safe and sound

title: “safe”.  adjective.  meaning: protected from or not exposed to danger or risk; not likely to be harmed or lost.
series: safe and sound, part 02 of 04
pairings: taemin/jonghyun, taemin/gwiboon
genre: romance, angst, humor
rating: r
word count: 8190
warnings: underage sex, alcoholism, violence, implied dub-con, minor character death
previous chapter: un

taemin comes out of the washroom rubbing his hands, the feel of cold water on his skin refreshing after the sticky mess he’d made with the book store cafe’s cinnamon roll.  he shoves them in his pockets & drops his head as he makes his way towards the exit.  he’s a paying customer but it still feels like they see what he is & he hasn’t yet come to terms with it.  halfway out, a man pops out of an aisle & nearly knocks him down.  they stand there, stunned, blinking at each other, & the other smiles in a way that is far too bright for a cloudy afternoon.

“hi!  do you happen to know where the manga are?  i got turned around & now i’m a little lost.”  very lost, taemin thinks, since they’re standing in the religious section.  he swallows at the thought & frowns because he’s clearly not a clerk & the other man is still smiling at him.  but he knows where they are & he knows what it’s like to be lost:  he has no reason to say no.

“over here.”  a tilt of his head to the left as he turns & heads down the aisle, avoiding the bibles that watch him passively from the shelves.  they reach the display & he gestures to the selection.

“awesome.  do you have any recommendations?”  taemin pauses, startled by the request. 

“uh, yeah.  this one’s pretty good.”  he pulls a familiar title off the shelf & hands it over to the stranger.  the other inspects it closely, flipping through a few pages, snapping it shut & looking up at taemin with that same smile, the one that’s a bit too bright.

“thanks, i think i’ll give it a try.  can i buy you a drink?”  it’s such an abrupt shift that taemin’s not sure he’s heard right.


“a drink.”  he’s pointing to the cafe taemin was just in & still smiling.  taemin shrugs & says, “sure”.

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teacher, teacher!

au in which music teacher jinki’s infatuation with the new maths teacher isn’t painstakingly obvious and the kids in their classes don’t ship it. not at all. (part one of ??? let’s see how this goes - this will be the start of ‘teachers au’!)

It starts of with pie.

Both kinds.

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safe and sound

title: “sound”.  adjective.  meaning: in good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased.
series: safe and sound, part 04 of 04
pairings: taemin/gwiboon, taemin/minho, gwiboon/jinki, jinki/minho, minho/gwiboon, gwiboon/jinki/minho, slight!taemin/jonghyun
genre: romance, angst, humor
rating: pg-13
word count: 6990
warnings: discussion of past childhood sexual abuse, drug use (cannabis), discussion of miscarriages
previous chapters: un / safe / and

taemin tosses his bag to the floor as he steps in, his shoes soon to follow.

“minho’s out back.”  he pauses, looking at gwiboon at the kitchen table.  she was smoking again: a bad day.  he opens his mouth to ask but she beats him to the question.  “it’s just him.”  he nods & walks across the room to the back door, pushing the screen aside with ease.  it is chilly & the yard is damp but the chairs are dry.  he sits in an empty one next to minho who hands him the bowl.  the burn when he inhales is familiar, almost calming, & he relaxes as he breathes out the smoke.

jinki arrives an hour later.  taemin asks him to join him on the back deck while minho & gwiboon talk inside.   jinki hesitates, glancing between minho & gwiboon & back at taemin before saying “sure, let me just grab a drink”, turning to lean into the refrigerator & pull a glass bottle from its depths.  the back door glides open with ease & the chairs are cool as they sit together & jinki begins to drink.

“gwiboon always asks me if i’m happy but never answers when i ask her if she is.”  the drink jinki takes is much longer than necessary, drawn out by hesitation as the bottle reaches his lips.

“it’s complicated.”  glancing over, almost as an afterthought he adds, “it has nothing to with you.” 

“oh.  good.”  it hadn’t actually occurred to him to think it might.

“you being here has actually helped, I think.”

“really?”  another long drink & jinki’s staring out at the yard.

“yeah.”  there’s more, there’s so much more taemin’s supposed to be told but jinki isn’t telling him.  the memory of loving & being loved by someone as much as jinki loves gwiboon tugs at his heart & he’s distracted enough by the thought to forget the things he shouldn’t say.     

“you remind me of jonghyun.”

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safe and sound

title: “and”.  conjunction.  meaning: connecting two identical comparatives, to emphasize a progressive change.
series: safe and sound, part 03 of 04
pairings: taemin/gwiboon, gwiboon/jinki, gwiboon/minho, minho/jinki, gwiboon/jinki/minho
genre: angst, humor, self-discovery
rating: pg-13
word count: 6900
warnings: drug use (cannabis), implied mental illness, cigarettes, alcoholism
previous chapters: un / safe

when taemin wakes up friday it’s to the smell of coffee & the nagging feeling that he’s forgotten something.  he hisses as he shifts just wrong & the bruise on his arm is caught beneath his rib.  the shock of pain has him sitting up & his fingers are brushing over the tender skin as he looks around the room.  the curtains are so heavy no sunshine breaks through their weight but a sliver of light lays at the bottom of the door.  fingers absently scratch at his chest & run through his hair as he stands up & moves to open it.  in the hallway he pauses because he thinks he maybe should say hi to gwiboon first but he really has to pee so he opts to use the bathroom before he greets his host.  a quick scrubbing of his teeth with the brush she pulled down for him last night, clear yellow plastic, & he steps back out & heads down the hall. 

“hey,” she says, her eyes fixed on what looks to be an omelet sizzling in a pan.  whatever it is smells delicious & his stomach twinges with hunger.  a smile is on her lips when she brings him a fork & a plate with an omelet smothered in cheese (“i assumed”, she says with a gentle smirk).  the first bite is amazing & the second equally so & he drinks the cup of coffee she brings him as though it were the water of life itself.

he tries not to think about where he was twelve hours ago & how different his life had become in just one day.  the dishes are washed to the best of his ability & they spend the rest of the morning & well into the afternoon shifting gwiboon’s clothes from the tiny guest room to her own.  it has a twin bed that had been serving as a dysfunctional dresser & shoe display & takes nearly an hour of work to completely unearth it.

“some of this will have to stay in here, in the closet.”  her hands are on her hips & she sighs, blowing at her bangs. 

“it’s fine.  it’s not like i have anything.”  he chuckles but she frowns.

“we’ll have to fix that.” 

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not everyone’s a disney princess (or prince)

pairings: jinki/gwiboon, gwiboon/taeyeon, implied!jinki/taeyeon
genre: humor
rating: pg
word count: 765
a/n: cripple punk au

wherein jinki meets gwiboon & taeyeon reveals her true disney princess identity.

jinki’s eyes are on his keys as he steps out of his apartment, turning around to lock the deadbolt before heading up towards the main hallway. he looks up & his forehead crinkles, surprised to see a woman sitting in front of taeyeon’s door.

her wheelchair is a flaming hot pink & her hair an equally blazing red.  a little smile quirks at his lips & he steps to the side to catch her eye.  the scar taeyeon had described slices through her right eyebrow & he feels confident in saying, “you must be gwiboon.  i’m jinki.”  her eyes narrow & she rolls towards him until her footrests hover above his feet.  

“well if it isn’t prince charming.  here to save sleeping beauty.”  the air is thick with tension & he makes a little cough before answering.

“isn’t prince charming from ‘cinderella’?”  her eyes narrow further & he takes a step back only to have her follow him.  the wall hits his shoulder blades & he’s trapped.

“then what’s the prince’s name who rescues sleeping beauty?”

“uh…”, he racks his brain, trying to remember since junghee made them all watch the disney version not three weeks ago.  “phillip!  it was phillip.  & he didn’t save her.  the good witches did.”

“they were fairies.”


“i would have thought the wings gave them away.”  jinki just shrugged.

“it’s disney.  there are no rules.  besides, taeyeon doesn’t need a prince to rescue her.  she does just fine on her own.”  she eyes him a few moments longer before chuckling & rolling backwards, releasing him.

“true.  still, the fairy thing is pretty obvious.  like how you managed to piece together that the woman in the wheelchair had to be me since who else would be in front of taeyeon’s apartment?”

“oh.  actually it was your hair.”

“my hair?”

“yeah.  taeyeon said you look like ariel.”  she’s staring at him incredulously when the hum of the elevator’s motor grows louder & then stops.  the elevator doors begin to open & taeyeon’s shiny rainbow cane pops out into the hallway.  jinki moves to grab the door for her & she elbows him with a smile for his trouble. her eyes light up when she sees gwiboon & she says “hey!” before leaning down & giving her friend a hug.

“prince phillip says you told him i look like ariel.”

“you do look like ariel.”  her key is in the lock before she turns back with a confused frown.  “why did you call him prince phillip?”

“because you’re aurora,” jinki chimes in from where he still stands at the elevator door.  

“who’s aurora?”

“sleeping beauty.”  taeyeon huffs as she turns her key & pushes open her apartment door.

“i’m not sleeping beauty.  i’m so mulan.”  gwiboon cackles.

“well then i guess that makes you li shang.”

“i guess so.  so what about you, princess ariel?  do you have your own prince eric?”  taeyeon glanced at gwiboon with a knowing smile & gwiboon grinned as she replied.

“as a matter of fact i do.  her name is minjung.  she’ll be here later tonight to pick me up if you want to stop by.”

“hmm.  well, i look forward to meeting her.  see you later ariel.”

“bye shang.”  he chuckles & gives a little wave before pulling aside the elevator door & gate, the two slamming shut & the gears beginning to whir as it moves down. gwiboon widens her eyes playfully as she looks up at taeyeon who’s leaning on the doorframe with a little smile.

“i like him.”  her friend looks down at her with surprise, the first time gwiboon’s ever said anything nice about the guys she’s dated.  she follows her into the apartment & shuts the door behind them, flicking on the lights as she makes her way to her sofa.  the cane leans against the wall as she lays down & she watches gwiboon carefully as she speaks.

“you do?”

“oh yeah, definitely.  any man who knows that much about disney films & looks that hot in a pair of jeans is a keeper.”  taeyeon snorts.

“that’s it?  disney films & being hot?”

“that & he said you didn’t need rescuing.  that’s a test no guy’s passed before.”

“you’ve been testing the men i date?”

“hell yeah.”

“…that’s probably why they stopped calling after they met you.” gwiboon shrugs.


“hmm.”  taeyeon’s fingers brush against the carpet & a mix of frustration & tenderness dances in her chest.  “thanks.”

“you’re welcome.  now, do you really think i look like ariel?  because i was actually going for jessica rabbit.” 

OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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150530 🔞Jongkeyコント❤️w 


Onew caught happily dancing around as Eunsook   (◕‿◕✿)

SHINee’s School of Rock BTS

anonymous asked:

Love your blog! Thank you for all the wonderful ontae posts you put together. I haven't seen that many Eunsook/Taeyeon fics. Do you have any you would rec? (Any rating is fine) Hope you have a lovely day :)

hi!  i only know of a few off the top of my head.  i’m adding a little drabble that will hopefully turn into a long smutty fic because eunsook/taeyeon deserve more love.  i hope you find something you like! 

let the light in (luminescence) by @otshineon (pg, 4.9k)
summary: taeyeon sparkles like fairy lights and soft lips and pink hair and eunsook glows like friendship and cuddles and the hidden sparkle in emeralds and diamonds.

straying hands by @saraimt  (pg, 4.6k)
summary: “eunsook has a *issues* with her new friend’s wandering hands”

something sweet by @ranithepirate (pg-13, 3.2k)
summary: taeyeon saves eunsook from a blind date & then follows her home

my oh my by @ranithepirate (r, 1k)
summary/warning: improper use of washing machines, and a dangerously cute eunsook

gut feeling by g-odalisqu313 on aff (pg, n/a)
summary: eunsook moves in across the hall from taeyeon and turns her world upside down.

first time by g-odalisque13 on aff (pg-13, 408)
summary: eunsook is too sappy for her own good. she feels inclined to blame disney movies.

just (almost) married by me (g, 2k)
summary: taeyeon marries eunsook

drabble (r, 288)
summary: taeyeon recognizes the danger