You're certainly interesting.

Ruby walked along the water looking around at the buildings people had built over the years. She didn’t know why she was in Cardiff. Something about the town had intrigued her, and she’d wanted a new piece of scenery. After a while, the states started to get kind of boring or she just wanted to go somewhere different, and Cardiff really was a nice town, though she’d never say that aloud. She’d never say half of her thoughts out loud really. Saying her thoughts out loud could get her in a hell of a lot of trouble really, and she’d rather remain out of trouble besides the general killing people thing, but that’s fun and different. She shook her head looking around the at the people on the sidewalk when she spotted a girl with dark hair.

She thought the girl was beautiful and there was something about her that was intriguing, something different. She rolled her eyes at her own thoughts wondering why the hell her thoughts were so out of whack lately. Walking over to the other girl, she looked her up and down. “Who’re you?” She asked crossing her arms over her chest.

Hectic "Holiday"

Sally Sparrow nearly collapsed in the train seat. Deciding to come home to visit her family had been something she’d done on a whim. It probably had a small part to do with the conversation she had with Anna, it reminded her of how much she missed her family, despite how they were. It would only make sense that while traveling she manages to pick up extra work. Getting a call in by some of her contacts here in London, telling her about more weird happenings. She now had a cellphone full of irritated texts from her mom asking her when she was going to be home and a folder full of pictures she’d taken of the odd symbols. 

The long ride to London would give her ample time to attempt to decode the message. Oh who was she kidding? She was a photographer, not a some language expert, especially where aliens were considered. Then again, this could all be some teenage’s attempt at “expressing themself”. “There’s no way I’m going to get this done.” she mumbled to herself, proping the folder open on her legs and taking a drink of tea out of a thermos.

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The Doctor whirled around, his legs catching behind each other and nearly tripping over himself. Per usual. His eyebrows furrowed, however, as he realised he was not alone anymore. “Oh… Hello!”