saw this fan post on ig and it made me tear up :( they seem like they’re actually dating!! (Their last kiss!!)
Seriously loved this season of global WGM and Heepuff and keyari were the cutest!! I really enjoyed Heepuff because they were a more mature couple and keyari were so cute! When puff and ari cried I just couldn’t hold in my tears and started bawling all over the place. When key made that video for arichan though omq my tears just flowed. WGM is the first show that has made me tear up this much.
tbh I didn’t really have anything that made me lovelovelove puff before WGM but after watching global WGM (especially) and currently watching pleasantly surprised, I like her a lot more than before:) puff fighting! I hope heechul and puff will be able to meet up with each other often~
what are we global WGM fans going to do every Saturday now…. :(