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Contrary to the bad-boy image that had been granted to him since his arrival in Lakewood, Kieran was more invested in his studies than some might think. Reading was a particularly favorite activity of his, mainly because it was quiet and solitary. Yes, he was a loner, that much was true. It was difficult to connect to people, and in a place where the world seemed to be going straight to hell, he hadn’t been dying to interact with everyone. Emma was different, of course. He felt as though he could trust her, and that was a big deal to him. Even if nothing of the romantic sort happened anytime soon, he held her in high regard. Friends were something he never claimed to need, but these days, even Kieran had to admit that it would be nice to have some. 

Depending on others, though? It wasn’t what he did. In his experience, the ones you depended on were the ones who either disappointed you, left you, or died. With a killer on the loose, attacking George Washington High’s most popular, he was conflicted between keeping everyone out, and letting some in. As he sat in the school’s library, paperback in hand, Kieran read the remaining sentences of ‘Flowers for Algernon’. Noticing the presence of someone else, he glanced up with just his eyes. “Can I help you?” He asked, in a somewhat flat, bored tone that in no way suggested he was trying to be altruistic. 

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Do they like hot or cold showers?

Hot. Who wants to freeze their junk off? Jake enjoys the steam of a good, hot shower; preferably with company. Jake may say he’s not a metrosexual like Seth Branson- but in truth, he takes very good care of himself. He just doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Every morning before school, Jake needs his hot shower, followed up by meticulous grooming to get his curly hair under control, and dresses in the utmost expensive polos he can find. @Gucci @Versace #hollaatadiscount #promotions

Random detail about them

Because of his time spent in Mexico and because his mother is Mexican, Jake knows a little bit of Spanish. In which he uses to seduce the girls of GWH. He also knows how to dance really well. His mother is a former dance instructor and has taught Jake many dances, including: salsa and tango. The only person who really knows about this is Brooke, as they grew up together and she was his dance partner in his mother’s living room quite a few times.

What makes them feel better after a long day?

Netflix and Chill. What’s a better combo? Throw in some wine and a pizza and a little flirting in the jacuzzi. That’s Jake’s preferable way to unwind. However if that’s out of question and he’s alone, Jake enjoys the blander version of Netflix and Chill, where you actually watch Netflix and actually Chill. That version is usually accompanied by a bottle of bourbon from his father’s pantry and some Chipotle.

Something other’s do that gets on their nerves

Jake hates know-it-alls. Probably because he hates people making him look stupid. People like Noah- who he refers to as a Nerd because he feels inferior in his presence; hence why he bullies him. Secretly, Jake really likes Noah but because he constantly makes Jake look like a Neanderthal, Jake often resorts to acting like one by pinning him up against lockers and smacking him upside the head whenever he gets in his way.