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By Defne S.

Editor’s note: This week, we’re excited to present to you a guest article from Defne S., coming to us all the way from Istanbul, Turkey! You can find her at her Tumblr (@Sirdef) and hopefully here with more articles in the future! 

You don’t need to take a women’s studies class to know the words “Romantic Interest”- but generally you need to have an understanding of gender dynamics surrounding Romantic Interests, the disparity between the number of male romantic interests vs. female (and the respective portrayals), and the tropes revolving around the romantic interest to really understand why it’s a negative term.

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okay spiderman 2 was a huge improvement on the first one in every way and gwen stacy’s death scene managed to get real actual tears out of me so like credit where credit is due. also that scene at the end where the little kid dressed up like spiderman runs into the street to stand up to the rhino? brilliant. loved it. it’s a solid 7 from me.

anonymous asked:

I recently started reading Gwenpool. I know her name is Gwen Poole and she's from a different universe and everything. I thought she was unrelated to Deadpool and Gwen Stacy but people keep saying she's Gwen Stacy. It's really confusing me. Is she supposed to be Gwen Stacy?

Yeah, this seems to confuse a lot of people but Gwenpool is NOT Gwen Stacy nor is she a female version of Deadpool (Wanda Wilson aka Lady Deadpool is the female Deadpool). Gwenpool on the other hand is basically an amalgam of both Deadpool and Gwen Stacy, meaning she was initially a fusion of the two. This fusion first appeared on a variant cover for Deadpool’s Secret Wars #2 and proved to be very popular among fans which lead to the creation of the Gwenpool we know and love today. And just to reiterate, GWENPOOL IS NOT GWEN STACY!!

I know this was a bit long but hope this helps clear the confusion! 💖 

gwenpool is such an amazing comic and i so wish more people read it. don’t get thrown off by the name, it has nothing to do with gwen stacy or deadpool, she’s a complete original character and they make several jokes about the unfortunate name in the comic. it’s by far one of my favorite marvel ongoings right now and i haven’t met a single person who has read it and disliked it. if capable, i’d really really suggest picking it up from #1, it hooked me in right from the beginning and only gets better.