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Do you realize that Merlin’s a “family show” and we have four dead bodies in its very first episode?


Merlin vs Ao3 tags  Part 6/??


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One More Cinderella Story

Summary: Based roughly (and I do mean roughly) on Cinderella. Merlin x reader pure fluff.
Warnings: a bit of abuse, nothing too majorly serious
A/N: this is my first one shot on tumblr! Let me know what you guys think. I’d be happy to post more! Also, I apologize for the formatting. This is just about entirely on mobile and beta-less. Thanks!

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headcanon (but actually canon) that the reason morganas hair looked like shit when she left camelot was because gwen did it for her all the time and she had no idea how to do it herself

Last night I learned that.

Colin Morgan (Merlin) is currently dating with Katie McGrath (Morgana)!!!

And I was like…

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Then… I looked to Bradley James (Arthur). Guess who is he dating???…

… Angel Coulby (Gwen)

And I was like…

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What’s wrong with this cast??? 

They were meant to be together…

Look even Bradley nows this…