The Mardi Gras Murders. Gwen Bristow and Bruce Manning. New York: Mystery League, 1932. First edition. Original dust jacket.

Mystery League thriller about a secret satanic society whose roster had never been penetrated. A vicious murder occurs and it’s secrets are spilled into the local papers. All of which casts a shadow over the Mardi Gras festivities.

Sometimes the Avengers like to make “girlfriend jokes” about Peter like, “Peter, we have a mission. Tell your girlfriend bye”, or, “Peter, we have villains here. Tell your girlfriend–ahah–you probably don’t have one”. They don’t know about Gwen being dead, and the next time they mention “girlfriend” to his face, he has a breakdown and can’t bear to explain anything.

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"I'll never lie to you," / she says / a whisper in my ear / breath hot / I return a stretched smile / and reply / "neither will I, my dear." / but I've already lied a thousand times / when I told her I loved her / that I was happy / and every time I lied the chains wrapped tighter around my wrist / and she was the only one who could loosen them ~gwen

. the dead anon poets society .


“I couldn’t save the Gwen Stacy of my world.”
“Hey, I couldn’t save the Peter Parker in mine. Make you a deal, what say we watch over each other…”
“Sounds like a plan.”

Finally got hit with the back-to-school plague, so have a picture back from the summer when I wasn’t sick and things were more fun and sunny lol. Happy Gwensday!

Photo by: Amaleigh Photography / @amaleighphotography
Assissted by: Dream Cherub Cosplay 
Spiderman: Spider Dan Cosplay
Gwensuit by: Lindsay Jane Design
Gwen: TayDuffers / @taylorthetailor

Taken @ ConBravo 2016

I always had a feeling Fury just liked Tony… right from the time in the donut shop where Tony was being a brat and Fury just smiled… and I was like awww yeah. And then the scene in The Avengers… and then AoU did their thing and that was the best scene.

I knew Fury loved Tony… That was really exciting. //the most uneventful life

Anyways… Im glad I could show you the light.


“I absolutely had to sacrifice my personal vanity. I’m thrilled I did that. You realise quickly that vanity can be quite worthless. When I was younger, I wasn’t sure I wanted to act because I was told it would be so hard for me, and possibly not an option at all, because of the way I looked. I leapt at the opportunity to play a character that was so outside the realms of convention. I love the part because it defies gender stereotypes and it defies aspects of femininity that always told me ‘no’.” - Gwendoline Christie for Bazaar UK (December 2014)