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Are there any good Merthur High School Au Fics?

Yeah sure! There are loads of these, hope you like them! 

Doodle Me Silly

Arthur Pendragon is the school prince, the knightly jock of Camelot High School. Merlin is the artistic nerd that spends way too much time doodling away. None of those things matter because they’re best of friends.

…. Best friends who also happen to hopelessly crush on each other.

AKA: Sweet, fluffy sex.

Out of Body

(This is one of my personal favourites) Finding out that his best friend is gay shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, catching Merlin wanking to gay porn shouldn’t turn Arthur on, either. With his plans for uni in shambles and his position on the high school footie team lost to injury, Arthur’s determined not to disappoint his father any further. Running away from Merlin seems like the easiest thing to do, but his denial might cost him everything.

The Detention King of Avalon High

There’s a new kid at school, and he’s not Merlin Emrys’ type at all—until he turns out to be much more than Merlin ever expected. American HS AU.

I LOVE these ones but it is teacher/student so just be warned if it’s not what you like!


When studying goes wrong. Alternatively: Arthur is a jerk and Merlin would hate him if he wasn’t in love with him. Or so he says.

Stop Watching 

Browbeaten and threatened into denying himself by a domineering father who refuses to be embarrassed by even a whisper that his son is gay, Arthur has given up everything that he’s ever wanted in his life to keep the peace — shaky as it is — with Uther.

Arthur Pendragon, a former track and field Olympic medallist, is the well-liked and successful track coach of Camelot High, with a long list of former students making the national teams. For years, he’s been courted to join the coaching staff at Ivy League universities, with the national team, for the Olympic team, but instead of jumping at the opportunities in front of him, Arthur keeps his head down and stays at Camelot out of a feeling responsibility for his students, duty to the school, and a tiny, little bit of fear.

It’s the first day of school and a new runner joins Arthur’s team — a senior transfer from Ealdor High. Merlin Emrys is out, open, impossibly friendly, immediately popular, and impossibly persistent.

Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur.

Be What You FeelMerlin is a juvenile delinquent who doesn’t do good boys, and Arthur is the best boy of them all. But Arthur wants Merlin, and Arthur always gets what he wants. High school AU.I have a massively long list of these so feel free to ask for more :)*ALL of these have Merthur as the main pairing*
How to Survive Promotion in the Middle Ages - themadlurker

How to Survive Promotion in the Middle Ages

Rating: Teen
Word Count:
The King is dead; long live the King. Arthur sits on the throne of Camelot, but everyone - including him - is still waiting to find out what sort of a king he will be. If he fails, there are plenty of other people who wouldn’t mind stepping up to fill his shoes - particularly Morgana, who has had her eye on the throne since Uther’s death. In the meantime, there are these negotiations with Northumbria to deal with; one of his best knights has gone missing; and, oh yes, someone at the court of Camelot may be trying to kill him. It’s a good thing that Gwen and Merlin have got his back. Well, most of the time.