SHINee Big Bang 2017
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LoveGame (1/2)

Rating: NC-17
Warning: Smut
Wordcount: 8000+

               Gwiboon x Jinki

Part 2

When Gwiboon spots him over her cocktail she is certain that he’s leaving with her tonight. He doesn’t spot her, too invested in his friends. But Gwiboon wants him and that’s all she needs to know. 

She gets off her chair and hurries into the bathroom on her 6-inch heels so she can fix her make-up and hair in the mirror. She knows she’s getting looks from the other women, she can almost feel the slurs burning on her back where their gazes land as she deliberately pulls down her dress to show more of her cleavage and puts on her dark red lipstick. 

She looks amazing. 

There is no way he can resist her if she plays her game right and Gwiboon has been playing for years. 

This is not the first time she’s been doing this and she always gets what she wants.

As she leaves the lit bathroom it takes her eyes a few seconds to get used to the dim lighting in the club but soon enough she has her eyes on her catch for tonight. 

Their small group of people seems tight-knit but Gwiboon is sure she can get him anyway.

She walks up to them in a confident stride and sends him a one-over, makes sure he catches her eyes and that there’s no doubt about what she wants. But Gwiboon is a classy lady and she likes the game, she likes teasing. 

As brash and straightforward as she is on a daily basis, it all disappears in the club when she wants something. She dislikes getting what she want if it doesn’t involve some kind of game, a hunt. 

Gwiboon is an excellent hunter.

The man shivers and the two girls scoot closer together to make place for Gwiboon. She sends the man beside her a smile and introduces herself over the loud music.

The man beside her is named Jonghyun. Jonghyun isn’t that tall but he’s charming, even when he’s shy and Gwiboon is sure that he’s been dragged to the club by his friends. He doesn’t come here often. 

The tallest of the women is called Minjung. Minjung likes soccer and clubbing but she’s not here to flirt with either of the two men in their small group. Minjung is not a threat. 

The smaller of the women is named Taeyeon. Taeyeon is beautiful, sneaky and looks like she could get anything she wants. 

Jonghyun and Minjung call her the devil and tell Gwiboon that looks can be deceiving.

But the man Gwiboon wants is Jinki. Jinki has a wide, soft smile, his handsome looks complimenting his stance. He seems innocent but the glint in his eyes tells her that he knows what she wants and that she’s not going to get it easily. Just how she likes it. 

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Being Subtle is The Idea

For anon who requested #45, hope you enjoy it! :)

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“You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Gwiboon found herself spluttered her mind in front of Jinki, on a ridiculous party Taemin made on Wednesday night. She gulped the beer nervously after she realized it has been said out loud instead of staying in her head.

“Come again?”

The latter put down his glass and decided to pay more attention to the girl in a navy dress.

“I said, you look hot in plaid?”

“What is plaid?”

Gwiboon almost cry as if she had the biggest face palm ever. But unlike the other day, she just laughed. And she blames the alcohol for making her heart became softer.

“That thing. The one you’re wearing now. It’s called plaid, Honey.”

“Oh, this?” Jinki checked himself with pouted lips making Gwiboon gripped her beer can tighter by such a view, “Minjung makes me wear this. She said my black or white t-shirts are boring. So she shoved this shirt on my face. Whatever, I need something to wear, so yeah.”

Gwiboon only nods, and smile, and regretting her decision to approach him because clearly he already had a girl help him to dress. And Minjung, everyone in this room knows that she is a goddess.

“And where’s Minjung now? I don’t see her around.”

“Have no idea, last time I saw that dino excessively hugged her and then I left for number 1, when I came back she’s not here anymore.”

Listened to his story, Gwiboon found him a little bit off. Who left his girl unaccompanied in such a poor party like this?

“And you’re okay with your girlfriend hanging out with other people while you’re here sipping God knows what in your glass?”

Jinki’s eyes turned twice bigger and the next second he bursts into huge laughter, “Why wouldn’t I be okay if she’s with her boyfriend?”

“Minjung is not your girlfriend?”

Jinki shakes his head so hard his eyes still squished by his cheeks.

“But I saw both of you came out the same car several times.”

At this point, Gwiboon already doesn’t care if he found out she’d been stalking him for the past two months ever since they met on Taemin’s studio.

“Of course we came out from the same car. Isn’t it normal for siblings to share ride?”

“Minjung is your sister?! But she..”

“Doesn’t look like me? Yeah, she got all good genes. Big eyes, tan skin, long neck, and everything, you tell me.”

“I like tiny eyes better.”

“Really?” Jinki’s kind of surprised because it doesn’t seem suit her appearance.

And she just nods sincerely.

“Are you saying the truth or you just want to flirt with me?”

The smirk in his face loosens up all the tight muscles clenched on Gwiboon’s tummy.


He chuckles and approves her guts, “That makes everything easier now.”

“What do you mean?” She asked nervously, getting to understand their situation.

“Well, that I know you think I’m hot, I’m not afraid to ask you leaving this shit. I need some air.”

“Hmm. Interesting.”

He sipped his drink once again, “I know, right?”

“But what are we going to do?”

Gwiboon tried as subtle as possible to put her ‘game’ face on so she doesn’t look like a desperate teenager in front of her crush.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but tonight we will just eating. I’m starving to death. I saw McDonalds on the way here. Shall we?”

She snorts right away, “You just drink. I’m not gonna jeopardize myself sharing a ride with you.”

He looks disbelief how she did her push and pull trick on him easily. Which he’s not mad about it, though.

“I’ve been drinking shitty fruit punch since an hour ago,” Gwiboon didn’t believe him right away so he handed her his glass, “So, are you in or not?”

“Cheese burger won’t hurt.”

“That’s the spirit!”

Jinki jumped off the stool he’s on, fingers busy tapping on the phone to let his sister knows that her advice works out.

“I cannot believe I leave a party for junk food.”

Jinki diminished their distance and whispered to her ear, vanilla perfume seeping through his respiration system, he almost forget what he’s about to say.

“Don’t worry, this weekend we can do whatever you want to do.”

She got a goosebumps all over her neck but Gwiboon actually cannot hide her excitement.

“Is this a date invitation or what?”

Jinki doesn’t answer to that. Instead, he just smiled and slipped his hand on Gwiboon’s shoulder, leaving the girl beside him breathless for a moment before she leaned closer.


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This might sound weird, but how about a GIRLee Girls' Night Out?

hahaha you got it nonnie (names are from shinee’s school of rock (starts at 5:05) which they took part in TWO months after their debut wow! ~ the short’s genre is horror just a head’s up! 


  • has been trying to curl her hair for the past half hour
  • every few minutes “aH hot!!!” / minjung: omg you are a hazard to yourself
  • minjung offered to help and now she has v different curls going on on each side of her head
  • doesn’t know why she even bothered bc her hair is going UP when she dances 
  • absolutely refuses to wear heels bc the time she did she missed a step and almost died so she’s wearing dr. martens and no gwiboon we’re not even the same shoe size IT’LL BE FINE
  • almost fighting people to get to the bar bc she just wants a drink and a sEAT
  • she will stomp on someone’s foot with her heavy af boots by the end of the night probably


  • wants to stay in and bum but……………
  • breaks out her huge five inch red pumps (”HELLO MY BABIES” / gwiboon: you could kill a man with those…. i approve)
  • and after she puts on her bombass outfit she’s so hype
  • blasts edm while everyone is getting ready and that’s why her eyeliner is a bit uneven
  • walking around like her feet aren’t killing her 
  • it’s weird being able to see the top of minjung’s head 
  • she feels sO POWERFUL 
  • after a few drinks her wild side comes out (minjung: oh shit it’s jongmiiiiiii go jongmi go jongmi)
  • climbed up on the stage and when ot4 try to get her to come down she pulls them up and at first they’re like sos but then they dance their hearts out


  • her cat eye, brows, red lips, and highlighter are on point
  • basically her entire face
  • but her clothes/shoes too so basically just all of her, so on point 
  • when they first got to the club they all really needed to pee but there was a huge line for the girls’ bathroom so she burst into the boys’, wielding taeyeon and yelled “SHE NEEDS TO THROW UP” so they got a stall for themselves 
  • drinking a white wine bc she would (ot4: *~sipping of fruity cocktails~* these have so much more alcohol in them)
  •  is tired of yelling over the music so she texts everyone if she wants to say something 
  • when people ask her if she wants a drink she asks for water bottles and passes them out to ot4 (”hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, *takes away jongmi’s drink* junghee will thank me later and also hydrate”)


  • keeps rolling down the window of the cab to yell WHOOOOO at passerbys 
  • really pleased when people whooo back 
  • wearing sneakers and allowing junghee’s little height victory 
  • rolling her eyes when she tries to use her as an armrest (you’re not quite tall enough for that my dude / junghee: *grinning like her face is going to split* whatever shortie) 
  • took off one of her false eyelashes and put it on taeyeon and she swears she didn’t think that she would run out of the club screaming bc where is the logic in that?????? there are more bugs out ther taeyeon you misguided soul 
  • yell-rapping every song 
  • her lipstick is smeared and ot4 all have pink lipmarks on their cheeks 


  • making friends in the girls’ bathroom and now she has 7 more instagram followers (junghee: who was that?? / taeyeon: shrug emoji) 
  • dude they give french fries at the bar oh hey eunsook since when were you here 
  • wants to dance dance dance da-dance 
  • fantastic baby 
  • her hair has whipped several people who moved away grumbling 
  • if it looks like they’re going to start a problem minjung and gwiboon just stare them down until they walk away 
  • shuffling 
  • boom shakalaka 
Dinner Date

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Part of Deaf AU - part 1 

Jinki is in love and that’s bad. That’s really bad because he doesn’t know what to really do about it. Sure, he and Kibum have been talking a lot ever since they arrived in Seoul a month ago and while it is nice to have a friend that understands him when he signs and that doesn’t require he wears his hearing aids, falling in love with Kibum was never the plan.

Falling in love is making him anxious.

Taemin rolls his eyes from where he’s perched on Jinki’s bed, watching videos on Jinki’s tablet. Taemin prefers Jinki’s room for reasons Jinki doesn’t really understand but he usually lets his brother hang out in there as well unless he’s doing something important. And they both know that if Taemin is too noisy, Jinki will simply remove his hearing aids and tune Taemin out.

It works very well for both of them.

Except for now. Because even though Taemin is watching videos on Jinki’s tablet, he’s also painfully aware of Jinki’s feet tapping the floor in a stressful rhythm and it bothers him a lot. 

Jinki has long since removed his hearing aids, however, so Taemin can’t just shout at him to stop fidgeting.

Jinki is observing his phone in his hand, jumping a little in surprise every time it vibrates and indicates a new message from Kibum. Taemin turns the volume up and hopes to drown out Jinki.

A few minutes later, Jinki almost falls off his chair and Taemin sits up immediately to look at his brother. Jinki is staring at his phone with wide eyes and Taemin bursts into laughter. Jinki doesn’t hear him. When his eyes dry out, he blinks a few times but he still keeps looking at the phone.

Jinki feels the weight on his shoulder when Taemin leans onto his back and reads over his shoulder and the phone. On the screen is an invitation to Kibum’s house because Kibum’s parents have asked to meet his new friend and well - Kibum had decided to ask if Jinki wanted to come, stressing that he didn’t have to.

But Jinki wants to. He wants to so badly that he feels paralysed. It isn’t until he feels Taemin’s breath against his neck in a sigh and his slender fingers reaches out towards Jinki’s phone and answers Kibum with a yes that Jinki really realises what’s about to happen. 

Then he punches Taemin’s shoulder with a frown and Taemin grins.

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Onew caught happily dancing around as Eunsook   (◕‿◕✿)

SHINee’s School of Rock BTS

[FIC] Follow Every Rainbow

Title: Follow Every Rainbow

Author: @hellotweetygirl 

Words: 23,534

Paring/Genre: Minkey (Gwiboon), Slice-of-Life/Romance/Family

Summary: Minho didn’t know what he was more unprepared for- the new nanny Kim Gwiboon tumbling into his life, or, being railroaded into helping idol Kim Jonghyun write his next hit song. Either way, a change had arrived in his life and he was going to have to figure out a few things about himself, his family, and what was in his future.

A/N: Y’all I know it’s taken forever to get this up but this fic was my contribution for SHINee Big Bang 2017! Woohoo! It was originally conceived as a little fic idea after I was watching Kibum’s insta live back somewhere in March/April where he talked about how “The Sound of Music” was his favorite musical growing up. Being a lover of musicals as well it didn’t take long for this to grow into a full-blown idea and develop into this monster! So much for a little 10k fic lol! The title is taken from one of the songs in the movie, “Climb Every Mountian”.

Thank you to everyone who voted for this story during SBB! A big thanks also goes out to @onthighsbelongtotaemin  for the emotional support during the writing process; and a huge thanks to @shinyaqua for her faithful beta of this fic at the end.

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