The Tyrells were never kings, though royal blood flows in their veins (as in half a hundred of the other great houses in the Reach). Ser Alester Tyrell, the founder of the line, was an Andal adventurer who became the champion and sworn shield to King Gwayne V Gardener, one of the Three Sage Kings. His eldest son became a notable knight as well, only to die in a tourney. His second son, Gareth, was of a more bookish bent and never achieved knighthood, choosing to serve as a royal steward instead. It is from him that today’s Tyrells descend. (insp.)

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So how do you feel about Daemon Blackfyre?

Seems like a decent person on the whole; I was quite moved by his chivalric gesture towards Gwayne Corbray during the Battle of the Redgrass Field, despite especially because it ended up getting him killed. This is one case where the “good man led astray by evil counselors” argument, which is so often a fig leaf used by people who don’t want to directly criticize the man with the crown, seems to actually have been true. Bittersteel and (to a lesser extent) Fireball were the ones actually driving the revolution. Daemon wasn’t an idiot, certainly, but I think he got duped. 


Game of Thrones: Season 4. History & Lore.

The Kingsguard - Read by Jaime Lannister

❛  There you are. Come on in.  ❜  Attention is only given to her for a moment, soon returning to the map he had laid out over his desk. Eyes scan over the geography of the region, pondering over the expansion that was about to come, admiring how far his rule would reach. What a delicious thought it was  ––––  all he needed was to bet on the right horse.  ❛  It’s been done. I’ve offered your hand and it’s been accepted.  ❜  Loren announces, still paying more care to the drawings before him than the woman herself. At last, he draws in a breath and stands to his full height, now eyeing his sister.  ❛  You are betrothed to Gwayne Gardener. He shall be ready to welcome you in the Reach within a week’s time.  ❜


House Words Wednesdays: House Hollard

Welcome to House Words Wednesdays! Each week, I take a House without known canon or semi-canon words and present what I think could make sense as that House’s motto. You’re free to suggest more as well, if your favored House has not yet been suggested; take a look at this link to see what has already been suggested, and shoot me an ask through Tumblr if you have another House you’d like to see done. 

House Hollard is an extinct noble House of the Crownlands, sworn bannermen and leal allies of the Darklyns of Duskendale. The Hollards had long been close to the Darklyns in their histories, with three Darklyn kings taking Hollard maids to wife - presumably why the Hollard sigil features three golden crowns (if so, a curious similarity to the Darklyn sigil, with both Houses updating their banners to reflect honors bestowed on individual family members). Indeed, the last Hollards continued that Darklyn closeness: Ser Jon Hollard, steward of Duskendale, married Lord Denys Darklyn’s sister; young Robin Hollard trained as a squire with the Darklyns; and Ser Symon Hollard served as master-at-arms at the Dun Fort.

Unfortunately, that closeness also demanded that when the Darklyns kidnapped the king and held him for ransom, their faithful Hollard vassals would participate in the scheme. Symon Hollard slew Ser Gwayne Gaunt of the Kingsguard, who had accompanied the king’s small party, while Robin Hollard allegedly danced around Aerys and pulled the king’s beard during his confinement. Thus, when the king was spirited to safety by Ser Barristan Selmy, the already paranoid Aerys was in no mood to spare House Hollard any more than he was going to spare House Darklyn. The family castle was torn down, the lands were distributed to others, and every member of the family was executed - save young Dontos Hollard, whom Barristan begged to have spared and whom Aerys pardoned as a boon to his rescuer. Ser Dontos, of course, marked the sad total end of House Hollard: an alcoholic fool and pawn of Littlefinger’s, selling Sansa for the promise of a rich reward only to be murdered, his body dumped without ceremony into Blackwater Bay.

When thinking about Hollard words, I really wanted to emphasize that closeness to the Darklyns, the bond which brought them to heights of glory as royal consorts and to ignominious extinction after the Defiance. So I made the Hollard words Once Joined, Never Sundered. Because the Hollards took such pride in their three royal Darklyn marriages, I decided I wanted words that sounded marital in tone (a variant on the biblical “What God has joined, no human being must separate”). These words also reflect the dedication House Hollard felt toward its Darklyn overlords: no matter how fatal the scheme, how openly treasonous and dangerous the idea of kidnapping the king and holding him for ransom, the Hollards would duly assist the Darklyns, because their bond could not be sundered. For Dontos, of course, that motto became a sadly ironic statement - mute to the loyalty which had marked his ill-fated ancestors, Dontos proved more than willing to sell “his Jonquil” to Littlefinger.

Let me know what you think of these Hollard words. Next week stays in the Crownlands, to a family whose only known member truly rivals Dontos in pure incompetence. 

Today the events of the tournament began with the archery competition. Gwayne Gardener, Loren Lannister, Brandon Mormont, Darden Tarth, Adrian Allyrion, Torrhen Karstark, Tytos Lannister, and Garlan Gardener all took part in the contest.

The rules were as followed:

  • Each Archer will loose 6 arrows (known as 1 “end”) per round for a maximum of 30 points.
  • White = 1 point
  • Black = 2 points
  • Blue = 3 points
  • Red = 4 points
  • Yellow = 5 points
  • If an arrow touches the line between two different colors it will be counted as the higher color. If an arrow bounces out it will be counted as 1 point unless the color it hit can be proven and agreed on.
  • The Archery Contest is a single elimination style tournament. Generally, two-four archers from each line advance to the next round, the rest are out.
  • The number of archers on a line and the number of lines in a round are based on the amount of archers and the size of the range. The archers of each line will loose 1 end (6 arrows) at the Range Masters command.
  • When the Archer is finished, he will step back away from the line. When all archers of the line are finished, the Range Master will give the command to “Lay down your bows!” and count your scores.

Round 1: Four archers are eliminated in this round. Darden Tarth (11 points), Loren Lannister (16 points), Brandon Mormont (9 points), Garlan Gardener (n/a but would have been 19)Tytos Lannister, Gwayne Gardener, Adrian Allyrion, and Torrhen Karstark move on to round 2.

Round 2: Two archers are eliminated in this round. Gwayne Gardener (20 points), Tytos Lannister (22 points) Adrian Allyrion and Torrhen Karstark move on to round 3.

Round 3: One archer is eliminated and the winner is chosen. Adrian Allyrion (27 points)

TORRHEN KARSTARK IS CHAMPION WITH 28 POINTS: Lord Karstark will return to the north with the prize of 10,000 gold coins and 1 store of grain.

  • PLOTPOINTS: While competition itself remained fairly friendly, there were a few notable incidents that occurred. In round one Garlan Gardener had to be dismissed from the competition due to injury. A loose arrow lodged into his arm preventing the King of the Reach from moving on. Had he not been injured he would have moved onto the next round with 19 points and not his uncle Gwayne with 18 points. No one was sure of the source of the arrow. Witnesses say it appeared to come from someone outside the ring, though the guards could not track the shooter down. In round two Torrhen Karstark was asked by the official to stop making insults about Dorne and the Rock to various competitors. And in round three there was no notable moments other than the two competitors being one point apart.

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  • Name: Gwayne Gardener 
  • House: Gardener 
  • Marital status: Unmarried 
  • Age: Forty-two (42) 
  • Title: Prince of the Reach 
  • Sexual + Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual/Heteromantic 
  • Occupation / Vocation: Prince 
  • Birth Place: Highgarden, The Reach 
  • Current Residence: Highgarden 
  • Motto/Personal quote: Everyone sees what you appear to be, few experience what you really are.

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House Corbray Lords of Heart’s Home, sworn to Arryn

Corbray is a noble house from the Vale of Arryn, they blazon their arms with three black ravens in flight holding three red hearts, on white and have an ancestral Valyrian sword called Lady Forlorn. The Corbrays are an Old house with Andal roots, founded during the Andal invasion. Corwyn Corbray conquered the Fingers by defeating Houses Brightstone and Shell, claiming for himself the title of Lord of the Five Fingers. During the First Blackfyre Rebellion, Ser Gwayne Corbray of the Kingsguard was part of the loyalist forces that fought Daemon Blackfyre at the Battle of the Redgrass Field. They dueled for nearly an hour, their Valyrian swords Blackfyre and Lady Forlorn clashing loudly. At last, Blackfyre struck Gwayne’s helm and left him blind and bleeding. Daemon dismounted to tend to his foe and ordered Redtusk to carry Gwayne back to the maesters for healing, an action that afterwards some considered decisive, since it gave the Raven’s Teeth enough time to find a good position to fire the arrows that killed Daemon.

Lord Lyonel Corbray is the current Lord of Heart’s Home, as he is childless his younger brother Lyn Corbray is his heir. At the Battle of the Trident, Lyn’s father Lord Corbray was badly wounded. In the confusion Lyn took up the family’s Valyrian steel sword, Lady Forlorn, and distinguished himself by leading an assault on the Dornish lines. He personally finished off a wounded Lewyn Martell. Honoring Lyn’s achievements on the battlefield, his father bequeathed him Lady Forlorn upon his death. His elder brother Lyonel Corbray inherited the rest of the family estate and titles, but still resented the loss of the family blade. Lyn acompanies the Lords Declarant to the Eyrie.

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How do sworn shields work? Would Catelyn, for example, have normally had a sworn shield if she was in the South? Are sworn shields only for royalty? Would Margaery Tyrell have one, would Arianne Martell, I don't know, would Genna Lannister have one? Is there a line for how exalted you have to be to get one?

Thanks for the question, Anon.

A sworn shield is a warrior (probably largely knightly, though there may be some northern sworn shields who have not been knighted) assigned as a special bodyguard to an individual of noble birth (a little more on this below). That warrior pledges an oath vowing lasting protection to the individual, who then (either himself/herself or, in the case of children, probably the parents/guardian) returns an oath swearing the just terms of service, as Brienne did to Catelyn:

The tall girl knelt awkwardly, unsheathed Renly’s longsword, and laid it at her feet. “Then I am yours, my lady. Your liege man, or … whatever you would have me be. I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours, if need be. I swear it by the old gods and the new.”

“And I vow that you shall always have a place by my hearth and meat and mead at my table, and pledge to ask no service of you that might bring you into dishonor. I swear it by the old gods and the new. Arise.”

A sworn shield can be named to a person of any age, gender, or (theoretically) noble rank, but we’ve only seen sworn shields among the royalty and what we might call the “high nobility” (that is, paramount lords). A sworn shield, after all, is a sort of one-man Kingsguard, by the side of his (or her) charge, ready at any moment to defend and, if need be, die for him or her. The larger a household of knights a family has, the more likely it may be that one could be given that task, going wherever the charge goes and remaining with the charge if the household went to war. 

People that have had sworn shields include King Gwayne V Gardener:

Amongst those so honored was an Andal knight named Ser Alester Tyrell, whose prowess at arms was such that he was made the king’s champion and sworn shield under Gwayne V. Ser Alester’s descendants in time became the hereditary stewards of Highgarden under the Gardeners.

Aegon I Targaryen:

Even before the Conquest, [Orys Baratheon] served as Aegon’s champion and sworn shield, and his defeat of King Argilac only added further luster to his name.

Princess Rhaenyra (who had three over her lifetime):

Black-haired, green-eyed, and comely, he proved a delight to the ladies of the court—and to Princess Rhaenyra most of all. She took a childish fancy to him, naming him “my white knight” and begging her father to make him her sworn shield, which he did.

Ser Erryk Cargyll remained at Dragonstone as Rhaenyra’s sworn shield, taking the place of Ser Harwin Strong, who returned to Harrenhal.


“It’s not the same,” Sansa said. “The Hound is Joffrey’s sworn shield. Your butcher’s boy attacked the prince.”

It might be noted that Sandor was originally Cersei’s sworn shield:

Sansa hesitated. “If you like,” she said uncertainly. “I suppose I could tie Lady up.” She did not quite understand, though. “I didn’t know you had a dog …”

Joffrey laughed. “He’s my mother’s dog, in truth. She has set him to guard me, and so he does.”


“An honored guest,” Tyrion insisted, “and I suspect Martell will treat Myrcella more kindly than Joffrey has treated Sansa Stark. I had in mind to send Ser Arys Oakheart with her. With a knight of the Kingsguard as her sworn shield, no one is like to forget who or what she is.”


“I must confess, I am running short of patience with dear Osney. It is past time he broke in that little filly. I named him Tommen’s sworn shield so he could spend part of every day in Margaery’s company. He should have plucked the rose by now. Is the little queen blind to his charms?”

Trystane Martell:

Myrcella had her maids and Septa Eglantine as well, and Prince Trystane was attended by his sworn shield, Ser Gascoyne of the Greenblood. No one will trouble her, he told himself, and in a fortnight we shall be safely away.

And Arianne Martell:

A small party travels more swiftly than a large one, but the heir to Dorne does not ride alone. From Godsgrace came Ser Daemon Sand, the bastard; once Prince Oberyn’s squire, now Arianne’s sworn shield.

It seems to also be the case that an individual can have multiple sworn shields. Take this passage from “The Princess and the Queen”:

Lords Piper and Deddings, seated together atop a low rise, burned with their squires, servants, and sworn shields when the Bronze Fury chanced to take note of them. An instant later, Seasmoke fell upon him.

Or this one from A Dance with Dragons:

Queen Selyse’s protectors stood along the walls, shining knights all in a row: Ser Malegorn, Ser Benethon, Ser Narbert, Ser Patrek, Ser Dorden, Ser Brus. With so many bloodthirsty wildlings infesting Castle Black, Selyse kept her sworn shields about her night and day.

Quentyn also refers to Gerris Drinkwater and Archibald Yronwood as “his sworn shields” to Daenerys. 

As for when someone gets a sworn shield … well, perhaps this is an obvious point, but it seems from the above examples that most sworn shields are named when their charges need special protection. Catelyn ruefully tells Brienne that she, Brienne, must keep her safe since her ordinary protectors - the men of her House and her lord husband - cannot. Myrcella’s sworn shield was named when she was going to formerly hostile Dorne, Arianne’s when she was going to the war-torn Stormlands. Of course, Trystane has a sworn shield safe at home in Sunspear, though we don’t know when Ser Gascoyne was named. Depending on the person (and the indulgence of the parent/guardian figure), a sworn shield can be named for purely personal reasons: we see this with Rhaenyra, who wanted Criston Cole, and Tommen’s sworn shield Osney Kettleblack, whom Cersei wanted to use to compromise Margaery (and perhaps Joffrey, if he demanded Sandor as his guard).

As for someone like Margaery or Genna … maybe they would have at home. Margaery isn’t noted to have a sworn shield at court (doubtless because Loras is there - what better shield than her celebrated knightly brother and Kingsguard?). The Lannisters are certainly wealthy enough a household for Genna to have a dedicated sworn shield, though again, there’s no mention of it.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


Today marked the third and final event in the tournament— the joust. Gwayne Gardener, Loren Lannister, Brandon Mormont, Asher Dayne, Darden Tarth, Adrian Allyrion, Torrhen Karstark, Tytos Lannister, Garlan Gardener ( champion by Elric Oakhart ). The winner will have a chance to pick his Queen of love and beauty and a seat among the victors from the other two competitions in the final feast of the tournament.

The rules were as followed:

  • Starting off each of the competitors will draws straws to determine their place in standing.
  • Only blows to the shield to unseat the opponent will be permitted.
  • If neither riders are unable to unseat one another then the first to break his own lance on the shield of his opponent shall win the round.
  • If a rider is not unseat but sustains considerate injuries to himself or his horse then he may ride with a lowered lance in order to demonstrate his defeat.
  • Knighted or otherwise it is expected of all participants to in the most chivalrous of manners. It is forbidden to try and kill or permanently injure/maim another contestant. In addition, if a rider;’s lance makes contact with his opponent’s horse. Any evidence of such actions will result in that contestant being disqualified from the event. 
  • If there is an uneven amount of riders than a random name will be drawn to opt out of the round and automatically move on. 

The riders faced off as followed:

ROUND 1: (Due to the uneven number of riders a random name was drawn to automatically move on. The name drawn was Darden Tarth)

  • Brandon Mormont v. Adrian Allyrion–>Adrian Allyrion
  • Torrhen Karstark v. Elric Oakhart(Garlan Gardener)–>Elric Oakhart(Garlan Gardener)
  • Gwayne Gardener v. Asher Dayne–>Gwayne Gardener 
  • Tytos Lannister v. Loren Lannister–>Loren Lannister 

ROUND 2: (There was an odd amount of riders once again and Gwayne Gardener was drawn)

  • Elric Oakhart(Garlan Gardener) v. Adrian Allyrion–>Elric Oakhart(Garlan Gardener)
  • Loren Lannister v. Darden Tarth–>Darden Tarth

ROUND 3: (There was an odd number and Elric Oakhart was drawn)

  • Darden Tarth v. Gwayne Gardener–>Darden Tarth 

ROUND 4: (The final round, there was an even amount of people so no name was drawn)

  • Elric Oakhart v. Darden Tarth–Elric Oakheart (Garlan Gardener)

GARLAN GARDENER IS CHAMPION THROUGH HIS RIDER ELRIC OAKHART AND THE LAST MAN STANDING–King Gardener will return to the reach with 6 stores of grain and 20,000 gold coins. 

  • DARDEN TARTH is the runner up and will return to the Stormlands with 10,000 gold coins.
  • KING GARLAN GARDENER crowns his wife QUEEN MYRANDA GARDENER as his queen of love and beauty

PLOTPOINTS: - The long anticipated jousting event finally took place. Due to an uneven number of competitors Darden Tarth was randomly selected to opt out of the first round of the competition leaving some bitter comments from the competition. In round one Tytos Lannister suffered an injury after falling from his horse. Though the prince was able to walk it off he did suffer some bruising on his ribs from the lance, as well as a sprained wrist. We presume there may be some family drama seeing as Tytos was against his older brother Loren. Tytos’ sisters looked uncomfortable after the situation and many sneers from the crowd. Another notable injury in round one was Torrhen Karstark. Lord Karstark fell from his horse after hit with Elric Oakhart’s lance and then his horse trampled him. The lord broke several ribs from the lance and horse as well as suffering a black eye and concussion. He had to be carried from the pitch due to falling unconscious shortly after. He is now awake and insulting the physician in the infirmary as we speak. Gilliane Bolton was also escorted from the event by her brother after falling into hysterics after the fall of Lord Karstark. Asher Dayne and Brandon Mormont suffered no injuries after their falls. Though Lord Mormont complained of his injured shoulder and was examined by physicians. In round 2, Gwayne Gardener was opted out. Adrian Allyrion did not suffer any injuries after falling from his horse, and neither did Loren Lannister. The pitch was noticeably more on edge after the events of round 1. In round 3 Elric Oakhart was opted out. Gwayne Gardener did suffer an injury after falling from his horse. After landing on his leg wrong and bruised ribs from contact with the lance, he was examined by a physician who just claimed the leg was badly bruised. In round 4 Darden Tarth did not suffer any injuries once he fell from his horse. Garlan Gardener was especially ecstatic from the stands and joined his champion in the ring shortly after. The king crowned his wife, Mryanda Gardener his queen of love and beauty. The Lannisters looked particularly disgusted and exited before the queen was crowned. The Karstarks, Boltons, and Greyjoys also exited the ring shortly after the injury of Lord Karstark. Gwayne Gardener was not present either due to being with physicians at the time of the ceremony. As the tourney comes to a close the Reach, North, Stormlands and Rock all take home grain and gold for their kingdoms. 

A seat was put out for Torrhen Karstark, Tytos Lannister and Garlan Gardener to sit with the Prince of Dorne though of the three Torrhen Karstark did not attend due to the injuries he sustained at the jousting competition. It was early in the evening, after the first toast was raised in name of the victors that The Prince of Dorne, Mors Martell announced the joining of House Martell and House Bolton in the betrothal of Lord of The Dreadfort, ROGER BOLTON and Crown Princess MARIAH MARTELL as well as his own impending marriage with GILLIANE BOLTON.

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his talent for lurking through shadows was quite extraordinary; always finding the ways which his presence would be hidden from eyes it was not meant for. back home, in highgarden, various were the reasons for this habit. in casterly rock, there was only one: and he’d finally caught her alone. gwayne appears from behind a pillar, mischievous smirk on his lips and sultry voice leaving his tongue as he approaches the woman from behind her shoulder. “i’ve been looking for you.” 


Turf War - Chapter Two

A/N): Here we go! Here’s the second chapter to Turf Wars! Reblog, Like, Request, And Enjoy!! Word count: 1079

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Previously On Turf War:

He eyed you as you made your way to the dance floor. Your (h/c)  hair, curled and pinned up. The way your dress hugged your curves and thighs. He growled and called for Frost.

“Yes, sir?“

“Bring her to me. Now.”


The cutest kittens are always adopted first~” he spoke into your ear, rubbing your hips and inner thighs. You arched your back and bit your bottom lip.

                “Then adopt me, daddy~”


J closed the door behind you after you sat in his purple luxury car. The seats clad in white leather with gold trim and design. He sat beside you and closed the door before zooming down the street. You smirked as he nearly broke the speedometer. The city went by like a blur. Your phone vibrated quietly, Jordan questioning your position. You glanced at the green haired sexiness to your right before quickly typing back. Headed to the house…Might get laid.

You put your phone away and rubbed J’s inner thigh to get his attention, causing a purr to come from him.

“Kitten can’t wait ‘til we get home?~.” A rather sexy growl came from him, and he turned the corner into a raggedy parking garage attached to a rundown building. You glanced at J as he turned the car off.

“Welcome home kitten~” He grinned and carried you out the car. Again, a wet warmth gathered between your legs. He’s getting to me… This isn’t good… Your head swirled with everything that could ever go wrong with being with J. But something stood out to you more than anything. You wouldn’t have to fend for yourself anymore. Other than Gwayne and the other members, you originally had no one.

The slam of a door caught your attention. Your eyes focused on the white marble floors and golden chandeliers. Just like at the club. Pearly white counter tops adorned the kitchen as he walked from what seemed like a back door. J let you down on your feet but grabbed your wrist so you couldn’t get away from him.

He led you to his master bedroom and closed the door. Before you could blink, he had you up against the door with your legs around his waist and his lips trailing up your neck.

“So beautiful~” He bit and licked up the side of your neck. Moaning quietly, you pressed your hips up against his. Three loud knocks resonated from the thick oak door and J growled.

“What?!” J carried and dropped you on the bed before viciously swinging the door open. On the other side, stood Frost; unfazed with his boss’s rage.

“You told me to remind you to arrive on time to that meeting in 30 minutes.” And with that, he turned on his heel before walking away. J only growled and slammed the door, grumbling about not wanting to go and his dick being hard. You giggled a bit, hearing his grumbling, catching his attention. He raised a naked eyebrow and grinned.

“What’s funny kitten?” You laughed more and looked away from him.

“N-Nothing.” In a flash, he was hovering over you. He gripped your chin and made you look at him before he kissed you roughly, silencing your giggles. Your eyes fluttered close, and you wrap your arms around his neck. Pulling him closer, you deepened the kiss as he purred. J broke the kiss and trailed love bites from your neck into your cleavage. He grinned at his work and pecked your lips.

“Now be a good little girl and stay put. I have business to handle.” you gave a small nod before he turned and left the room, closing the door.

A few minutes had passed before you figured the coast was clear. You dived across the bed to grab your clutch purse that had got tossed on the floor. Finding your phone, you dialed Gwayne’s number and waited for him to pick up.

“Hey beautiful, you alright?” Gwayne’s thick Australian accent filled your ears. “He didn’t hurt you did he?” A chuckle slipped passed your lips as you shook your head.

“No, but I’m in.” You heard him clear his throat as he acknowledged you.

“Alright. Sit pretty. This will take more than a while. Keep watch; anything suspicious, let me know.” You replied with a quick ‘no problem’ and hung up the phone. Before you could fully take the phone away from your face, a knock sounded on the door.

“Ma’am?” A familiar voice came from behind the door. You skipped across the room and opened the door.

“Yes?” you tilted your head, looking up at the relatively large male before you.

“Boss would like to see you.” Nodding, you followed frost to J’s office. You shooed the man away before slowly opening to door to the clown’s office. With a grin, you sauntered into the room and took a seat on his lap; interrupting the man he was speaking to.

“Yes daddy?” you purred and caressed his cheeks. He responded with a purr and rubbed your hips.

“Just sit and listen, baby, he was talking.” J gave his signature grin and motioned towards the male across from him. “You were saying?” the guy cleared his throat and straightened his jacket before continuing to discuss the heist.
When he finished explaining, j nodded and thought everything over.

“Thanks, Georgie.” He whipped out his gun and shot George, square in the head. You jumped a bit, not expecting j to kill the guy.

“Aww, kitten, never seen anyone get shot before?” He laughed, making fun of the fact you flinched.
You rolled your eyes and sucked your teeth. “As a matter of fact, I’ve shot plenty of people myself.” J’s bare eyebrows flew up in surprise.

“Oh really? So how about we having a shooting contest? Whoever kills the most people tomorrow, wins.” Considering taking on his offer, and totally disregarding the dead man across the room, you spoke.

“Wins what?” you cut your eyes at the green haired man.

The dominance.” He smirked, know that there was a large bet in the air.

“Deal.” You put your hand out and shook his, making a deal with the devil.

                  “Let the games begin.”

The event has officially started! Please pause all current threads since your characters are in Dorne. You can fully return to them once the event has ended. Feel free to start new plots and threads for the tournament. The event will last until 6:00 am CST on October 6th. Feel free to tag your posts sunder:event1. If you have any questions at all please contact the admin team. Posted below are everyone competing in the events, and look out for updates on winners and plot drops/events as the tournament goes on. Thank you, and enjoy! 

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massivedinosaurnut  asked:

I love "A Feast For Crows", it's my favorite book of the saga so far. Nearly every chapter is compelling and only Arya's chapters are a bit off, to me. But there are still passages which meaning I haven't been able to seize, yet. Like, when Jaime talks to Loras about the White Book and teases him with some (in)famous names of former Kingsguards. What's Jaime's point, here ? What is he trying to make Loras understand ?


Jaime had to smile. “There’s none of that here, ser, but the histories will open your eyes. You would do well to know about the lives of those who went before.”

“I do. Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, Ser Ryam Redwyne, the Greatheart, Barristan the Bold…”

“…Gwayne Corbray, Alyn Connington, the Demon of Darry, aye. You will have heard of Lucamore Strong as well.”

“Ser Lucamore the Lusty?” Ser Loras seemed amused. “Three wives and thirty children, was it?

They cut his cock off. Shall I sing the song for you, my lord?”

“And Ser Terrence Toyne?”

“Bedded the king’s mistress and died screaming. The lesson is, men who wear white breeches need to keep them tightly laced.”

“Gyles Greycloak? Orivel the Open-Handed?”

“Gyles was a traitor, Orivel a coward. Men who shamed the white cloak. What is my lord suggesting?”

“Little and less. Don’t take offense where none was meant, ser. How about Long Tom Costayne?”

Ser Loras shook his head.

“He was a Kingsguard knight for sixty years.”

“When was that? I’ve never—”

“Ser Donnel of Duskendale, then?”

“I may have heard the name, but—”

“Addison Hill? The White Owl, Michael Mertyns? Jeffory Norcross? They called him Neveryield. Red Robert Flowers? What can you tell me of them?”

“Flowers is a bastard name. So is Hill.”

“Yet both men rose to command the Kingsguard. Their tales are in the book. Rolland Darklyn is in here too. The youngest man ever to serve in the Kingsguard, until me. He was given his cloak on a battlefield and died within an hour of donning it.”

“He can’t have been very good.”

“Good enough. He died, but his king lived. A lot of brave men have worn the white cloak. Most have been forgotten.”

“Most deserve to be forgotten. The heroes will always be remembered. The best.”

“The best and the worst.” So one of us is like to live in song. “And a few who were a bit of both. Like him.” He tapped the page he had been reading.

“Who?” Ser Loras craned his head around to see. “Ten black pellets on a scarlet field. I do not know those arms.”

“They belonged to Criston Cole, who served the first Viserys and the second Aegon.” Jaime closed the White Book. “They called him Kingmaker.”

I think Jaime is trying to tell Loras that legacy is a tricky thing, and you can’t always predict how you’ll be remembered; thus, the debates still raging about Criston Cole’s motivations, in-universe and IRL. It’s no accident that Jaime ends on the dude whose nickname probably inspired his own; Jaime’s really talking about his own legacy here, as he is with Balon Swann in ASOS.

But AFFC specifically is obsessed with legacy, with what’s left of you. Tywin is the dominant example, given how large his shadow looms throughout over not only Cersei and Jaime, but also Genna, the Martells, and the post-Red Wedding Riverlords. (Tyrion gets a Tywin-echo-chamber to himself in ADWD). But other plots have their own deaths hanging over them: Balon, Oberyn, Lysa…except the other ingredient giving AFFC its distinct entropic flavor is the bitter satire by which it demonstrates how those deaths are in fact negated, disrespected, and ultimately swallowed up by other interests and pre-existing narratives. A Feast for Crows, indeed. 

You could get dizzy trying to find the original sin here, and that’s where Arya’s AFFC chapters come in; her introduction to the Faceless Men functions as a meta-narrative about death, hovering above the rest of the novel, trying to synthesize a theme. The HOB&W is a self-aware story-oasis, where Arya (along with the reader) tries to come to terms with death and her desire to cause it by dealing with death as an ideology rather than, as it is in all the above cases, a breakdown of ideology. For the FM, death is form and meaning, not chaos and entropy. (I think they’re wrong—“Men’s lives have meaning, not their deaths”—but again the worldview stands out fascinatingly in the context of AFFC.)

The Many-Faced God, then, is a literalization of how the book’s central themes—death and failing to get your shit together—cross boundaries between storylines. Only the FM see the big picture: whatever the details, the same ghost is haunting all our characters. So Arya’s in the source code of AFFC, like Bran is in ADWD’s. Her chapters are supposed to feel separate IMO, because they’re a commentary on all the rest: death is death no matter what face it wears when it comes to your neighborhood, and what’s telling (and worth comparing, as GRRM does throughout AFFC) is how you react, your choices.  

But as I’ve said before, Jaime has already become a character in history books, a figure of powerful myth, not only as the Kingslayer, but as Lancel’s own Arthur Dayne.

“I only wanted…” Lancel shuddered. “Seven save me, but I wanted to be you.”

That’s the weight of legacy given a much more vivid and visceral form than shields in a book: a man who destroyed himself trying to make real the image you presented to the world to hide your pain from when you destroyed yourself trying to make an image real…

The Cold Is Sweet || Jon Snow

NOTES: Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, and he has taken the iron throne with his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen.

There was nothing more that he missed like the cold winds of the North. He enjoyed the warmth of Kings Landing, of course, but it was nothing compared to the soothing cold of the North. So when his aunt gave him the order to visit Sansa Stark, he immediately assembled a group of men to accompany him. Lord Commander Samwell Tarly, one of his very good friends since his days at the Wall, followed him, just like he wanted. 

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