself than it is already. But Gwiboon is patiently waiting for the older girl to gather her words, dipping the tips of her index and middle finger into Junghee ever so often and spreading her wetness around until she is glistening all over, not at all caring that it further complicates things for her girlfriend.
“I thought about you just like this…” Junghee finally manages to choke out, eyes blurred with lust and hips wiggling to take more of Gwiboon’s fingers inside.
“Teasing me and make me drip and getting me ready for your dick,” Gwiboon loves how explicit the older girl becomes when she is all desperate like this, teetering closer to the edge, but being denied every time she is ‘almost there, fuck, just a bit more.’
It contrasts greatly with her otherwise shy demeanour, and Gwiboon thinks she’ll never tire of it.
“Teasing you?” Gwiboon grins, her thumb circling her girlfriend’s clit as if on cue.
“I like the sound of that,” She tells her, peppering kisses along her jawline before she leans down to whisper straight into her ear, voice husky and sensual, tickling the older girl’s ear as she asks, “How about I don’t fuck you tonight? How about I’ll keep touching you just like that?”
“You’d love that, wouldn’t you?” Junghee nods without a second of hesitation, all needy and ready to agree to whatever Gwiboon will ask of her and it makes Gwiboon smile mischievously. She loves how easy Junghee is when it comes to her.
“Very good,” Gwiboon praises, a shudder running through her girlfriend’s body at the words that follow. “Now I want you to be a good girl and ride my fingers. And if you do well, maybe I’ll let you suck me off later.”
“Can you do that for me?” Another nod from Junghee, a bit more bashful, but no less enthusiastic than the first and soon enough, she is clinging to Gwiboon’s shoulders as she bounces on the younger girl’s fingers much like she would with Gwiboon hot and hard inside of her.
“Did you like that?” Gwiboon tells her later, her face buried into her girlfriend’s long hair and her arms secured around her petite frame, the image of Junghee coming all over her hand still vivid in her mind.
“Very,” Junghee confirms, the sincerity in her voice managing to outshine even the thick layer of sleepiness.
“Love when you tell me I’m being good,” She admits, “Love to be a called a good girl.”
And Gwiboon smiles, because if it’s just that she certainly doesn’t mind doing it a lot more.

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premature ventricular contractions

chapter five: sitting beneath the tree
pairings: eunsook/minho, gwiboon/taemin
genre: slight angst, humor, fluff
rating: r-ish (shmexy stuff!)
word count: 6115
previous installments:
chapter one: first comes marriage
chapter two: k-i-s-s-i-n-g
chapter three: then comes taeyeon
chapter four: eunsook & minho
a/n: my favorite scene!  kyu-line, lunber, eunsook & minho are quiet, & taemin is “a good catholic boy”.  so much fluffy & flirting.  the tiny bit of angst isn’t really angst so much as sentiment.  nothing happens that is sad, just a reminder of a sad thing that has already happened.  but it’s a gentle reminder with soft memories & lemon cupcakes.

eunho puts the steaming plate down in front of minho & another at the chair beside him; he’s already three bites in by the time she sits down.

“it’s almost mother’s day.  do you want to join us this year?”  a little snort at his puffed cheeks & confusion.

“what do you mean ‘us’?  joining who?”

“your father & i.  we go out for brunch on mother’s day.”


“yeah. you didn’t know that?”  less of a sting & more of surprise at this lapse in knowledge; what did he think his father did the second sunday of may?

“no, i guess not.  i’ve spent the last three with junghee’s mom.”  the scrape of his fork stops & he looks far away.   “well, not last year.”  eunsook finishes her bite & tries to think of something to say to bring him back.

“you should call her up.”

“i don’t think she wants to hear from her almost-son-in-law who got married less than six months after her daughter died.”

“she might.”

“she has another daughter who’ll call her up.  she won’t be alone.”  eunsook nods as she fiddles with the food on her plate & feels guilty.

“stop that.”


“i can feel your guilt from here.  you’re not in charge of everyone’s feelings.”

“no, i know.  i feel culpable.”

“you’re not.”

“hmm.” it isn’t an agreement but she isn’t going to argue the point.  some of it is irrational but it really does make her sad to think that the two had been close all those years & now they aren’t, especially since she’s part of the reason.

“we should invite minjung now that she’s in town.”  she smiles at his heavy sigh.  his grandmother had come to town for a 45th reunion nearly a month ago & had made no move to leave.  it had meant frequent visits that left eunsook with a smile & minho with a headache.

“she wears on me.”

“i know.”

“i love her.”

“i know.”

“she wears on me.”


“where do you guys go?”

“your dad & i?”


“i feel like whether you join us will depend more on where we eat than on anything else.”  a cheeky grin as the broccoli speared on his fork pauses mid-air.

“on that you may be correct.”  she snorts & sips her drink.

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OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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The Red Ribbon

Pairing: Taekey (Taeyeon/Gwiboon)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3300+
Other notes: Content warnings for copious mentions of menstrual blood so if that’s a major squick for you…you have been warned. Dedicated to linnhe​ because we talked at length about les!taekey and period sex and eating out and yep. 
Synopsis: Taeyeon has the angry hots for that one girl on the swim team who continues to be better than her. Something something shower sex. 

It was early June, but the morning air was still cruelly chill for outdoor swimming, and the swimmers were pale and shaking after almost an hour in the water, their lips blue, and their limbs leaden. They huddled under the water at the end of the lane, trying to stay warm as their coach gave them directions for the last few laps. Only Gwiboon stood straight, broad shoulders back, folding her arms as she leaned against the white painted concrete wall of the pool. She was the best backstroker on the team and Taeyeon was second best, a fact that grated upon her every day as she watched Gwiboon’s long arms cut through the water with perfect precision.

She was just close enough to her now to see the gooseflesh that raised the fine tiny hairs across the lean muscles of Gwiboon’s forearms, though Gwiboon did not shiver. Her gaze traveled to Gwiboon’s hands, strong and square, with long fingers and blunt nails. She shuddered, but not from the cold.

Gwiboon looked at her then, and the faintest of smiles flickered in her mocking eyes and at the corners of her mouth. Taeyeon abruptly shifted her focus to the wavery distorted image of her hands under the surface of the water. She was relieved when the coach finished his instructions and sent them off again for eight final laps, and she could hide the sudden flush across her body in the cold water.

The swimmers finished their laps and launched themselves out of the pool like salmon jumping upstream, the water rushing off their bodies and hitting the concrete with a noise as sharp as hail. Taeyeon held back instead of joining them. She ripped off her goggles to ease the pressure on her head and slumped back under the water, her arms drifting, weightless, at her sides. When she stood back up and opened her eyes, Gwiboon was still in the water next to her at the end of the lane, regarding her with a wry smile.

“Caught you staring at me again,” she said, her long fingers toying with the elastic strap of her goggles as they hung from her hand.

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