gwang su

Bang Si-Hyuk PD-nim who seems to get closer to us everyday.

Vice president Yu-Jung, managing director Shin-Gyu, and managing director Seok-Jun being our big support.

Hon-Minie hyung, team leader Ho-Beom, Se-Jinie hyung, Deok-Hwanie hyung, and Jung-Ilie hyung being with us and being our support.

Pdogg PD-nim, Do-Hyungie hyung and Supreme Boi hyung always makes good music for us.

Teacher Sung-Deuk makes the best choreography and Song-Hyunie hyung, Hyun-Ju noona always works hard, Son-Kyung noona, Big Hit’s mother Eun-Jung noona, axolotl2 Su-Rin noona, and flower Ha-Yan noona who can speak 4 languages.

Son-Jung noona who raised us, Busan’s girl Mi-Jung noona, Na-Ri noona who seems to ignore (us) but looks after us, and Seul-Lee noona always takes care of us.

And we will work together and get closer in the future, Hyun-Ji noona, Seul-Hee noona, Na-Yeob noona and Yeon-Hee noona.

Ju-Yeongie hyung, Chang-Wonie hyung and Bo-Seongie hyung works hard until late at night.

Management Support Team’s team leader Hyuk-Gi, general manager Jae-Hoon, Eun-Jung noona, Eun-Sangie hyung and managing director Lee Hyuk are always busy.

Ha-Cheong noona, Hye-Su noona, and Jae-Won noona must have been really tired, but they showed no tiredness and always worked hard.

Our one and only SoonSoo family members, chief Gang-Mi, chief Sang-Min, chief Geon Hyeong, team leader Eun-Hee, Bo-Hwa noona, Eun-Hwa noona, Ye-Ji noona, Ju-Yeon noona, Hyun-Ju noona, and every SoonSoo family members. 

Recently, BrotherSu hyung is really working hard helping me with composing songs.

My one and only family members, mother, father, older brother, Cloudie, Myung-Junie, Ja-Minie, Sung-Yu, Guk-Binie, Seo-Hyunie, uncle Gyeong Tae, uncle Jung-Eonie, big aunt Mi-Sukie (father’s younger brother’s wife), small aunt Mi-Sukie, uncle Gwang-Su, uncle Jung-Su, (maternal) grandmother and (paternal) grandmother.

My beloved members

Rap Mon hyung, Jin hyung, Suga hyung, Hobi hyung, Jiminie hyung and V hyung.

Lastly, the existence like BTS’ air, ARMYs.

I always feel sorry and grateful.

I love you.