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Gwerkova label their music as a basement hardware but what you finally hear is a mixture of number of genres that share a dreamy nature and solid electronic core. Call them dream pop, but you won’t hear much pop in it; mark it as ambient with vocals, but their echoed guitars and glitch electronics will wake up you from the comforts of easy sleep; label them as minimalist electronica and the layered textures will prove you bit wrong. Luckily, this trio from Slovakia was smart enough to cook a musical meal hard to pigeonhole, but even easy to like.

After the last year’s initial EP 6EARS, where the band firstly explored how to cross genre boundaries, Gwerkova come with a debut album NADA which consists of six new songs along with a remix of the longest song, D-Day. What impressed me more is the raw energy of NADA’s central piece called Rats In Our Temple. It starts quietly from a simple guitar riff sounding somewhere between The XX’s guitar austerity and Tamaryn’s gothic-romantic glum. Disonancy and destruction come early to enhance the unhappy picture pained by Gaspi’s doleful vocals which move towards everything but apocalypse of “rats biting our brains.” Guitar graudally multiplies its echoes into shoegazing agony which is even strengthened by fervent electronics which resemble Lamb’s Trans Fatty Acid from ‘90s. Rats In Our Temple is an unhappy, but fulfilling image of an arcane world where “filth flows from the clouds.” NADA is a land of hallucinations worth your deeper exploration.

UPDATE on July 27th: The original stream of entire song Rats In Our Temple was changed to the NADA LP Preview which contains one minute snippets of all songs from the album; Rats In Our Temple can be found after third minute of the stream.

Me and me and no you
I ate my doors
And bricked up all the windows
Cancelled entrances,Erased exits

You cant see nothing.
Just and indifferent average grey box
Without windows and doors
Cancelled entrances,erased exits.

A town was built inside
With a killed clown,bathing in blood
This town is guilty inside,
With a wounded lotus
Swimming in teardrops.
A town was built inside
With bins filled with broken windows

Soun Records - Introducing a new Slovak label

Illl & .irma., photo Kálmán Tarr

The musicians Ján Ürögi known as Illl and Mária Gašparová (.irma.) already have a collaboration going - Ján is the soundscapist in the three-membered electronic alt-pop project Gwerková, where Mária sings. Their recent release, the melancholy-infused Nada on Exitab, has been awarded the only Slovak “alternative” music prize Radio_Head award, as the critic’s best record of the year 2011.

Now they started another sonic adventure. Soun Records is Ján’s brainchild and the first release of the label is a Illl vs. .irma. split called 10-15mA. Mastered by James Plotkin, known from his collaborations with Scorn or Khanate, the record is a blend of ambient surfaces, melancholic dreamy athmospheres, piano and singing.

Miss Maggot by .irma.

The 10-15mA is set to be released as a digipack on 6.4. For further informations about Soun Records check out their: webfb page, or bandcamp profile.