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Gwendolyn's Giveaway!

I finally decided to be a cool person and do a giveaway! 

Rules are as follows: 

  • You don’t have to be following me, but if you are, you’ll get some super extra cool stuff with what you win
  • Please only reblog once, and like once— spam is not cool, and a million notes isn’t either. 
  • Your ask box must be open— if you haven’t contacted me back within 24 hours, your prize goes to another person. 

Now! What you’ve all been waiting for— what you get if you win! 

  • One Newsies playbill signed by Kara Lindsay and Jeremy Jordan
  • A Newsies trading card signed by Ryan Breslin 
  • A Batman action figure and/or some tiny Avengers
  • A fanfiction of whatever you wish!
  • Plus other cool stuff if you’re following me! 


  • One pair of troll horns— any troll, made by myself 
  • Some sicknasty stickers from the What Pumpkin store and a SBURB keychain 
  • A Batman action figure and/or some tiny Avengers
  • A fanfiction of whatever you wish! 
  • Plus other cool stuff if you’re following me! 

Since there’s two ‘packs’ there’s probably going to be two winners, because it also happens that most of the people that follow me like either Newsies or Homestuck. 

So, yeah. 

I’ll have one winner— they’ll choose a pack, and then the second person 'winning’ gets the second pack, but if they don’t want that one, then I’ll keep going down the list until I find someone who does. 

Oh yeah! The giveaway ends on the 30th! 

So end: December 30, 10pm PST. 

Newsies (watches drama unfold just from word):

You don’t like the stage version. You don’t like the movie version. You like both versions. You don’t like either (which, if that’s true, I don’t know why you’re on this tag.) 

It’s all okay, dudes. Y'all can like and dislike whatever you choose to. 

The thing that makes people start to create drama is tagging/bashing unnecessarily/being mean/having a lot of haterade. 

Okay, like, I let people have their opinions and don’t say anything, until they’re being stupid, or being hateful. Which I think is a good policy for everyone. 

Let people have their opinions. When we’re stating these opinions, however, let’s all be respectful. If we’re not respectful, then people have permission to call you out on being a douchebag/asshole. 

Okay? Okay. 

Let’s all hug. 


So I was thinking of making ask blogs for individual characters from Newsies.

They probably wouldn’t be affiliated with the askthenewsies blog at all— because I like having different characterizations. 

If I did, I would probably make a Jack one and a David one— maybe a Spot one. 

Would anyone be interested in asking questions/getting advice/whatever have you, from them?

Hello my name is __________

For as long as I can remember, my parents have been telling me that I was almost named Gwendolyn, but my great-great grandmother stopped them. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to change my name. 

So I suppose that I am slowly changing my name. 

Y'all can still call me ‘Amanda,’ I don’t much mind, but I’m thinking it’s finally time to start being who I actually am. 

So, yeah, Gwendolyn.