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“Trust me, I know.”
🌲 Nuclear Family 🌌 7/18

They are so gosh dang cute it’s the giant dad takin care of his cbfl gal Gwen and his tiny son Max when they have nightmares


He was quiet for a moment, letting him bask in the weird blend of terror and happiness that’d leeched into his chest, the fluttery rush that felt like accepting his job as a Camp Campbell counselor, or graduating high school. That mix of “I never thought I’d be here” and “so what now?” — and goodness, he’d really never thought he’d be here.

On the floor of his girlfriend’s kitchen. The girlfriend he was in love with.

The girlfriend who scared the living heck out of him.

Maybe a little less than a year ago, I got a message from someone asking if I would beta their Gwenvid fic. I don’t usually do stuff like that, but I was also content-starved and thought “You know what? Why not.”

and it turned out to be /really/ good

Anyways, thanks for being so cool and encouraging and for letting me ramble about things fandom and otherwise, you’re amazing and talented and I’m so honored to be involved in anything you do

forestwater87, Happy Birthday, and I wish you many birthday wishes and an accomplished and blessed year, this year and for many more to come! ♥♥♥


“When I was auditioning… they would send me the log lines of the character and if it said beautiful or gorgeous or pretty even they would delete it before they sent it me, because I would immediately call them and go ‘I will not be cast, It’s not going to happen!’ Not to put myself down or anything but I just always wanted to be a comedian.” [x]

Halo everyone! It’s Dolph Houston! I’ll be answering ANY questions you might have for me! Currently vhe Ask Box is open but it will close at certain times but I’m REALLY excited for this opportunity! Hope to hear from some other campers! :) Good day to all - Dolph

Ask me about my characters and their kids!

I rarely see a lot of questions about our characters and their KIDS (more than one or two questions in the occasional meme) SO I made up a quick silly list of questions of my own! ^u^ Feel free to share, or add your own!

(Excuse any typos that remain - I really can’t see them no matter how many times I read through a thing, and I read this many times lmao.)

Ask me about my characters and their children! 8D

  1. How many children does your character have? How many would they ideally WANT?
  2. How did the children become a part of the family? Were they born into it? Adopted? Somehow else? Talk about the journey! :D
  3. What kind of a parent is the character? Does their own idea match that? Do they think they are a good parent? What are some of their insecurities as a parent? How about their partner?
  4. What are the meanings behind the children’s names, if they DO have meanings? Were they named after someone?
  5. What do the children call their parents?
  6. Talk about the children! What do they look like? What are their personalities like?
  7. The children’s first words?
  8. What are some of the character’s favorite memories from their kids’ childhoods?
  9. What are some of the character’s favorite things to do with their children?
  10. What about the CHILDREN’S favorite things to do with their parents? :D This isn’t necessarily the same thing!
  11. What’s playtime like? What kind of games does the character tend to play with the children? Are they GOOD at it? :D
  12. Does the character (or their partner, or BOTH) have some mutual hobbies or pastimes with the children that aren’t strictly playing? Like some crafts or sports that they share and have fun with?
  13. Does the character have any meaningful items they pass on to their children? Like an old toy, or a piece of jewelry, or some other family heirloom?
  14. What are some of the skills or things the character teaches to their children? Some family traditions, or particularly important life lessons? How about their partner?
  15. Is there a toy/book/game the character is almost as excited about as the child (or even MORE so than the child? :D)
  16. Sleep time! Talk about the sleeping arrangements and rituals of the family through the years!
  17. Talk about what happens when a child gets sick.
  18. Talk about a time when the children did or said something that was both hilarious and definitely embarrassing for the parents!
  19. Talk about a time the children scared their parents.
  20. Talk about a time the children made their parents very proud.
  21. Talk about a time when the children got into trouble!
  22. What kind of people do the children grow up to be? What do they do?
  23. Snapshot! Describe a scene or a full day from the family’s life. It could be anything from a normal daily routine, or some special day and what happened that day. ^u^
  24. Has having children changed the character? How?
  25. Wildcard! Share at least three of your favorite headcanons about the character and their children!
Looking for Torchwood Blogs

Hey, if there are any Torchwood related blogs out there or even doctor who blogs that sometimes post Torchwood stuff, please reblog this so that I can follow you. I really love the show, but idk if the fandom is active anymore…? I desperately need to find some people that still appreciate Torchwood in 2017.