(( This is based on something that actually happened to me at the store today with a group of kids. The girl actually stopped in front of me and looked at me with that same look and I felt like a monster. I could hear her and her siblings loudly whispering similar comments to each other and I could feel their eyes on me until they left. The fact that I had make up on today didn’t help me either… I was just mad that they treated me like some kind of object and that they had to debate my gender for me. I know I’m a guy. Fuck off, you little shits. I hate kids. I hadn’t made anything sad with Ollie yet and I just kinda thought about him in my situation since he is also pre-T and a bit androgynous like me. Sorry if this was a bummer. I just felt like shit tonight… ))

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What would you say are best and worst parts of being a bass player ?

There’s lots of little things that suck depending on what kind of music you’re actually playing, but the overall thing that almost every bassist has to hearis stuff like “Bass isn’t important”, “You’re only a bass player because you’re not talented”, etc. Which is fucked up, because bass can be very important! Sometimes being a bass player can suck because my hands are way too fucking small and sometimes songs are way too fucking hard because of it. But sometimes songs are really fucking simple since I do only have to focus on playing one thing at a time, so it’s easier to jump around! Idk … there’s lots of lil things…. BUT! I love playing bass so much :-)

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“I’m not racist, I’d love this character even if they weren’t white”












Merlin Re-Watch: S1EP1 “The Dragon’s Call” 

“There must be another Arthur, because this one’s an idiot.” “Perhaps it is your destiny to change that.”