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Huntress-Part 15: Ramsey

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E15 so warning: SPOILERS

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The boom of the Bunker door followed by the footsteps on the stairs down made you lose your train of thought. Despite your headphones in, you still managed to hear the echo in the halls of the building. You took an earbud out and looked up from your laptop.
The moment your Dad and Uncle walked in the room the smell hit you. You grimaced.

“Hey, kid.” Uncle Dean greeted, heading for the chair opposite you.
“If you sit down I might actually kill you.” You warned, your eyes flickering between the chair and his confused face.
“I’m sorry?” 
“You reek of…I don’t even wanna know. It’s minging, so take a shower and then you can sit down.” You ordered. 

Dad chuckled, “Hello to you too.”
Thankfully, he was at least dressed in what appeared to be clean clothes and had very few traces of monster on him. Whereas Uncle Dean was plastered in blood, flesh and other substances you weren’t going to jump at the chance to find out what they were.

Uncle Dean, still unsure of what to say, gave you a funny look. You smirked, looking back over to your Dad who’d just gotten a notification on his phone. “Found another case.” He declared.
“That was fast.” Uncle Dean huffed. ‘Too fast’ You thought to yourself, but said nothing.

“Yeah I got a series of alga-rhythms to go through a filter of newspapers and-” He stopped, noticing Uncle Dean’s blank face before sighing “The computer told me.”

“Man, monsters and porn. Is there anything they can’t do?”
“I’m sure they’d have how to wash yourself on there. Try wikihow.” You sassed, still very aware of the stench.
“Y/N’s right, you’ve got pieces of ghouls and wraiths stuck on you…I think there’s some siren in your hair.” Dad’s face scrunched up in disgust when Uncle Dean flicked it away from himself.
“I’ve got babywipes in the car-”
You shared a look with your Dad. 

“-I’ll go take a shower.” 

You watched as he ambled down the stairs, finally cleaning himself up. When you looked over at your Dad you can’t help but laugh.
“You know, I think he’s kinda scared of you?” Dad chuckled.
“Hopefully.” You giggled.
“You coming on the Hunt?” He asked, perching on the table.
You glance at the floor for a second “Yeah…why not.”

“So,” Uncle Dean began explaining before him or his brother had properly gotten back into the Impala. “The survivor seems to think she was attacked by an invisible wolf.” 
“Like uh…” You racked your brain “A hellhound?”
“We think so.” Dad butted in, making sure nothing was set in stone.

“So the guy made the deal right?” You asked. You locked your phone and slid it into your pocket, turning your attention fully on the front seats.
“So why did it attack the girl?” 
“We don’t know…”

You sat back and thought through the information,, mapping out the ideas in your head. “So,” You began, grabbing their attentions “your plan to retrieve any useful information from her is to lie to her?” You tilted your head, hoping the fact that you’d outlined the plan made it seem as bad as it was. Uncle Dean nodded slowly, his face unconvinced.
“It’s better for her, it’ll help her sleep at night.” Dad protested.
You shrugged “No offence…but it wouldn’t for me. People want closure.” 
Thank you! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him!” Uncle Dean agreed, his head turning slightly to face you, but his eyes remaining on the road.
“We’re trying this. End of.” Dad huffed.
“Well…Good luck.” You shook your head with disbelief, watching as you pulled up outside the survivor- Gwen’s place.

By far the worst part about not being able to convincingly disguise yourself as a FBI agent was the waiting around. You were patient, so the actual process itself was bearable, it was the not knowing everything. Every single time your Dad would briefly run through what happened and you’d know full well it wasn’t the half of it.
You threw your head back, staring up at the ceiling of the car. It wasn’t very interesting, but it was a change from the steering wheel. That was when your phone buzzed, saving you from your thoughts. 
You glanced down, watching it move slightly as it vibrated on the empty seat beside you. “MICK”
You sighed. What could he possibly want?

“Yeah?” You mumbled, holding it up to your ear.
“It was good to see you.” He began, making you cringe from his small-talk attempt.
“Mick,” You broke him from his words before he started ranting more nonsense “What do you want?”

“Your Dad,” He began, pausing to see if that had gotten your attention. Annoyingly- it had. “Was asking about your Mum…and Max.”
“…okay?” You decided to bite.
“He seemed to have it in his head that the British Men Of Letters killed em for no good reason.” 
You stayed silent.
“Something tells me you haven’t told your Dad the full story.”
Still, you said nothing.
“Are you trying to make us look bad?” If anything, Mick sounded more offended than angry.
“I’m trying,” You paused “I’m trying to not make Mum look bad…or Max.”
“You won’t.” His voice went surprisingly softer. “Becky went rogue.” 
You twitched a little at the use of “Becky”. 
“I know.” You snapped.
“And Max…well you know that too.” He sighed, perhaps empathising for once.

“Yeah I do. So what’s your point?” You were losing the will to live with how vague people were being.
“If the possibility of working with us again, as part of the American Hunters became more than just a possibility..would you be willing?”

You paused…would you?

You wouldn’t outright say no. But you also wouldn’t be keen on saying yes…What would your Dad think if you suddenly wanted to work with them…what about Uncle Dean? You saw how they reacted to Mary’s alliance with them and that didn’t exactly go swimmingly…

“Y/N…you still there, love?” He asked, sounding genuinely concerned.
“Yeah I’m here…”
“Well? Would you be up for it?”
“I don’t know…it depends on Dad…and Uncle Dean…I can’t just keep switching sides that’s not fair on anyone.”
“Well, speaking of your Dad-” Mick sounded like he had a lot to say,but you barely had time to take in his words when you noticed your Dad and Uncle exiting the house.
“Gotta go.” You quickly spoke into the microphone before hanging up. Whatever he had to say could wait, there was no way you were getting into another awkward conversation.

They opened the doors to Baby, looking defeated. “How did it go?” You asked, double checking that you’d hung up.
“How do you think?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow,
“At least we tried, it could have gone worse.” Your Dad was trying his best to find a silver lining, which was sweet in it’s own strange way.
“So uh…” You looked out of the window, noticing Gwen, the girl who’s survived, by the window of the house “now what?”

If someone had a plan of what to do it wasn’t needed as a cry for help erupted. Sharing a look of worry, the three of you sprang into action. You grabbed your handgun and sprinted after Dad and Uncle Dean.
Gwen’s screams of fright grew louder as you turned the corner, aiming your guns up. You and Uncle Dean took aim and fired in the direction of the growling. A yelp sounded, followed by the nearest window smashing. It must have legged it.

Everyone sat down, it wasn’t awkward necessarily…just a little strange. “Okay…what the hell is going on.” Gwen asked. She had every right to.
You looked between your Dad and Uncle, who spoke up “That was a hell hound.”
“A what?”
“It’s a giant dog hound thing from hell.” 
“I’m um…” She ran a hand through her hair “Guessing you guys aren’t cops.” You could tell she was aiming that one at you.
“No…”Dad shook his head “My name’s Sam, that’s my brother Dean and this is my daughter Y/N. We hunt monsters.”
“So wy did you tell me Marcus got killed by a bear?” Gwen interrogated.
“His idea.” You and Uncle Dean say at the same time, making you smile a little. “’Supposed to make you feel better.”

Dad rolled his eyes, he clearly still thought he was right. Then he adjusted his position to face Gwen, “Hellhounds will only come after people if they’ve sold their soul…have you-?”
“Would Marcus have?” You asked, trying to cover all the possibilities. 
“No! Never…”
“Are there any other reasons?” You asked, turning to look at your Dad. He shook his head, narrowing his eyes in thought. 
Gwen wasn’t lying as far as you could tell so you were lost for ideas. “Well we all know one person we could ask.” Uncle Dean said reluctantly.
You realised where he was going with this- Crowley. The King Of Hell.

He took out his phone and held it to his ear: “Yeah yeah look I get that you’re still upset….It was Gavin’s call…we’ve got a situation…hellhounds! Crowley, one of your mutts is going after people who haven’t made a deal…”
You watched them go back and forth, trying your best to fill in the gaps as you only heard Uncle Dean’s half of the conversation.

The King of Hell himself appeared, both him and your Uncle still with their phones in their hands. He hung up, taking in his surroundings briefly. “You miss me?”

“Not really.” You mumbled, making him frown.

After explaining your case he leant his head back before sighing. “This isn’t a Hellhound this is the Hellhound.”
“Which means?” Dad pressed, leaning forward in his chair.
“After God said let there be light he also made other creatures…inluding Hellhounds. They were too vicious however, so he planned to have them all put down. Until our favourite fallen Angel rescued one. A pregnant bitch names Ramsey.”
“And you can’t control her.” You deducted, noticing his face become slightly more stressed as he went.
“No one can, Mouse. Only Lucifer.” 
You raised an eyebrow at the nickname. Gwen looked shocked “As in the Lucifer?”
“Yeah, but he’s locked in a cage.” Uncle Dean explained briefly, no doubt creating more questions. “Oh…” She tilted her head “Good.”
“So,” Uncle Dean nodded “Why’s this Ramsey after Gwen?”

“You tell me.”

Everyone turned to look at Gwen who sunk in her chair, trying her best to think back with such pressure. “Uhm…Well…I did uh, hit it with an axe when it attacked us.”
You smirked a little, liking the idea of a Hellhound being hit round the face with an axe. 

“Well then. We kill Ramsey or she eats her.” Crowley nodded to Gwen “Fun.”

You shared a look with your Dad, both thinking the same thing no doubt. “We?”
“I have a reputation to keep, Moose. It’s no good people thinking I’m not in control. Besides, that bitches head on my wall would look rather fetching.” 

“Well Hellhounds are invisible…” Uncle Dean began to explain while he took out the correct equipment from the boot “Unless you wear a pair of these” he held up a pair of glasses “made with holy fire. Or unless you’ve sold your soul and one is coming after you.”

“Me and Crowley are gonna go see if we can catch up to this thing. You stay with Sam and you’ll be safe.”
“Okay.” Gwen nodded and got in to the shotgun seat.
“You staying, kiddo?” Uncle Dean asked.
“Yeah why not.” You shrugged, aware you didn’t have any glasses. But hey, what could possibly go wrong, right?

“Take care of her.” 
“Of course, Dean. Look, even if Ramsey manages to-”
“You’re talking about the car aren’t you?” You broke the conversation.
“Of course you are.” Dad shook his head.
“Just imagine she’s uh, a beautiful woman.”
“Oh God.”
“A beautiful, beautiful woman.”

“Shut up.” Uncle Dean was beginning to lose his temper at Crowley, who repeated what he said in a deep American accent: “Shut up.”
“I mean it.”
“I mean it.”

“Oi!” You scare the pair of them into silence “Shut it.”

“Yes, Mother.” Crowley joked.
“Do I look like a Scottish redhead to you?” You snapped, making him smirk slightly.
“Who knew you’d be hunting with us, huh Crowley?” Uncle Dean asked, enjoying how superior he felt.
“I’m maintaining my reputation.”
“You even saved Cas.” Uncle Dean pointed out.
“Only to stop the three of you moping about like old school girls.”

“Maybe we’ve rubbed off on you.” 

“Or perhaps I’ve rubbed off on you.”

“Hold on, this way.” Uncle Dean gestured for you to follow.

You held a torch up, becoming aware of your blade in your back pocket. Just in case you needed it. You follow on, watching the torch light expose the sawdust as it floated about innocently. The beam followed a trail of tracks and dried blood until falling upon a body. The corpse was a few days old, he had rivers of dried blood branching into streams as they traced his bones. His skin and clothes were ripped to shreds where the claws and teeth had attacked him.
You grimaced “So she dragged him back to her…” You tried to think of the right word “den?”
“Looks like it. But she’s not here now.”
“Maybe she’s gone for more…food? Do Hellhounds even eat…” You trailed off, glancing around as though it would help you decide what to do next.

Staring down in horror at his car, Uncle Dean threw his hands up in the air with frustration “This is why you don’t drive!”
You rolled your eyes.
“So…it’s over?” Gwen seemed uncertain. She’d been through a lot.
“Thank you.” She smiled. To everyone’s surprise and to Crowley’s disgust she hugged him tightly. You stifled a laugh at his face, watching him try not to squirm in her arms.

“Must be going.” Crowley cleared his throat when she let go.

“Crowley, wait a second!” Dad put his hand up, stopping Crowley in his tracks.
“Thank you.”

You follow your family down the steps of the Bunker, your backpack feeling more heavier now than it wasn’t before. Still, you didn’t say anything. Dean picked up his buzzing phone “Cas, what’s up?”
“I’ve got a lead on Kelly. She’s with Daegon, Prince Of Hell.”
“What do we know about him?”
“Actually it’s a her. And not much…only rumours and whispers.”
“Okay well let us know if you find anything.”
“Of course.”

You slid your backpack off your shoulders and put it on the floor, stretching slightly and sighing. Dad’s phone then went.
“Your computer talking to you again?” Uncle Dean chuckled. Smiling a little at the comment, you were more concerned about Dad’s expression.
“No it’s uh…Mick Davis.”
Immediately you looked up. Why would he be calling your Dad? Was it the same reason he called you? Was he just feeding lies to the pair of you?

“Listen, Dean…Y/N…I don’t have some computer programme feeding me cases. Every job for the last 2 weeks have all come from the British Men Of Letters.”

You didn’t know what to say. Is that why Mick had called you? Was he planning on telling you about this? Does this mean your Dad would be okay with everyone working together…would you be okay with that?

“Dean, I know you hate them and Y/N I know you’ve got a past with them-”

“No, Sammy. We hate them.”

“They’re saving people!”

“They killed your daughter!” Uncle Dean shouted, reminding you more than your Dad.

“Well…Mick said they had a very good reason…Y/N I knpw you find it hard to talk about but-”
“They did have a good reason. It just wasn’t their place to do it. So stop talking about it.” You warned, glaring at the pair of them. You didn’t care what they thought, you were too angry having to constantly be reminded about your sister, let alone your Mum.

“I shouldn’t have lied…I’m sorry.” Dad calmed down, his voice back to a more softer tone.
“Okay.” Uncle Dean nodded.
“Okay?” Dad echoed.
“Do I like it? No. Do I trust them? Hell no. But we work with people we don’t trust all the time. So I’ll bite, but the second something feels off. We bail.”
“Of course.” Dad nods.

Two heads turn to face you, both expecting you to provide some sort of input no doubt. You didn’t know how to feel. You were obviously upset that your own Father had lied to you…but hadn’t you lied to him? You weren’t sure whether or not to mention those voice mails…

You shrugged “Your call. I feel like Mary already knows more about them than I ever did so I’m not as useful as you probably think I am. Just well trained. They don’t tell you anything and yet they manage to teach you everything.”

“So you’re okay with this?” Your Dad asked, his eyebrows knitted together between his worried eyes.

“I guess I have to be.”
“Are you, though?” He pressed.

Dad’s phone went again, he reached into his pocket and looked down at the screen. “It’s Mick.”

Uncle Dean composed himself. He nodded slowly, still trying to come to terms with how his brother had been lying to him “Well?” He raised an eyebrow, glancing at you for a second “Aren’t you going to pick it up?”

Part 16: Wayward Daughters


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A/N: Sorry this took so long. Tbh this series is getting less and less likes with every post so I might just round it off to an end at some point if that’s what you guys want.

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Tricks and Confessions

Merlin x Reader

Warnings: none, just fluff
Word Count: 1891
A/N: Yeah, I’ve definitely written better some time, but still, I love Merlin, I love Colin Morgan, and here’s your story love! Finally!
Request: Can you do a Merlinx Reader where the reader works in the castle and is really shy, and she likes Merlin so she tries to avoid him, but it’s hard because he is always just trying to talk to her because he likes her? Thanks Love ya

Originally posted by merlinsprat

You grabbed the bucket of laundry tighter and quickened your step.
“(Y/n), wait!”

Quickly you turned around the next corner, trying to escape the boy the well-known voice belonged to, but he must have run, for he had reached you shortly after, a wide grin on his face. 
Smiling back weakly you looked up at him. “Hey, Merlin.” 

Oh god, you just wanted to get away. 

After all you needed to do the laundry, then clean up the guest chambers, and then… you needed to continue avoiding Merlin. 

You weren’t sure how obvious your crush on him was, but you knew the longer time you’d spent with him, the more nervous you’d get, the more hopes you’d make yourself, and you just couldn’t afford that right now.
He maybe was a servant, just like you, but he was Prince Arthur’s personal manservant. You were the kind of girl that was basically responsible for everything, that no-one else wanted to do.

You had probably seen more dirty latrines than anyone ever needed to see in a lifetime.

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Here’s my cover of Never Wanted to Dance ! I was gonna wait until I got a new amp but …. I really wanted to cover it :p

(But since my amp does fucking suck, listen to this with headphones if you can to hear the bass more, and try to ignore the obnoxious sound of my pick hitting the string, okay… ALSO it sounds like shit if ur listening to it on ur phone :/ )