Audrey trudged through the hall with the sort of slouch that would have had her father begging her to straighten up – a choice of words that would have made her laugh at the very least, had this day fallen under a different set of circumstances, where the faceless masses of GWH weren’t faking their own misery in the shadow of Nina’s death and Jason’s disappearance.

          She kept her head down while she walked, eyes on the screen of her phone. No new calls. No texts. No Rachel, no Noah —— weird. There was just radio silence, nowhere near enough distractions, and an unfortunately timed thud of a shoulder colliding with hers.
The Stealth Attack on Abortion Access
Some states are subsidizing medically questionable crisis pregnancy centers, while moving to strip funding from comprehensive health care providers.
By Meaghan Winter

“When a woman is coerced to continue an unwanted pregnancy through misinformation or lack of access, she loses control of her body, education, finances — her future. The struggle for reproductive rights is inextricable from other movements for racial and economic justice. We will not achieve equal opportunity until a poor woman has the same sovereignty over her body and her future as a wealthy man. We must roll back the anti-choice legislation in our states that holds back equality.”