Gwenog Jones||5th year||Hufflepuff||half-blood||Suggested FC: Ruth Negga||status:open 

Gwenog or as she likes to be called, Gwen is a stereotypical tomboy. She could be seen zooming around on a broom before she could even walk. As soon as she could talk, she pleaded with her father to let her go to Quidditch games with him constantly instead of being stuck at home with her mother. Gwen does not mind getting dirt underneath her nails, or being rougher than a lady should. She can out fly, out swear, and all around out match most of the boys in her year. Of course she cleaned up pretty nicely; but she always prefers to be in her Quidditch robes hanging around the pitch than dressing up and attending one of Slughorn’s parties. A true Hufflepuff, she is determined to achieve her dreams of becoming a professional Quidditch player upon leaving Hogwarts. Gwenog’s edges might be rough but she is one of the most interesting women within the castle. She is anything but predictable and will always keep you guessing. 

God have mercy, Gwenog moaned inwardly, as her eyes fell upon the Great Hall. Dimly lit with candles and already filled with far too many strangers for Gwenog’s liking, the dark-haired girl bit her lip anxiously before quickly tucking her teeth back into her mouth. Elizabeth had warned her not to smudge the lip stain she’d put on her earlier, and she’d hate to disappoint her friend, however miserable she was. 

Gwenog immediately became more aware of her horrible gown than she had been previously - if such a thing were possible. Tight, scratchy fabric that she was sure looked ridiculous on her. For a girl who rarely wore fancier clothes than her stockings, boots, and tunic, she’d have to be quite a sight. Gunther would laugh himself dumb. 

Sighing resignedly, Gwenog made her way down the hallway and began looking for a free seat. Most of the students were already chattering to each other and eating. Gwen realized how hungry she was at the moment, but she didn’t know how much she’d be able to force down with her abdomen wrapped tighter than a sausage.

Knowing she’d regret it, Gwenog sat down at the first place she could find, not bothering to see who would be her tablemates. 

                 ⊰ LOOKS LIKE A GIRL BUT SHE’S A FLAME:

                                    A GWENOG JONES MIX ⊱

  1. Come On Eileen | Dexys Midnight Runners
  2. Pumped Up Kicks | Foster The People
  3. Burn | Ellie Goulding
  4. Hall Of  Fame | The Script ft. Will.I.Am
  5. Girl on Fire | Alicia Keys
  6. Lost in Stereo | All Time Low
  7. Ain’t it Fun | Paramore
  8. And the Boys | Angus and Julia Stone
  9. Keep Holding On | Avril Lavigne
  10. Lived a Lie | You Me at Six
  11. Hello Brooklyn | All Time Low
  12. Weightless | All Time Low
  13. Immortals | Fall Out Boy
  14. Stronger | Kelly Clarkson
  15. Girls just want to have fun | Cyndi Lauper  
  16. Count On Me | Bruno Mars
  17. 22 | Taylor Swift
  18. Fighter | Christina Aguilera
  19. Stay Awake | All Time Low


                             MENSAJE OOC

¡Feliz Navidad, DANIELA!

Tu Santa Secreto es: MIA. ⊱


              ❝  ¡Feliz Navidad atrasada! Espero que mi intento de mix te agrade aunque sea un poquito. Lo hice con la mejor de las intenciones, en lo personal me encanta como llevas a Gwenog. En realidad todos tus personajes me gustan muchísimo. Eres una excelente roler pero sobretodo una gran persona. Gracias por dejarme rolear y hablar contigo por poco que fuera –cosa que intentaré cambiar porque me caes muy bien-. Ojala y sigas siendo parte del roleplay por mucho mucho mucho tiempo más.                             Te mando un abrazo enorme desde aquí y mis mejores deseos para ti en este año.                                               — Con mucho cariño, Mía.

¡Feliz Navidad, GWENOG JONES!

Tu Santa Secreto es: CASSIA CLEARWATER. ⊱

Señorita Jones:

              ❝  ¡Sorpresa, Gwen! Debido a que Santa estaba demasiado ocupado atendiendo pedidos en todo el mundo, mando a esta duendecilla para entregarte tu regalo.                             La primera vez que vi el conjunto, inmediatamente pensé que se vería muy bien en ti. No pude evitar comprarte también los zapatos y el bolso. Ojala te gusten.                            Aunque personalmente creo que te gustará más el brazalete de Snitch. Quería darte algo sobre Quidditch y se me ocurrió que también te recordaría a James.                            Y claro, como no podía faltar en un regalo de mi parte, también agregué una caja de los mejores chocolates que pude encontrar.                            Espero te divirtieras mucho en estas fiestas, sigue siendo tan genial como siempre.                                                            — Con muchísimo cariño, Cassia.


Girls Better At Quidditch!

Quidditch Fanatics in uproar after controversial comment by manager Gwenog Jones   

Gwenog Jones may have ruffled some feathers during last year’s Quidditch World Cup but now it is for a completely different reasons. The Quidditch world is in an uproar on her latest statements that women make better Quidditch players after last week’s pick up match with Puddlemore United.      

‘It’s no secret,’ she said plainly over a floo conversation. ‘Women are smaller, speedier and can think quickly on their brooms. Sure, men have some more heft but ultimately Quidditch is best left to the girls. Just ask Ginny Weasley!’

Male players are in an uproar. ‘If one of us had said something this sexist you can be sure Jones would have some choice words for him!’ Oliver Wood of Puddlemore said angrily.

Former Harpy and current Daily Prophet correspondent, Ginny Potter was not available for comment but we can only speculate at the shock she is feeling at being put on the spot by Jones.

Jones’s comments were clearly out of line and though Witch Weekly can not say for certain whether Quidditch is a sport best suited for women, we can say that we wish all players the best of luck in the upcoming season!

gwenogj-deactivated20150330 asked:

[Lechuza] Ivan: Como soy una persona encantadora y siempre estás en mi mente, aquí te envío un poco de las galletas que hizo Effy, es una elfina muy talentosa. Sé que te gustarán. Puedes compartirlas con tu novia si quieres. G.J.


Creo que tu lechuza es muy estúpida, porque yo no soy Ivan, soy Jacob. Y debo informarte que a mi primo le gustan los niños, creo que está saliendo con Montague. Me quedaré las galletas, para cubrir los daños morales y pérdida de tiempo que me llevó responder esto.

                                                                     — Jacob

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Why is Gwen your best friend? W

Because she was there for me in a time no one else was and well… we both just clicked… over everything. She’s the sister I never had and the woman I never want to lose. I know things will be alright so long as my best friend is by my side.

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unsent: Who is Nicki Minaj? Why is she so powerful? 

unsent: Is she actually a queen or is that just something people say to a) mock the current incompetent muggle government or b) be excessively complimentary?

unsent: Thank you for loving Evan.

unsent: Can you teach me how to fly?

unsent: Can I touch your arms?

sent: Congratulations to all the Claws on their win today! You guys really deserve it.