Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You (Audio)

Imagine Domestic Life with Gabriel

Originally posted by lady-nymm

  • Gabriel pulling you onto his lap as you watch a movie together. His arms wrapping around you with his hands interlocking so he knows you won’t go anywhere. Then at certain parts he nuzzles against your neck.
  • When your baking some dessert, he rests his chin on your shoulder watching the the sugar being added. Then he swiftly sticks his finger in the mix and remarks at how good it tastes.

  • Cleaning is a fun experience as you each have your own vacuum and race to get down first. You swerve around the house and soon get the cords tangled up so much that you trip and fall on one another, ending in a steaming make-out session.

  • Gabriel helping you wash the dishes while you dry and he starts squirting water at you. First he pretends it was an accident, but then a huge splash soaks you and you take the kitchen spray nozzle and get revenge. 

  • Going to the pet store and Gabriel picking out a cute little corgi named Biscuit. You go in the play pen to make sure he’d be a good fit and see how his temperament is. As one of the workers rattles off information, Gabriel scoops up the pup, declaring that he’s part of the family now. You tell him that you want to make sure, but then Biscuit goes and licks Gabriel’s face like he agrees. Both of them give you puppy dog eyes and you look at the worker, asking how much Biscuit costs. 

  • Together you go to the grocery store and Gabriel says he wants to take a quick look at something so he goes off by himself. You scan down the list and head off, making quick work of it. Then you head towards the bakery because you need some bread, only to find Gabriel having an argument with some older gentleman about how he can’t take all the doughnuts. You let out a sigh, noticing a full cart next to him with other baked good already piling on top of one another.

  • Going to the dog park with Biscuit proudly walking in front of the two of you with his black bowtie collar on. You let him off the leash, grabbing a ball and throwing it for him to catch. After a few rounds a poodle comes into view and Biscuit struts over to her. You shake your head as Gabriel yells out encouraging words. Soon you’re both sitting at a bench, watching the two lovebirds run around and play with each other.

  • Watching Gabriel clean the car in his white tank top and little red shorts, while you lay back in a lawn chair. It is a hot summer day and his wet cloths cling to his toned body, letting nothing escape your eyes. You let out a whistle as he bends over directly in front of you to clean the driver’s door. At the sound he wiggles his booty a bit, then proceeds to give you a show.