gwaine will always be merlin's knight

Being Arthur Pendragon’s younger sister would involve...

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Arthur defending you when Uther is angry at you

Being best friends with all the knights, especially Mordred because you’re about the same age

As a result, Arthur is very protective of you

As a result of that, Gwaine makes it his duty to flirt with you every day

Arthur almost fainted when you flirted back

You bribe Sir Leon to teach you to fight without telling Arthur

Merlin and Gwen are your best friends, and you always tease Gwen about her love for your brother

Morgana tries to use you against Arthur, because he cares for you so much

Whenever being a princess is too much for you, you seek out Merlin’s company and spend the day exploring

You know he has magic, and promise to keep it a secret

Because of this, you always try to steer your brother towards legalising the use of magic

You tell the knights and Merlin embarrassing stories about Arthur, making them swear to tease him about them

And also to never tell him they heard the stories from you

He knows anyway

You’re the only person who gets away with sassing him

You and Arthur argue and mock each other a lot, but you would both kill for each other if the situation arose

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Hi! I just discovered your blog through one of your GORGEOUS AMAZING Merlin recolorings, and now I'm a bit addicted, because everything you make is GLORIOUS and you're really freaking talented. I especially love your Merlin Prince of Essetir graphics, so besides for coming to tell you how talented you are, I was also wondering if anyone has made a fic for it? Because I would love to read/write that. Keep up the AMAZING PHENOMENAL WORK!!! =D

Thank you! I’m turning all red now. OH My Prince Merlin of Essetir AU. I’m not aware of anyone writing anything from it. I’ve had people ask but never really heard anything else. It’s probably because the whole AU is really fractured. But it’s all mixed up and confusing. (It’s why I’m not a freaking writer). I really need to reorder the tags so people can tell what AU is what. Sorry I never get to blab about my AU.

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favorite quotes > knights of camelot - part 2

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Prompt: “You’re my other half.”

Character: Gwaine

Warning: N/A

It was one of those evenings (Well actually early morning) where you knew Gwaine would be in the tavern, not that he was always there, but sometimes he just was and when you combined Gwaine, ale, and his friends you usually got a near comatose knight who could hardly speak and struggled to walk…hence why you were searching for him in the early hours of the morning. 

You found him almost deliriously happy as drunks go leaning heavily against a table surrounded by the other nights…all of which looked equally as hammered as your betrothed…but then again, since when was anyone not completely smashed in a tavern at dark hours of day? 

“Y/N! ‘ave a drunk!” The moment his eyes landed on you his grin appeared to grow wider, his words slurred as he lifted an empty tankard the wrong way up as if to offer you a drink and it was in all honestly an amusing sight even to your tired eyes.

“How many has he had?” Your question was posed to the posse of men surrounding him, all of which cheered loudly, or blinked, and a few of which snored and drooled onto the table in front of them. 

“Obviously too many…Gwaine, come along, we’re going home” 

You watched him blink at you as if he couldn’t quite comprehend the concept of leaving, although the state he was in it might have been simply that he couldn’t understand the string of words you’d put together. 


“You. Me. Home. Sleep.” You gestured to the door as you spoke, and a form of understanding began to shine through the haze of drunkenness in his eyes. You watched as he stumbled to his feet before coming to you and you let him lean heavily against you, his feet dragging across the ground. 

You guided the much larger man out of the tavern and struggled to aid him in walking down the street, you passed no one, anyone who had any sense was asleep in their bed rather than trailing through the streets. 

At some point you managed to get him to his place of residence in the castle…after trying and somehow succeeding in getting him up various sets of stairs. You were practically dragging him towards his bed by this point and all but threw him on his bed, where he collapsed in a heap of drunken knight. 

You were adjusting him and taking his boots of in an attempt to make sure he didn’t wake up too uncomfortable when he finally spoke, having been quiet the whole walk home, “Why ‘id you…come get me…?”

You looked at his half open eyes, and thought on that for a moment in the silence of his room.

“…You’re my other half which means that I drag you back to your bed in the early hours of the morning when you’ve had one too many to drink…even if you’re an insufferable drunk.” By the time you finished speaking he was asleep, snoring rather heavily with an open mouth, you shook your head lightly, making sure he was tucked in properly before making your way to your own home, knowing that he’d be a pitiful sight in the morning once the ale wore off. 

And knowing that he’d probably not remember those words…even if you wanted him to.


You’d lived in Camelot your whole life. Working in the castle meant that you knew a lot of the knights that passed through; for a lot of them they seemed to disappear, and you were always a little disheartened. But Leon was the first one of them to stick around, and you grew close to him. Through him you met the other knights who would soon become part of the Round Table, and you were always happy to spend time with them.

‘Gwaine, do you literally flirt with anything with a pulse?’ you asked, frowning as he wandered towards the table, looking a little disheartened by refused advances.

‘He did try flirting with the horse the other day,’ Percival told you, causing you and the other knights to scoff – Leon almost spilling his drink over himself.

‘I’d had a lot to drink!’ whined Gwaine, but the was a smirk on his face.

‘When haven’t you?’ asked Elyan darkly, but there was a small glint of amusement behind his eyes.

‘Anyway,’ said Lancelot, taking the seat beside you, ‘what did you have planned for today?’

‘Oh, you know, generally entertaining myself,’ you said, shrugging slightly.

‘You’re not gonna cause too much trouble, are you?’ asked Leon, his eyes widening slightly as Gwaine chuckled.

It would involve:
Teasing them about their duties – ‘Oh no!’ you mock cried as the knights got ready for their latest rounds. ‘You can’t leave me here for  the five minutes it’s gonna take to go check the grounds! How could you be so heartless to do it without even a goodbye… All right, have fun.’ You winked at them, causing them to chuckle.

Them trying to teach you how to look out for yourself when the instances of magic begin to get too high. You, therefore, teaching them how to cook because you’re sick of them not knowing how to do it – how to look after themselves in general.

Being there for one another most of the time, knowing just what to do when someone’s too stressed so as to make them smile again.

Teasing each other about crushes – ‘So wait, how many of you have crushed on Gwen?’ ‘Wait, you’ve had a crush on my sister?!’ ‘It wasn’t a crush, I was flirting.’ ‘What a surprise.’ ‘And she rejected you, too, because of Arthur?’ ‘When we were like six I did…’ ‘Wait, even you, Leon? Does that make me and Elyan the only ones not to?’

Sitting up past the curfew sometimes just to talk to each other – and then trying not to laugh when they have to explain themselves to other people about it.

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Dating Sir Gwaine would include?

  • Him flirting with you constantly, honestly
  • Gwaine trying to be romantic and sometimes it works… a lot of the time, things end up badly (but you two always laugh about it)
  • He would be so protective of you and would get really jealous easily
  • You running your hands through his hair as you cuddle
  • Watching him train with the other Knights and being really proud of how far he’s come
  • Him helping to teach you a bit of self defence (let’s not kid ourselves, seeing you fight would totally turn him on so training wouldn’t last long because he’d be bundling you up and taking you to bed)
  • Being really sweet about sex and always asking if you were okay and stopping whenever you weren’t comfortable etc and when you wanted him to be, he would be rough and wild and it would just be great
  • Whispering jokes into his ear when he’s supposed to be serious and this ends up with him choking/laughing and Arthur is ready to throw you both in the cells for a night for annoying him

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I don't understand why it's blue. Merlin doesn't have colors. Even if he did, why would they ever be blue?

I’m guessing you are asking about the whole Merlin’s Knight AU. Part one here and Part 2 here.

I always felt like if Merlin ever had a standard, it’d be blue and silver. I was going to change the wyvern to something else. But that seemed silly to me. Merlin is a dragonlord, he would have had a dragon on his standard anyway. PLUS. It seems like even if Arthur wanted Merlin to be a Lord with his own colors and standard I think Merlin would still want the Pendragon dragon. Arthur will always be his King. What better way to show it than to use his wyvern? Even so. Merlin thinks the whole standard and Lord business is mad and silly. Gwaine would agree with him. Until he realized that this was a way to show the word that he’s Merlin’s Knight. His protector. That Gwaine would go to the end of the world to protect his wizard.

Anyway, that’s how my Merlin’s Knight AU works. It’s not canon. It’s  like writing a fic with graphics. It’s just a bit of fun.