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Oh fuck I have a quiz tomorrow I’m going to use tumblr to study.

  • anything with an alkalai metal cation or ammonium is soluble.
  • If it has NO3-, ClO4-, ClO3-, or C2H3O2- then it is soluble.
  • All chlorides, bromides, and iodides are soluble unless they contain Ag+, Pb(2+), or Hg(2+)
  • All sulfates are soluble unless they have Hg+, Pb(2+), Sr(2+), Ca(2+), or Ba(2+)
  • All hydroxides are INSOLUBLE except compounds of alkalai metals or Ca(2+), Sr(2+), or Ba(2+)
  • All compounds containing PO4(3-), S(2-), CO3(2-), and SO3(2-) ions are INSOLUBLE unless they also have alkalai metals or ammonim

These have been solubility rules. I hope you have enjoyed the break from all the Glee on your dash.

Okay so today in chem me and a couple other kids were chosen to inventory our school’s chemicals. It’s a really easy job; we just have to make sure everything is still there. But honestly some of the chemicals we have are ridiculous. There was a big jar of hydrochloric acid (HCl) with a thing that said, “WARNING: CORROSIVE TO FLESH.” and I saw at least one thing that said, “WARNING: KNOWN CARCINOGEN.” And some lead just casually sitting in a container. So yeah, fun times in chemistry.

Bad habit:

I’ve started making little snide comments about my writing in the margins for my language arts assignments. I think my teacher said it’s okay, but I’m not really sure to what extent…

It’s fun though, so…


“The setting does not give a happy mood; only that of a community full of accusatory residents and of lies.”

comment: Sometimes I don’t write sentences that make me sound pretentious.

“On one hand, it is cleansing (as in a literary stroll in the rain will be a journey in which you cleanse you)…

pointed to crossed-out bit: I was going to say something smarter and less repetitive.

On the other side: Those parentheses turned out to be quite redundant.