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Just a short powerpoint on some of the reasons why you should try watching torchwood.


The Children of Time: Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones | Luke Smith | Harriet Jones | Sylvia Noble and Wilfred Mott


Okay, so we know that Twelve knows there is connection between his face and saving Caecilius and family from Volcano Day, but what about the other person in much more contemporary times who ALSO had his face? The one he doesn’t know about – and unlike Caecilius couldn’t have any memory of – since the Doctor never met John Frobisher?

(Although logically, Twelve shouldn’t have had to meet Frobisher for the resemblance to have been brought up by now. You know, considering Frobisher moved at the highest levels of government for decades and was also a government liaison with UNIT where the Doctor isn’t exactly unknown. Mind you, Twelve does look a bit different with the loss of the non-confrontational specs and the addition of ALL THE HAIR.)

But leaving that aside and all the hundreds of other people who must have known Frobisher by sight, I suspect if the Twelve-Poor Doomed Frobisher Who Was Doomed connection *is* ever brought up it will be because the Doctor meets one of the people seen here i.e. Gwen Cooper, Bridget Spears who was Frobisher’s loyal assistant and also completely in love with him, and/or Captain Jack.

Actually, I would kind of love it if it were Bridget, but I would definitely settle for it being Captain Jack

if only for the possibility of EVEN MORE emotionally fraught Dramatic! Staring!