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The thing I find funny about Merlin reveal!fics is how Arthur takes it so personally about the years of lying and I’m over here internally laughing like “omg Arthur he’s lied to everyone and you’re only thinking of yourself wow”


Merlin + Arthurian quotes

He left the room and crossed the workshop to the study. Jennifer stood up. She wore a white gown with a leather bodice –silver-infused, just like his– and a holster hanging down her leg. “You look…” Arthur said, but before he could get the words out, Vivian came in the room and waved her hands. “Yes, yes, you both look wonderful and you’re full of compliments.” Robison Wells | Airships of Camelot


hi, i drew a character from marvel, yes yes she is the epic most wonderful but yet still second best super hero teenage girl ever made

first is batgirl


Happy 20th, Tragic Kingdom!

Released: October 10th, 1995

Following the slow American triumph of their Tragic Kingdom LP (released in October 1995, it finally reached No. 1 in December 1996 and has sold 6 million copies [as of early 1997]), it has been warmly greeted worldwide as a record that speaks the international language of pop.

If Gwen Stefani lost the love of her life, she also gained her subject matter. One of the many ironies surrounding No Doubt is that this music, which is frequently dismissed as meaningless, superficial pop, is fully in the tradition of the heartfelt, intimate, pop-poetic confessional. If you want to know what happened between Gwen and Tony, read the lyric sheet. 

The day she wrote the lyrics to one of the most direct and pointed songs, “Happy Now?”, she was really proud. So she phoned up the person with whom she usually shared both her triumphs and disasters. Tony. “I was, ‘Dude, I totally wrote the raddest song – I have to read it to you. Promise you won’t get mad at me.’”

Of course, everyone expects Tony to be mortified now that the barbed hymns of their relationship are sung by millions. But at worst he is bemused, and at best, amused. Tony says, laughing. “Am I going to storm off the stage?”“That would be so rad!” hoots Gwen. “You should shake me and then walk off. We should do that as a publicity stunt.”

Rolling Stone, 1997

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Oh and the anon re Gwen simple life. Read more of her songs. She wonders what happened to herself, how'd she get so far away from that simple girl. Also 20 years of GR and yes the fame and spotlight, she realized she lost her true self in all of that and now is finally getting it back.

Oh it’s unexplainable and it’s so weird
Woah it’s so strange, confusing and I’m so scared
But maybe I deserve this boy after all that I’ve been through
How can all of this be true? Swear

Thank you for saving me, I can’t believe it
Thank you

So this is what the truth feels like
This is more of what I had in mind
Yeah this is what the truth feels like
And I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it
Something about this just feels so right, alright
Something about this just feels so right, alright
So this is what the truth feels like
And I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it 

Do you really think you wanna make some new memories?
With me?

You’re rare
And I’m loving every second of it, don’t you know?
You’re rare


Based off of this

Warnings: Fluff, injured archangel, stitching up wounds

Word Count: 1190

Author: Gwen

Piles of lore took up the small table in the motel room with some important newspaper articles tapped to the worn wall. You were busy looking through security footage for a possible led. So far nothing added up and you had been there for a total of a week with nothing. The Winchesters were always ready to help, but you wanted to prove you could solo this one. However, as the days pressed on it became harder to ignore their numbers on your phone.

Although they weren’t the only ones that you had on standby. Gabriel made it clear that he would help whenever you called and proved that several times as he got there quickly. Not that you didn’t enjoy his help, but it was hard to concentrate with his good looks around.

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