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Cournweek Day 1: Different Time Era

We stop your regularly scheduled Homestuck to bring you a dear old fandom of mine. I’m not very involved with the Total Drama series and/or fandom anymore, but I sure as hell love these two to death. I’m also really into the style from the 20′s, so that’s what I went with today! I also tried to keep it looking very vintage and old, but still classy. 

⇝This Is What the Truth Feels Like⇜ by Gwen Stefani ❣

The album guys is sooooooooooo good 👌

It’s not only about a broken heart 💔 It’s also about falling in love again, find true love,,,have hope,faith, believe in miracles and that everything happens for a reason 🙏

1. Misery

You’re like drugs to me,, I’m so in to you totally 😍

2. You’re my Favorite

The way you kissed me wasn’t typical
Take me out of my body, something spiritual
Think I need seconds, maybe thirds or fourths oh (…) but out of everything, you’re my favorite I tried a lot of things, but you’re my favorite 💗

3. Where Would I Be ??

There’s nothing I can doI just can’t resist
You’ve got the perfect kiss, whoa 💋
Turn me on just like a switch
Now you got me lit
Oh no you didn’t …. Where would I be boy, if you didn’t love me boy ?

4. Make me Like u

Something I could get used to
I could get used to this
It’s getting harder to leave it
Your lips on my lips
Oh, I can’t believe it
How good it could be
Didn’t wanna believe it, but now you are all I see 💘
                  Oh God, thank God I found you

5. Truth

So this is what the truth feels like
This is more of what I had in mind
Yeah this is what the truth feels like
And I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it
I never knew I’d know someone like you…Thank you for saving me, I can’t believe it  💝

7. Send me a Picture

Are you looking online? Are you looking at me?
Been thinking of you, are you looking at me?
Send me a picture right now
Cause I been waiting such a long time
To get you right in front of these eye 💌

9. Asking 4 it  

I don’t know where I was, I was lost, I was nothing
The real version of me, I had never even seen
You givin’ me truth and it’s such an unfamiliar subject
Are you sure you wanna love me?
You’re asking for it, you’re asking for it ..I dare ya, dare ya, dare ya

12. Rare

And I can’t believe it, that you even exist
You know I would be dumb to give perfection up
You’re rare…
And I’m loving every second of it, don’t you know?
You’re rare…
And only a stupid girl would let you go 💓

WELCOME BACK QUEEN ♡  rise and shine again :) 


Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You (Audio)

“Coffee?” asked Ianto, appearing like a genie from an expertly rubbed lamp.
“I love you,” said Gwen, taking hers.
“I love you more,” Owen told Ianto, “and I’m prepared to have your babies.”
Ianto smiled patiently.

“Jack in his office?” Gwen asked Toshiko as she came over to the lab space.
“I guess. I haven’t seen him.”
“What are you doing?” Gwen asked. “Isn’t that…?”
Toshiko sat back, removed her eye-guards, and took a sip of her coffee.
“Yes it is,” she said. “Mmm, I love that man.”
“It’s me he’s marrying,” Gwen said.

Border Princes by Dan Abnett (Torchwood Novels #2)

No one can resist Ianto’s coffee, and everyone is prepared to go to great lengths for it… not that I can blame anyone for wanting to marry Ianto.


Merlin + Arthurian quotes

He left the room and crossed the workshop to the study. Jennifer stood up. She wore a white gown with a leather bodice –silver-infused, just like his– and a holster hanging down her leg. “You look…” Arthur said, but before he could get the words out, Vivian came in the room and waved her hands. “Yes, yes, you both look wonderful and you’re full of compliments.” Robison Wells | Airships of Camelot

patron-saintof-sluts  asked:

44, 24, 42, 18

44. selfie?

jai always asking for selfies lol i love you

this is me in my car bc i was waitin’ for a friend. i was really bored + hungry + just wanted to get poke already lol

24. favorite band?

uhhh, i’m just gonna say little mix for now bc i’ve been listening to their album for a while. also a sucker for no doubt. i’ve always loved gwen stefani.

42. are you okay?

for the most part yes! i was crying a lot earlier this week because i was a little stressed but after i stayed home from school yesterday i felt a little better. mental health days/days to reset are important, kids. 

18. obsession?

oooh, um, i’ve been rewatching arrested development? does that count as a latest obsession? it’s one of my favorite shows. it’s just so funny to me

also, this is kind of weird but i have this strange love for goldfish. i know they’re for kids but like i could eat a whole bag by myself