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Is Blake shy in the bedroom? Hell no!!! Just look at Gwen's lyrics. She's obsessed, you're like drugs to me, the way you kissed me wasn't typical, you're like moonshine when the curtains close, whipped. This guy didn't need to be lead. Man those drone pool pics he was on it. Fully clothed. Damn right they skinny dip in that pool - when alone or everyone else is asleep.

I can see Blake being an animal in the bedroom! I think the buildup was so intense for the first time that there weren’t inhibited at all or any time after



Gwen: Would you say she’s made him a more likeable character? A more human character?

Nikolaj: Nope

Gwen: Someone the audiences can connect-

Nikolaj: Mmmm, nope

Gwen: -with more? 

Gwen: Do you think they come up to the actress that played Brienne of Tarth and say “I didn’t like that Jaime character before you. YOU made him likeable. YOU did. YOU did.” Do you think that’s the case?

Gwen and Nikolaj banter when interviewing each other in their second interview together! [x]

This is still a WIP but honestly though, I like the designs of MJ and Gwen on Avengers Academy so I had to draw them at some point. Gwen hanging upside-down and crashes to MJ is just cute cause Gwen has been crushing at MJ but yet she’s Peter’s. I just don’t know anymore for these two.


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“You’re the only wife I’ve got or ever will have. You are my whole existence, and I will love you until my very last breath.” (The Young Victoria)

you know whenever those damn m/erthur stans wanna stick to their ship above all else because of the way it impacted their lives as lgbt+ people im like aight thats a valid argument

but then like you get into the fic tags and its filled with nothing but mp/reg, r/ape, non-consensual shit etc and you’re like…. aiiiighttt

if i see one more omega whatever thing im gonna gouge my eyes out


6x01 Exile on Main Street (for Anon that asked for this ages ago)

courtney and gwen from total drama are gay and in love and their series-long Fight over Duncan is them just projecting their feelings onto a boy neither of them like that much & continuing to try & win him over out of misdirected jealousy they're feeling about Each Other

and duncan is gay also


So more of Fistben and Fistrook plus a quick Fistgwen design 

like somehow fistrook/fistben appeals to me because they’d be such assholes, but in love assholes?? idk man.

(and I would have made a bro version Kevin, but I feel like getting engaged to a girl for car parts and then dumping her on your best friend is already enough of a Bro thing~)

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Is it just me or do Nerris and Gwen look similar? Like thier hairstyles are kinda the same with short part and then big floof and it's the same colors too just reversed. How wild would it be if Nerris was like Gwen's younger sister or something.


I’ve actually never noticed this before, but oh wow, do I love this! 

Like, not only do their designs seem to suggest they’re related, but could also explain why Nerris is at the camp? I know they classified her camp as “other magic camp” in episode one, but I don’t think there are actually entire camps dedicated to just DnD? I could be completely wrong, but I’d like to think Gwen weaseled this onto the sign-up list for her little sister; most likely due to their  parents unexpectedly dumping Nerris on her for the summer.

Additionally, now I can just see Gwen being roped into playing a campaign Nerris had made, but surprisingly gets into making the character. Of course, Gwen doesn’t have any knowledge about actual DnD classes, and well…

Gwen: So yeah, this is my character [insert generic, romance-novel protagonist name here]. He’s a werewolf who got bitten at age fifteen by this other random werewolf, and is like, super dark and brooding because of it. He also has this taboo crush on this vampire chick who-

Nerris, an already regretful dm:

Okay but following the events of Space Kid getting hurt and having to go to the hospital, don’t think about how Daniel can’t leave the campgrounds so he can’t even go with Space Kid as the ambulance takes him away.

I mean, David probably goes instead, which leaves Gwen to deal with an emotionally-confused Daniel, who spends most of the following evening/night either pacing back and forth around the counselor’s cabin or just sitting still for long periods of time and looking like he has no idea what to do or say.