LoveGame (1/2)

Rating: NC-17
Warning: Smut
Wordcount: 8000+

               Gwiboon x Jinki

Part 2

When Gwiboon spots him over her cocktail she is certain that he’s leaving with her tonight. He doesn’t spot her, too invested in his friends. But Gwiboon wants him and that’s all she needs to know. 

She gets off her chair and hurries into the bathroom on her 6-inch heels so she can fix her make-up and hair in the mirror. She knows she’s getting looks from the other women, she can almost feel the slurs burning on her back where their gazes land as she deliberately pulls down her dress to show more of her cleavage and puts on her dark red lipstick. 

She looks amazing. 

There is no way he can resist her if she plays her game right and Gwiboon has been playing for years. 

This is not the first time she’s been doing this and she always gets what she wants.

As she leaves the lit bathroom it takes her eyes a few seconds to get used to the dim lighting in the club but soon enough she has her eyes on her catch for tonight. 

Their small group of people seems tight-knit but Gwiboon is sure she can get him anyway.

She walks up to them in a confident stride and sends him a one-over, makes sure he catches her eyes and that there’s no doubt about what she wants. But Gwiboon is a classy lady and she likes the game, she likes teasing. 

As brash and straightforward as she is on a daily basis, it all disappears in the club when she wants something. She dislikes getting what she want if it doesn’t involve some kind of game, a hunt. 

Gwiboon is an excellent hunter.

The man shivers and the two girls scoot closer together to make place for Gwiboon. She sends the man beside her a smile and introduces herself over the loud music.

The man beside her is named Jonghyun. Jonghyun isn’t that tall but he’s charming, even when he’s shy and Gwiboon is sure that he’s been dragged to the club by his friends. He doesn’t come here often. 

The tallest of the women is called Minjung. Minjung likes soccer and clubbing but she’s not here to flirt with either of the two men in their small group. Minjung is not a threat. 

The smaller of the women is named Taeyeon. Taeyeon is beautiful, sneaky and looks like she could get anything she wants. 

Jonghyun and Minjung call her the devil and tell Gwiboon that looks can be deceiving.

But the man Gwiboon wants is Jinki. Jinki has a wide, soft smile, his handsome looks complimenting his stance. He seems innocent but the glint in his eyes tells her that he knows what she wants and that she’s not going to get it easily. Just how she likes it. 

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homemade pie

pairing: taekey (gwiboon / taemin)
genre: humor
rating: pg
word count: 1057
summary: gwiboon is mad & taemin has strong, masculine arms.

gwiboon stares out the window, arms wrapped tight across her chest, & sighs as the scenery slowly passes by.  they’re in the middle of nowhere, nothing but reflective markers dotting the sides of the freeway.  the view from her window is of an empty field, perhaps wheat before the harvest, shining golden beneath a sun hanging in the bluest sky gwiboon thinks she’s ever seen.  it’s the sort of day that is photographed & printed on postcards & brochures, a “welcome to our little quaint town, won’t you stop in to our local diner for our lunch special & a slice of homemade pie?” that every small town makes in the hopes of surviving through another season.  just as the thought crosses her mind a billboard passes making just that offer & she sighs again, hungry now & a little sad at the sign’s weathered appearance.

she turns her head to look out the window of the seats across the aisle on their oversized bus, a set of many that sit empty.  a teenager sits one row up with enormous headphones & a tolerance for blaring music that gwiboon finds slightly more impressive than irritating.  but only slightly.  the view from the window is striking in its appearance when compared to the one outside her own.  rain pours down in sheets coating the windows & blurring any landmarks they may be passing.

somehow in this picturesque countryside, complete with the diner offering “homemade pie”, gwiboon finds herself on a bus five degrees too cold beneath a downpour that reaches only half of the vehicle, a phenomenon of nature that defies logic.

gwiboon sighs again & turns back to her own window.

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Black Hole

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The good kind. Is that possible? Well, it is now.

So, there’s this weekly collab series called Asphodel that @eorumverba and @taeminuet have been writing together that I was sleeping on for WAY too long and I finally got around to reading it and you should probably, maybe, most definitely read it too.

It has members of SHINee, exo, f(x), girlnee, and a paranormal element?!?!?!?! (There’s also so much more to it than that! I don’t want to give it all away…you’ve got to read it for yourself.)

And not to compare it to something else, but I do get some serious AHS (American Horror Story) vibes, specifically season one aka Murder House. Though it is very much a story of it’s own that has many different aspects to it and right now everything is bubbling with tension.

All I can really say is don’t miss out on it because it’s suspenseful, eerie, and has heart. Go ahead and sign yourself up for an exciting adventure.

Parts one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eightnine , teneleven, and twelve are finished so far.

Get caught up before chapter 13 comes out next week! 

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Dinner Date

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Part of Deaf AU - part 1 

Jinki is in love and that’s bad. That’s really bad because he doesn’t know what to really do about it. Sure, he and Kibum have been talking a lot ever since they arrived in Seoul a month ago and while it is nice to have a friend that understands him when he signs and that doesn’t require he wears his hearing aids, falling in love with Kibum was never the plan.

Falling in love is making him anxious.

Taemin rolls his eyes from where he’s perched on Jinki’s bed, watching videos on Jinki’s tablet. Taemin prefers Jinki’s room for reasons Jinki doesn’t really understand but he usually lets his brother hang out in there as well unless he’s doing something important. And they both know that if Taemin is too noisy, Jinki will simply remove his hearing aids and tune Taemin out.

It works very well for both of them.

Except for now. Because even though Taemin is watching videos on Jinki’s tablet, he’s also painfully aware of Jinki’s feet tapping the floor in a stressful rhythm and it bothers him a lot. 

Jinki has long since removed his hearing aids, however, so Taemin can’t just shout at him to stop fidgeting.

Jinki is observing his phone in his hand, jumping a little in surprise every time it vibrates and indicates a new message from Kibum. Taemin turns the volume up and hopes to drown out Jinki.

A few minutes later, Jinki almost falls off his chair and Taemin sits up immediately to look at his brother. Jinki is staring at his phone with wide eyes and Taemin bursts into laughter. Jinki doesn’t hear him. When his eyes dry out, he blinks a few times but he still keeps looking at the phone.

Jinki feels the weight on his shoulder when Taemin leans onto his back and reads over his shoulder and the phone. On the screen is an invitation to Kibum’s house because Kibum’s parents have asked to meet his new friend and well - Kibum had decided to ask if Jinki wanted to come, stressing that he didn’t have to.

But Jinki wants to. He wants to so badly that he feels paralysed. It isn’t until he feels Taemin’s breath against his neck in a sigh and his slender fingers reaches out towards Jinki’s phone and answers Kibum with a yes that Jinki really realises what’s about to happen. 

Then he punches Taemin’s shoulder with a frown and Taemin grins.

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Midnight Laundry

Gwiboon just finished washing her hand when she heard something unusual. She looked at the side clock on the drawer and it shown already an hour pass midnight. Since a very young age she never believed in ghost or whatsoever but the thought of someone breaking into the house terrified her.

“Baby, wake up.”


“Wake up, now. I heard something outside,” she shook her husband shoulder’s harder than before. Just arrived this morning from a business trip to Lyon, Jinki just groaned and pulled the blanket tighter.

“Let Comme Des handle it,” he mumbled without even opened his eyes.

By the time she heard the noise again, she lose her patient and yanked the blanket Jinki had been hogging.

“Baby! Listen! Something’s moving outside!!”

Unwillingly, Jinki tried to collect his soul and supports himself with on the side while the other rubbing his eyes. After almost five minutes in silence, his ears perked up by the noises that Gwiboon been talked about.

He shot her a terrorized look which replied by her special I-told-you-so rolling eyes, “What now?”

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Blank Space - Chapter 6

­­­­Part 5B.


It’s 7 in the morning and no one should be still in their dream land or maybe catching some trains or buses. Or may be stopped by to a coffee shop to grab one cup before facing the upcoming hectic day. No one knows.

And the fashion department studio should be as empty as other classes in that campus. But particular girl already on her desk, back and forth pinning some fabric to a mannequin and sketching after lining up some material on the table. Though her focus is 100% on the half-naked statue next to her, she couldn’t help catching someone intrudes her bubble by the corner of her feline eyes.

He’s getting closer so she put more concentrate on cutting the piece of silk in her hand. And when he dragged a stool right across the desk, she’s still acting that no one occupied the room besides her.

His presence is already intimidating. And to make it worst, the entire gaze he shot on her is full of affection instead of curiosity. Or anger. Or anxiety.

“I don’t know you’re such an early bird.”

“You know nothing about me,” she deadpanned while leaving her eyes to empty air between them.

“I know you’re pretty. Nice and smart. Passionate on your work, I can tell.”

She seemed not having any intention to look at the speaker by shifting to her side, putting different color of silks on the mannequin’s shoulder.

“Oh, and you also got big guts. You know, kissing someone in daylight in a crowd you barely know is not easy.”

Her hand stopped right away in the air. By this time, the only choice left for her is to blast him her trademark annoyed glare.

“Finally. Is it that hard for you to look at me?”

It only took a pair of torn eyes to melt Gwiboon’s heart. His eyes were genuine, looked really sincere no matter how she tried to ignore that fact. It’s not that she hates that face. How can you hate that puffy cheeks and full lips? Oh, dear God, those sinful lips. When her eyes darted to that pair of flesh, perfect pink tint crept on Gwiboon’s cheek out of nowhere. What’s the matter with you, Kim Gwiboon?

“Isn’t your class started later? It’s not even 9!”

“Wow. And you know my time table too. Unbelievable.”

The shade over Gwiboon’s face is getting more obvious it’s not even pink anymore. And Jinki once again, mesmerized by the view of bashful girl in front of him. His grin splits his face into two.

“I happened to have a brother taking the same course with you, don’t be so cocky you’ll ruin my mood! I know most of his class started after 10.”

“So, you stalked me through your brother? Hmmm. Interesting, really interesting.”

Gwiboon half slammed her scissors onto the table and Jinki flinched on his seat, “I got lots of stuff to do. If you’re here just to joke around and mock me then the door’s over there.”

Jinki sighed rather loud, considering only two people in this huge studio, “Look. This is the first time we got to be alone after, you know, I ki—“

“I don’t want to talk about that!”

“But I want to. And I’m going to talk about that again and again. We kissed before. Twice. That’s a lot for people who are – wait, what’s your term, oh yeah – stranger.  Are we not going to do something about that?”

“What do you want, really?”

She continues to pampering the mannequin, stitched it here and there just to keep her mind busy because she’s about to collapse listening to that soft voice.

“I don’t know. What do you want? I mean, I don’t know what about you, but I like you. A lot.”

He talked to Gwiboon’s back but his words stabbed her, passed her spine and directly engulfed her heart in slow motion. The latter couldn’t help but bit her lips for the sake not jumping in excitement like a sugar-rushed five year old kid.

“I like you too.”

Jinki is not expecting this one. He’s so ready to hear Gwiboon’s getting enrage and ranting, but her simple reply got him stunned in a second.

“Oh, wow. And now you’re muted. Whatever. You’ve got what you want, now can you not distracting me with your ridiculously warm crescent eyes?”

‘Did I just say he got warm eyes?’

“Did you just tell me that my eyes are warm and distracting? Am I dreaming or what?”

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First Date

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Part of Deaf AU - part 1, part 2

Okay, so where do you think we should go? Kibum signs to his twin sister that’s lying on his floor. 

Kibum is lying on his stomach in his bed, looking down at Gwiboon who’s playing with a rubber band.

He spent hours yesterday evening texting with Jinki. The kiss was a wild card and Kibum hadn’t been sure it worked, but they’re still talking so it can’t be that bad.

Kibum has known he’s in love with Jinki for a few weeks now. It was easy, though, falling in love with Jinki. Jinki understands like no one else has ever understood. He doesn’t ask stupid questions about being deaf because Kibum’s disability doesn’t matter to Jinki. He doesn’t look at Kibum strangely when he doesn’t react immediately and he knows how to get Kibum’s attention if Kibum isn’t looking straight at Jinki all the time. 

Kibum wouldn’t mind looking at Jinki all the time because the older man is gorgeous in a familiar way and Kibum likes the way Jinki’s cheeks turn pink when he notices that Kibum is staring.

Jinki is charming in a clumsy way but passionate about his knowledge and learning more. He’s curious about the world and he is so engaging whenever he explains what he has just learned that Kibum finds himself actually wanting to learn.

So now Kibum has decided to take it one step further. He wants to ask Jinki on an actual date, a real date. Something that proposes more than friendship and something that might prove to Kibum that they can be more than just friends. The thought makes his heart beat a little faster and he hides his cheeks in his hands. 

Then he gets hit with the rubber band on his shoulder and he looks up with a frown.

Asshole, he signs and Gwiboon ignores him.

I don’t know where you should take him, she signs back and Kibum sighs a little. But he’s cute, I want him if you don’t want him.

Kibum frowns again and finds the rubber band between his sheets and throws it back at her.

He’s mine. Also, you have a girlfriend, he signs at her and Gwiboon laughs, her eyes scrunching up.

Eunsook wouldn’t mind, Gwiboon signs but they both know that’s not true. It’s also not true that Gwiboon would ever do anything with anyone; she loves her girlfriend too much.

But Kibum knows his twin sister well enough to know that her jabs are nothing but snarky remarks to get him to confess. It’s the way they talk to each other, the way they encourage each other. Neither of them are very good with words and advice. 

They understand each other, however, and that’s all they need.

Whatever. What did you do with Eunsook on your first date? Kibum signs at her and Gwiboon lights up in a small fond smile at the memories.

She took me ice skating. Hey, you could do that with Jinki?

Kibum laughs a little and shakes his head.

Two deaf people on an ice skating rink sounds like an absolute disaster, Kibum signs and Gwiboon sits up so she can have a better look at him.

I thought he was only hearing impaired? she asks and Kibum nods.

He is, but he prefers to be without his hearing aids when he’s with me. It’s not like I care anyway…

Gwiboon nods a little and then lies back down on the floor. Kibum turns his head so he can stare at his blank television. He wants to do something memorable for Jinki, something that will stand out. Something that will allow him to express his feelings and his want to be more without being too aggressive about it. He wants it to be perfect but casual.

Kibum bites his lower lip as he continues thinking.

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anonymous asked:

i saw u said abt alot less ppl read ur work thanbefore n itsnot bc ur contents bad its bc its super weird and targets the most specific audience like noah fence but stuff like ppl identifying as a leaf is just sooooo cringey

hmm yeah okay cool anyway have u considered:

-eunsook, a lesbian
eunsook, an enby
eunsook, a beekin
eunsook, a les…bee…an….
eunsook, an enbee lesbeean
bee’s a bee

-jonghyun giving a different set of pronouns to everyone he meets ever and one day someone’s like “why do u do that” and jong’s like “idk i just think it’s fun that everyone knows me differently :)”

-gwiboon purchasing a giant spinner roulette wheel thing from a yard sale for $7.25 and somehow jamming it into the trunk of their car and taking it home and setting it up in the living room and writing different pronouns on it and when they wake up in the morning they have their coffee and spin the wheel and when it stops hum’s like “well i guess i’m a hummingbird today” and goes to make an outfit to match

-smol agender teen minho liking everyone calling flames passion fire so much flame starts using flameself pronouns but then when flame starts getting older and looking back on flames life it’s that usual “what the fuck @ teenage me please stop everything” cringe aesthetic so instead of flameself pronouns minho changes to using sparkself ones instead and feels better bc sparks aren’t as big and obvious as a whole fire but still rly bright and cute and a reminder of spark’s passion :)

-taem buying different cute little earrings to match their pronouns for the day and sometimes they forget and someone’s like “hey what are your pronouns again” and taem’s like “uh fuck one sec” and fiddles with their ear and takes out their earring and looks at it and then puts it back in and says “cakeself”

-taem being leafself and jong being pupself and kibum being riverself and minho being doeself and jinki being bunself
minho being like “aw :) it’s like we’re all one big forest together”
taem pouting bc leaf wants to be a big spooky scary forest and not some pg disney bullshit so they all come up with secondary pronouns
so taem being treeself and jong being wolfself and kibum bing swampself and minho being stagself and jinki being bunself
kibum: jinki yours are the same you gotta pick something similar but scary
jinki: tell me how to make buns scary then
kibum: uh
jong: no it’s okay bun can still be a bun :) bun can be the lil bunnies that find and comfort lost lil kids at night uwu
taem: yeah i’m cool with that
minho: it fits tbh
jinki: :)

-mer and seaself


-fae and faeself





-blob and pupself and (( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) leafself

-fae fae and faeself

First thing first

Gwiboon and Jonghyun are parents for the first time, of a cute little girl.
Jinki doesn’t know what to do but Minho is there to help him, like a knight in a shining armor, or a charming prince, Jinki can’t decide which one is better to describe the younger man.

“Do you want to hold her?” Gwiboon asked smiling, cradling the little girl in her arms.

If Jinki wanted to hold the baby? No way, he had never held a baby so small before, he did not even know how to hold a baby.

“N-no, it’s okay, I…”

“Don’t be shy, hyung,” Jonghyun said with raised eyebrows. “You can hold her, she’s just a baby, she won’t bite you.” he said with a chuckle and fell silent when Gwiboon glared at him.

“Hyung,” Minho said softly, drawing closer. “Come here, I’ll help you.”

Everyone was looking at Jinki who bit his lip and let Gwiboon put the small thing in his, trembling, arms. He had a second to panic, when he felt Minho hold him from behind, passing his arms between him and guiding Jinki’s hand to gently hold the little girl’s bottom.

“You put your hand here,” Minho practically whispered into his ear. “And put your arm like that,” he said sliding his fingers into Jinki’s biceps for him to relax his arm a little. “Just relax, you’re doing great.”

Jinki’s face was red with embarrassment. Gwiboon and Jonghyun were standing there staring at the two of them and Minho was pressed against him so intimidatingly, his scent intoxicating Jinki that he was feeling his head spin.

And then Minho pulled away, leaving Jinki shaking lightly and holding the baby who looked curiously at him with bright eyes. With wide eyes, he realized that he had the little girl in his arms, holding her, not like a pro but he gets there.

“Oh,” he sighed, glancing briefly at Gwiboon who was smiling fondly at him. “I did it.”

“Yes, you did, dear,” Gwiboon nodded and then looked at Minho. “Thanks to Minho.”

Jinki felt his face get hot again and he looked at Minho, mumbling a thank you. The younger man winked and Jinki made a mental note to thank Minho later, maybe he should finally get up the courage and declare to Minho and maybe he would finally get a kiss.

Biting his lips to hold back the smile, Jinki looked at the baby in his arms. “Hey there, little thing.”

SHINee as girls
  • Onew/Eunsook: She has a curvy body with a baby face, her long hair lays on her shoulders and she wants to cover up her curves with wide clothes. Normal, skin colour bras and panties.
  • Jonghyun/Junghee: A cheeky girl who chews bubblegum and she wears her short hair in a ponytail on the side of her head. She loves short skirts and her black, sexy underwear.
  • Key/Gwiboon: Her make up is beautifully done, her nails always right and her hair perfectly dyed, clothes always the newest and most expensive. Underwear bright and with lots of pink lace.
  • Minho/Minjung: The most tall and flat girl. She basically has no curves and wears jeans and baggy sweatshirts all the time. Her hair fixed in a normal ponytail and never wears make up. Wears sport bras and boxer briefs.
  • Taemin/Taeyeon: Wears two pigtails and loves to borrow Gwiboon's clothes until her friend bought her some cherry covered panties and bras. Her bracelets covering her wrist.
OT5; Key’s Great Grocery Shopping Adventure 2k16; PG

hey remember jonghoodie au bc this au is that au lmao

“I am tired,” Key hisses, “of going to the store. With this list.” She jiggles her bag with a scowl. “And coming home. And having you–all of you–whine at me that I didn’t get you the right thing.” She yanks open the front door and ushers them all outside, fixing Tae’s hair again when ve passes. “So we are all going to go to the store,” she repeats as Minho and Junghee pass. “And you are all going to tell me exactly what you mean when you just put down generic shit like cereal. Jinki,” she adds pointedly, throwing them a glare when they pause to lock the door behind them.

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