being a gwenmj shipper on this website is hard because people seem to think you need to pick between them, which usually means unfairly demonizing one of them.

no. stop that. they are both wonderful, amazing, and complex characters, neither of whom deserves to be hated by anyone.

just…why hate on them when you can make them kiss instead?

crosshaired  asked:

gwen / mj (michael jackson)


Who’s the one that proposed: not mj. definitely not mj. mj’s not too good with commitment right away 

Who kissed who: MJJjJjJJj

Their outfits: i don’t know wedding clothing. dresses. that’s it go home

Who shoves cake in the others face: both of them. they look dumb. very cute

Best man: peter probably

Maid of Honor: wwwwwwwww i do not know. pick any good spidey lady

What their rings look like: rings. they are circles. easy

Where they Honey Moon: probably somewhere nice. i don’t know any nice places. france everyone loves france (oui oui une baguette)