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The Cloud 9 hotel towers high above the anxious 19 year old as he takes his precious time approaching the doors. This was only his second time even entering the establishment, where he’s now been hired in exchange for shelter and food. With a rough upbringing, Dmitri was left with little-to-no money, but many different skills that helped him land such a sought-after job.

He almost cringes at the bell ringing above the doors as he enters, taking a deep breath as he walks to the counter. 

“I-I’m,” he stammers, “expecting someone. I just got hired.” he says to the receptionist, nervously digging his hands into his pockets. Wasn’t the owners nephew supposed to greet him and take him to where he’ll work?

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I love reading people's ideas on gilnean witches. With the little lore we're given, it has allowed people to come up with some really creative ideas. Anyways, this is extremely broad, but what are some of your witch headcanons? Initiations, rituals, roles within a group, differences between male and female witches, etc. Unleash your ideas on me please!~


Let me direct you to a general headcanon filled post I did a month or so ago so I can avoid sounding like a broken record. If you got more questions feel free to come back for more questions.