gwangbok store

shinee - upcoming events / schedule (ongoing)
  • may 22nd: ask in a box (release) / music bank (comeback stage)
  • may 23rd: music core (comeback stage) / 2015 dream concert (recording) / guerilla date (airing)
  • may 24th: inkigayo (comeback stage) / anniversary party
  • may 25th: shinee's seventh anniversary / gwangbok lotte department store fansign (onjongtae) / dagu lotte department store fansign (onjongtae) / abnormal summit (airing - onho)
  • may 26th: odd (version b) - physical release / galleria department store fansign (onjongtae) / pyeongchon lotte department store fansign (onjongtae)
  • may 27th: show champion (comeback stage)
  • may 28th: m!countdown / play that challenge! talk concert
  • may 29th: music bank
  • may 30th: music core / snl korea (live)
  • may 31st: inkigayo
  • june 3rd: show champion
  • blue night (with jonghyun) is broadcasted nightly, whether live or prerecorded (fridays, saturdays and sundays are usually prerecorded) from midnight to 2am kst. the show is held at the garden studio every wednesday unless otherwise specified.
  • key can be seen mcing on "m!countdown" (unless otherwise specified) every thursday at 6pm kst.
  • minho can be seen mcing on "music core" (unless otherwise specified) every saturday at 4pm kst.
  • * schedule will be reblogged and added on to when new events pop up. you can also find a frequently updated schedule page on fyjjong!

gwangbok lotte department store fansign - 150525

fan: oppa! during “base” (promos) you used hand cream. did you use hand cream today too?
jonghyun: no!
fan: so, you will not handshake with me?
jonghyun: no~. (he then let her take his hand / held her hand.)

jonghyun said that he’s thought of coming back to busan for summer / if he has a vacation (sometime soon). he told the fans “let’s meet at haeeundae beach.

fan: this is me playing a shinee song on (the) piano.
jonghyun: oh, really? looks like piano is your major!
fan: no, i’m an engeneering student.
jonghyun: (pauses) aren’t you the one who post a video / posts videos (of yourself) playing songs on youtube?
fan: yes?! (s/n: the fan was reynah, who’s well known for covering songs by shinee (and multiple other groups) on youtube. you can listen to some of her covers here!) (source: haejinki)

gwangbok lotte department store fansign - 150525

fan: oppa, did you sing in the background during minho’s rap part, “it’s mysterious, your eyes, your pupils”, on “odd eye?”?
jonghyun: the three of us sang it.
fan: three? with onew oppa?
jonghyun: (after his eyes grew bigger) everyone else sang it except key. (source: bysagyehan via mytaem6v6)