gwaine will always be merlin's knight

i am so on board with the idea of percival being a giant softy

he was adorable with the lamia (at least until the enchantment turned all the knights against each other)

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but consider:

  • percival being a massive hugger. he hugs everyone if he thinks they’re having a bad day. once he hugged arthur without thinking and there was a stunned silence and then arthur joking appointed him the Official Court Hugger, and he takes it very seriously
  • they send percival if they need to rescue a child or someone very afraid. he talks to them real quiet and gentle and every time he returns with them riding double on the horse, clinging to him
  • once they found a baby in an devastated village and he insisted on being the one to carry it home. he wrapped some cloth into a sling and rode into camelot like a proud mama
  • the castle is crawling with cats after he rescued one and it had kittens. they nap in the armory and keep merlin company when he cleans arthur’s armor. they all sleep in percival’s room and at night you can hear them purring
  • the mothers of camelot all adore percival and give him an abundance of baked goods as thank yous. he always comes home with muffins and bread and sweet buns and one time, an entire cake that gwaine stole pieces of
  • he likes to knit and no one questions it. it relaxes him, plus all the knights now have lovely sets of winter hats and scarves
Being Arthur Pendragon’s younger sister would involve...

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Arthur defending you when Uther is angry at you

Being best friends with all the knights, especially Mordred because you’re about the same age

As a result, Arthur is very protective of you

As a result of that, Gwaine makes it his duty to flirt with you every day

Arthur almost fainted when you flirted back

You bribe Sir Leon to teach you to fight without telling Arthur

Merlin and Gwen are your best friends, and you always tease Gwen about her love for your brother

Morgana tries to use you against Arthur, because he cares for you so much

Whenever being a princess is too much for you, you seek out Merlin’s company and spend the day exploring

You know he has magic, and promise to keep it a secret

Because of this, you always try to steer your brother towards legalising the use of magic

You tell the knights and Merlin embarrassing stories about Arthur, making them swear to tease him about them

And also to never tell him they heard the stories from you

He knows anyway

You’re the only person who gets away with sassing him

You and Arthur argue and mock each other a lot, but you would both kill for each other if the situation arose

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Gwaine’s relationship with Merlin is/was so underappreciated and heartbreaking. Like, here’s this man who absolutely would risk anything for his only friend who he loves, but is always overlooked because Merlin has give so much attention to Arthur, yet Gwaine totally understands and would still do anything for Merlin. That’s friendship. That’s love.

Dating Merlin Would Include:

- Meeting because you also work as a servant in the castle.
- You two commiserate over how arrogant and rude some nobles can be.
- This is usually followed by silently glaring at Arthur and Uther.
- You work out he has magic fairly early on in your friendship by noticing the various miraculous things centered around defending Arthur that seem to occur in his presence.
- While you two were on a break from your duties, you also sort of noticed his spell book.
- He later confesses that he has magic and is shocked when he learns that you’ve known for awhile.
- You two prank everyone together and you both encourage the other’s mischievous behavior.
- You frequently comment on how clueless Arthur is.
- Him admitting his loneliness and displeasure over keeping his magic a secret and how different it makes him.
- After this, you make an effort to understand him even better.
- You try to verbally compliment and appreciate Merlin as much as possible.
- All of the knights and the court as a whole take bets on how long it’ll take for you two to get together.
- You two first admit your feelings for one another because Gwaine started to flirt with you in front of Merlin in order to get a rise out of him.
- This leads to him confessing his feelings and you two start the courting process.
- Whenever you’re upset, he’ll try to conjure up your favorite foods.
- This always ends in either laughter when he fails, or smiles and kisses when he succeeds.
- He gives really spectacular advice.
- He is seriously the sweetest guy to you.
- You two go on romantic picnics, he brings you random small gifts, and he remembers important dates.
- You meet Kilgharrah and actually like the old dragon and are understanding of his thought process.
- You’re both super supportive of each other.
- You frequently joke that he is actually dating Arthur and that you’re just a cover.
- This always results in him face-palming and blushing before you reassure him that you’re only kidding.
- Gwen insists on you two properly attending at least a few balls instead of simply serving the guests.
- You two are just the cutest couple.
- You and Merlin don’t really argue at all.
- Although you do chastise him whenever he does something too terribly risky.
- He is a mite overprotective.
- For PDA, he keeps it to hand-holding, cheek kisses, and wrapping an arm around you.
- You two are just made for each other.
- Arthur rolls his eyes whenever you two do something cutesy.

WARNING- I do not own BBC’s “Merlin” nor any of the associated characters. You own you. Please don’t sue me.

Gwaine x Reader: Little Bird

I don’t own the GIF and I don’t own Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“…All I’m saying is that it’s weird to keep track of how many apples are in a basket.  He shouldn’t have been able to tell one was missing,” Gwaine shrugged as he bit into his stolen apple.

“He caught you with it in your hand, Gwaine.”  Leon laughed.  “It takes extreme skill to miss a crime that you’re witness to.”  The other knights laughed while they rode along the forest trail.

“Yet I got away.”

“It’s not that funny, Gwaine.”  Elyan chided.  “You should be glad that you weren’t in uniform.  Arthur would’ve had your head.”

“No, he wouldn’t.  His Highness talks a big game.  I could get away again if I wanted.  We don’t even have to be out right now, you know.  We could just tell him that we finished the patrol and he would be none the wiser.”

“That goes against our code, Gwaine.”  Percival reminded him.  “You know that.”

“Yeah I know.  But it’s healthy to push the limits.”  Gwaine said cheekily.  Everyone laughed.  Gwaine opened his mouth to speak again, but he stopped.

“What is it?”  Leon asked him.

“Do you hear that?”  Gwaine asked.

“Hear what?”  The party went silent, listening for any sound.  “I don’t hear anyth—”

“Shh!”  Gwaine shushed his friend.  The party listened for any sound.  Then they heard someone cough.  “That!”  The knights looked at each other and began to ride towards the sound.  After riding for a short distance, Leon held his hand up and motioned for everyone to stop.  The knights dismounted and drew their swords.   Elyan signalled for everyone to spread out and search the area.  Everyone went silent and serious.  All except for Gwaine, who was swinging his sword and loudly chewing his apple.  After one particularly loud crunch, the knights turned and glared at him.  He shrugged and everyone went back to their search.   Just as he was about to turn back, Gwaine heard another cough.  His head snapped up and his gaze landed on a gnarled old tree a few metres from where he stood.  Suddenly serious, he dropped his apple and brandished his sword.  He stood against the back of the tree and took a deep breath.  Then he spun around the trunk to the other side, pointing his phone at the source of the sound.  He dropped his sword and sucked in a breath.  Lying against the base of the tree was a girl with matted H/C hair and covered in scrapes and bruises.  Although she was barely conscious, she kept her hands firmly pressed against a wound on her side.  From her laboured breathing, Gwaine could tell she needed help, and fast.  He crouched down to look at her just as her eyes snapped open.  Her face filled with fear and she tried in vain to squirm away from him.

“Please don’t hurt me,” She gasped.  Gwaine held his hands up.

“I won’t, I’m here to help.”  He told her.  A faint smile tugged at her lips, and before he could react she was unconscious.    Gwaine ripped a strip of fabric from the bottom of his cloak and pressed it against the girl’s side.  “Over here!”  He shouted.  Footsteps thundered towards him.  Percival was the first to appear.

“Who is this?”  He asked.

“I don’t know but she needs help.  Send someone ahead and tell Gaius to prepare the infirmary!”  Still keeping a tight hold on her wound, Gwaine awkwardly lifted the girl into his arms and took her back to his horse. 

What happened to you?

“…can you hear me?”  You slowly returned to the surface.  “Miss, I need you to open your eyes if you can hear me.”  With a small groan, your eyes slowly opened.  An old man with gray hair was standing over you.  “Well good morning.”  He smiled down at you.  “Merlin, go inform Arthur and his knights that the girl is awake,” You heard footsteps and a door slam.

“Where am I?”  You voice was rough and scratchy from lack of use.

“You’re in Camelot.  A legion of knights found you injured in the forest and they brought you to me for treatment.  May I ask your name?”

“Y/N…My name is Y/N.”  You said slowly.  The man smiled and checked your wound.

“It’s nice to meet you Y/N.  I am Gaius.”  He took a small canister and dipped his fingers into it.  He rubbed some on the wound and you hissed in pain.  “I apologize but this is necessary or else infection may set in.”  You grit your teeth and nodded.  As Gaius rewrapped your wound, the door opened again and you heard a flurry of footsteps.

“She’s awake?”  You flinched at the sudden noise.  Gaius shushed the speaker.

“Lower your voice, Sir Gwaine!”

“Sorry.”  He muttered.  “But… she’s fine, right?”  Gaius finished tying off your bandages and stood up with a nod. 

“If you had been any later, she wouldn’t wake up at all.”  You shivered at how close you came to dying.  Two men followed Gaius into your line of vision.  Both had dark hair, but one had blue eyes while the other had brown.

“Are you alright?”  The brown-eyed one asked.  You nodded.

“I’ve had worse.”  He laughed loudly, earning him a whack to the back of the head from Gaius.

“You were run through a sword, yet you’ve had worse?”  You shrugged.

“That’s what I said, isn’t it?”  Gwaine turned to look at the men behind him.  Gaius had a kind look on his face and the other man laughed quietly.  Seeming to remember the other man’s presence, Gaius said something about ‘reporting to the King’ and left the room with the other man.  The brown-eyed man brought a chair to your bedside and sat down.

“I’m Gwaine, by the way.

“I’m Y/N.”

“That’s a beautiful name.  How did you end up in the forest?” 

“I was ambushed by bandits.  I was actually on my way here.”  He sat up a little straighter.

“Oh?  Why?”     

“I want to become a knight.”  You answered simply.  Gwaine laughed.  “What’s so funny?”

“Why do you want to become a knight?”

“My father was a knight, and it’s always been my dream.”  He was still grinning.  “You still find this funny?”  His grin slowly fell.

“No, of course not, it’s just a woman becoming a knight is unheard of.”

“And why is that?”

“Well, women don’t normally take part in men’s activities.”  This made you mad.

“‘Men’s activities’?  Who are you to decide what is a man’s activity and a woman’s activity?”  You demanded.  “I have as much right to wield a sword as you do!”  He held up his hands.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.”  You huffed and crossed your arms, looking away from him.  “I don’t know how life is like where you are from, but things are different in Camelot.”

“So?  Just because something is the norm doesn’t mean it can’t change.”  You turned back at him as your anger slowly dissipated.  “But I will become a knight.  You’ll see.”  He chuckled softly.

“I’ll hold you to that.”

It had been two weeks since you came to Camelot and you were finally allowed to get up and walk around.  You had actually become unlikely friends with Queen Guinevere and you were on your way to visit her.  When you had first met, you were still bedridden and trying to figure out what you would do for clothing.  You had only brought the outfit you were wearing, but it was pretty torn up so it was out of the question.  When the Queen heard that the ambush victim was a woman she immediately came to see you and offer you one of her dresses, but you turned the offer down and instead asked for a shirt, trousers, and boots. 

“Y/N!”  You turned to see Queen Guinevere walking towards you.  You hastily dipped into a sloppy curtsey.  “Hey, now.  What did I say about curtseying?” You nodded.


“It’s alright.  I see your new clothes fit you quite nicely.”

“Yes, thank you again.”

“It’s my pleasure Y/N.  I’m glad we have clothes that suit your tastes.  I hear that they are quite unique.”


“One of my husband’s knights tells me you wish to join their ranks.”

“Yes, that’s true.”  She smiled.

“I’m glad.”  You looked at her.


“Of course.  I’m glad that someone like you has come to Camelot.  We have been trapped in the old ways for far too long, in my opinion.  My husband, on the other hand, is a little harder to convince.”  She smiled.  “That doesn’t mean he doesn’t try.  But King Uther trained him to respect the old ways his whole life, and that can be a very difficult habit to break.”

“I won’t give up.”

“I know.  And if you will allow me, I would like to assist you in your quest.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that for me.”

“I’m not.”  She turned to you.  “I’m offering.”  She smiled again.  “I would like to help you.”

“Then I would be honored to accept your assistance, My Lady.”  You curtsied again despite her protests.  “But how do you plan to help me?  I very well can’t just waltz into the trials as I am now.”  You motioned to your appearance.  “I’ll be sent off before I utter a single word.”  She grabbed you hand and began to lead you to the armoury. 

“Then we’ll just have to make sure no one finds out who you are.”  She opened the door to the armoury and motioned for you to go inside.  She began to mill about the room, grabbing pieces of armour off the walls as she went.  “Try these on,” She threw them at you and disappeared behind a shelf.  You nodded obediently and began to strap the armour on.  The door flew open and you hid behind a shelf without looking.  Gwaine walked in, studying the shelves of armour with a bored expression.  Knowing you could trust him to keep your secret, you stepped out from your hiding place and continued to put on your armour.  You picked up a shoulder plate and Gwaine whirled around with his hand on his sword.  When he saw it was you, he smiled and relaxed.

“And what are you up to, little bird?”  He started calling you little bird shortly after your arrival.  You had asked him many times to explain his nickname for you, but he’d always shrug and say he’d tell you later.

“I’m going to train to be a knight,” You grabbed a shin guard and put it on.

“You’re entering the trials?”  You nodded.  “But how?  Arthur will take one look at you and send you off.”  You grabbed the breastplate and attempted to strap it on.  You couldn’t reach the straps behind you, and Gwaine took it as his cue to step in.  He approached you so he was standing behind you and grabbed the straps.  He fastened them expertly.

“I’m going to disguise myself.”

“But…you’re not of noble birth.”

“Well, neither are you.”  You pointed out.

“Yes, well…”

“Why are you so against me becoming a knight?”  He didn’t answer you.  “That’s what I thought.”  You huffed as Gwen returned.

“Alright, I have a sword, helmet, and a letter confirming your background.”  She looked up.  “Oh, hello Gwaine.”  He bowed.

“My Lady.  I was just—”

“He was just leaving, you interrupted.  You looked at him pointedly, daring him to argue.  He bit his tongue and nodded.  He turned and left as quickly as he had come.  Gwen looked at you with a cheeky smile.

“What was that about?”

“I’d rather not talk about it.”  You said as you put the helmet on. A horn blared out.  “And I don’t have time.”  Snapping the visor down and strapping the sword around your waist, you headed out for your first day of tests.

Unaware that another student had witnessed the whole exchange.

You returned to the infirmary and flopped down, exhausted.

“Tough day?”  You turned to Merlin and flashed him a tired smile.


“Do you think you might be in over your head?”

“Not even a little.  The tests last three days, and I’m already finished day one.  Two more days won’t kill me.”  And without waiting for a response, you rolled over and instantly fell asleep.

“Welcome to day three!”  Arthur announced as he strolled in front of the line of almost-knights.  “And farewell to most of you.  Because today, before you duel me for one minute, you will duel each other for thirty seconds.  If you both pass, you will both move to the final stage.  If you fail, you will be asked to leave.”  You tried to hide your nervousness.  You weren’t backing down, but you hadn’t realized how stressful training would really be.  Your gaze flicked over to the group of knights watching, and you made eye-contact with Gwaine.  He smiled reassuringly.  “You will draw lots to determine who duels who.  Is that clear?”  You all responded with a loud “Yes, Sire!”  You all drew lots and were soon ready to begin.  “On my mark!”  You looked at your opponent, who had a very suspicious grin on his face.  Arthur’s arm swung down and the duels began.  Your opponent came at you instantly, and you blocked his blow instantly.  Deflecting his training sword, you thrust your sword at him.  You struck him in the chest and he fell over.  The duels stopped.  Arthur came over and helped your opponent up. “You have proven your worth this far.  But I can’t accept a knight who can’t last thirty seconds in battle.”  His face got red, and he jabbed an accusing finger at you.

“Don’t kick me out!  I deserve to be here!”

“And why is that?”  Arthur asked with a bored expression.  His tone suggested that he was used to this reaction.

“Because my opponent is a girl!”  Your heart dropped and Arthur stiffened.

“Is this true?”  He turned to you.  Your opponent answered for you.

“Of course it is!”  Before you could react, he stalked towards you and ripped your helmet off.  The other knights gasped, and the blood drained from your face.  Arthur sighed.

“Guards,” He motioned for a guard.  “Take her to the dungeons.”  He turned to you.  “You are under arrest for lying to the Crown.”  A hand wrapped around your shoulder, and it began to drag you roughly towards the dungeons.  You looked over your shoulder.  Arthur refused to look at you, and Gwaine was staring after you sadly.

“Are you alright?”  You looked up from your corner too see Gwaine standing on the other side of the bars.

“Of course I’m not.”  You said sharply.  “I was so close.”  He sighed.

“Little bird—”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Y/N.  I’m so sorry this happened to you.  But—”

“But what?  It’s better this way?  I was in over my head?  I didn’t know what I was doing?”  Gwaine was about to protest, but you cut him off.  “I don’t want to talk right now.”  You turned away from him and after a moment you heard his footsteps fade.  As soon as he left, you buried your face in your knees, and, for the first time since you were a child, you started to cry softly.

Gwaine was around the corner.  He heard every sob, and his heart broke a little more with each one.

You were snapped out of your restless sleep by a bell tolling.  You stood on the small cot and craned your neck to look through the bars.  The courtyard was in absolute chaos.  You instantly knew what was going on.

Camelot was under attack.

“That does it,” You grumbled to yourself.  You were not going to sit around while innocent people were slaughtered.  You looked around, searching for something, anything that could help you get out of your cell.  You found a medium size rock, and picked it up.  You began smashing it against the lock, but it didn’t give way.

“Well that’s not a very bright idea, is it?”  You looked up to see Merlin leaning against the wall, watching you.

“Look, normally I’d laugh, but now’s really not the best time!”  You snapped.

“Well if you stopped attacking the door I’d help you.”  You stepped back impatiently and Merlin fished a ring of (probably stolen) keys out of his pocket.  He opened your cell and you bolted out.  “Wait!”  You stopped and looked at him in frustration.

“What is it now?”  He threw you a sword and you caught it in shock.  You didn’t even notice him carrying one.  Deciding that your question could wait, you strapped the sword around your waist and took off, shouting your thanks over your shoulder.  You almost made it out of the dungeons before running into an attacker.  You drew your sword and disarmed the assailant, injuring his sword arm in the process.  You made it a rule to never kill unless you absolutely had to.  You ran up the stairs to the courtyard and thrust yourself into the chaos without a second thought.  You cut down enemies in your way, creating a path through the courtyard.

“Watch out!”  You whirled around just as Gwaine cut down an assailant about to run you through.  You nodded to show your thanks, but before you could jump back into the fray, he wrapped his hand around your upper arm and dragged you to the edge of the courtyard.

“What are you doing?”  You hissed as you tried to get away from him.  He ignored you.

“What are you doing?”  He demanded.  “You’re supposed to be locked up!”

“You expect me to sit around in the middle of a fight?”

“It’s too dangerous!”

No it’s not!”  You shouted.  “Why are you being so protective?”

“You wouldn’t understand.”  You scoffed and stabbed a man about to take Gwaine’s head off.

“What wouldn’t I understand?”  He still didn’t answer.  “I don’t have time for this.”  You ducked around him, but you were pulled back again.  Before you could react, his lips were on yours.

Because I can’t lose you!”  He shouted once he pulled away.  You stared at him in shock.

“Gwaine,” You said.

“What?”  He refused to look at you.  You gently laid a hand on his cheek and guided his gaze to you.

“You won’t.”  And then you pulled him down to kiss him again.  When you pulled away he had the same expression you had when he kissed you.  So you took your chance.  You passed the dazed knight and plunged back into the battle without another thought.

“Y/N!”  You heard a shout behind you but you ignored it.  “Y/N!”  You could tell he was getting closer.  An arm wrapped around your waist and tugged you back, out of the path of a blade.  “Who are you to just kiss and run like that?”  Gwaine asked with a smirk on his lips.

“After this is over, we can have a nice long talk but for now, we should really focus and—Your Highness!”  Gwen was cornered by a pair of soldiers.  She was trying to fight them off, but you knew she wouldn’t last much longer.  You looked around, but no one else seemed to see.  Before Gwaine could stop you, you took off towards the Queen.  You easily took down the first man and moved to shield the Queen.  “Run!”  You shouted at her.  She nodded, ducked under your arm and ran straight to her husband.  Angry that his target got away, the uninjured attacker turned to you with a snarl.  You held up your sword, daring him to make the first move.  With a loud cry, the man lunged forward.  You sparred back in forth until your positions switched and he was the one against the wall.  Seeing that his balance was off, you smacked him with the broad side of your sword and sent him crashing to the ground.  You stood over him, your chest heaving and your sword at his throat.  “Any last words?”  He looked at you in fear, but it changed to a smirk.  Confused, you turned around.

Just in time to see your opponent from the trials run you through with his sword.  He wrenched his blade out of you and you collapsed to your knees, your hands shaky as they tried to stop the flow of blood.  The last thing you saw before you blacked out was Gwaine screaming your name and Gwen running towards you.

You woke in a daze.  “You really have to stop getting into these situations, Y/N.”  You looked up at Gaius with a tired smile.

“Not my fault.”  Gaius chuckled.

“No, I guess it wouldn’t be, would it?”  You laughed, but it quickly turned into a bone-rattling cough.  Gaius came over and helped to prop you up.  After the coughing subsided you fell back against the pillows with a tired sigh.

“Here are the herbs—she’s awake?”  Merlin dropped what he was holding.  “I’ll fetch Gwaine!”  You tried to stop him, but he was already gone.  You groaned.

“Gwaine’s going to kill me.”  Gaius smiled.

“I think you’ll be fine.”  Before you could  ask him what he meant, the door slammed open.

“Y/N!”  Gaius stepped out of the room and closed the door behind him and Gwaine flew to your bedside.  “How are you feeling?  Are you in any pain?  What do you ne—”

“Gwaine,” You chuckled softly and held up a hand.  “I’m okay.  I told you before, I’ve had worse.”  He smiled softly and brushed his lips against your forehead.

“I was so worried about you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault.  When you fell, I thought…  I thought I lost you for certain.”  He sat on the edge of your bed and gently pulled you into an embrace.  “I’m so glad you’re safe.”  You smiled and returned the hug, but then your remembered your current state of affairs.

“So how long until I’m sent back to the dungeon?”  He squeezed you tighter and let you go.  A dazzling grin was plastered on his face.

“You’re not going back.”


“Queen Guinevere told King Arthur what you did for her.  He’s decided to reward you.”  His grin got even wider.  “He’s going to knight you, Y/N!”  Your jaw dropped.       

“Really?”  You began to smile like a madman.  He nodded and pulled you back into his arms.       

“Really.”  He kissed the top of your head and murmured into your ear.  “You did it, little bird.” 

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i got a peek of some of your naruto recs on my dash and was wondering if you have any Merlin recs or if you watch the show at all?

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Hi! So theres a serious lack of merlin on my dash, any blog suggestions? Thanks!

god, you shouldn’t have asked because I will list 98723648724263784 people

but here, have some great merlin-blogs. I have talked to almost none of them but they are all must-follow merlin people: (although you might be following most, if not all of them. In that case I’m terribly sorry. I actually follow something like 1400 blogs so my dash never lacks merlin)

brolin-truelove: her blog is just perfect, definitely a must-follow

brolinskeep: always up-to-date posts and awesome gifsets

imaginebrolin: beautiful blog and some really funny posts

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mistresspendragon: more like an arthurian legend and bbc merlin blog but also a must-follow

mamalaz: famous for her perfect merlin au gifsets

morganamigos: awesome blog and i adore her edits (especially her monty python ones and animated movie gifsets) 

morganapendragons: she actually has a merlin resource page, go check that out as well :)

courtsorcerer: absolutely gorgeous gifs and gorgeous blog

dameragnelle:perfect blog and stunning gifsets as well

awoogah: i saw mainly her text posts and those were really funny, but she has a nice blog as well

bradlejizzames: perfect blog. perfect url. that’s all I can say

alexvlahos: her blog is absolutely gorgeous as well. i love it

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romies-merthurian-pornation: I think hers was the first merlin-blog i started to follow. it is still awesome

hannijar: her art is so fucking cute. i can’t even  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

lastdragon-lady: i see a lot of her posts on my dash. they are always awesome (even if not merlin-related) :)

joppapendragon: mainly an arwen blog and I adore it

brolin-pendragonlord: I adore his blog as well and love the music for some reason. And his url lsdjflksdjflsdcnskdfaskjf

babyintrenchcoat: she was my team-leader in the Merlin Fest. She is a cutie pie and always seemed full of enthusiasm. Adore her blog as well

brolinexplizit: her bog is just nskjndcjksdncaskc I don’t even know what to say. Perfect. And don’t forget to check out her fic recs

merryveta: she is the cutest person on Earth and makes really, really awesome gifs

assckles: her blog is just. Hilarious, really funny. :D Her sidebar and her url are perf.

colingasm: her blog is so beautiful, goddamn it. 

knight-gwaine: I haven’t been following her for long but her blog is just perfectiooon

colinmorganismagical: so much colin. my heart can’t bear it.

colinmorgansv: HER URL. HER URL. and I looooooove her bradley blog (idk i love bradley)

dochraid: I have been following her for quite some time and I love her blog so much

permanentmochakisses: no but her blog is just. I don’t even know what to point out. Her Hunger Magazine Colin sidebar is just too much. I adore it.

camelotfags: I just can’t get over this url and her posts are really funny as well.

colinmorgxn: simply gorgeous blog, I afore it.

jadedginger: her edits are all I live for. She is a must follow and really, do check out her awesome edits.

arthursbutt: ok, can we talk about how absolutely freaking gorgeous this blog is? my eyes can’t bear all the pretty OvO

angelcoulby: not only merlin but a bunch of other stuff as well, and do check her out I love her blog. <3

cutiemerlin: do i need to spell out G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S? because it is (◡‿◡✿)

ladymithian: she has gorgeous edits, check them out :)

ofkingsandlionhearts: i simply adore her blog, it literally is perfect. And I personally adore her icon.

morgrana: her blog is just so perfect aamcbajdksjajdkalakdfia

merelyonehalf: I always see her posts on my dash, and I love them. Don’t forget to check out her edits!!!

worthyourtears: I AM SO SORRY I FORGOT HER. DEFINITELY A MUST FOLLOW. (I wrote this in caps lock on purpose) her posts are always informative and up to date about the actors and basically everything merlin-related.

merthurology: she posts a lot. and by ‘lot’ I mean REALLY FUCKING MUCH and she keeps popping up on my dash and I don’t mind at all, so if you lack merlin, it is her who you are looking for

nimueh: I have just followed her, her blog is AWESOME. and 

pratleyjames: oh I totally forgot about her. I adore pratleyjames and her url is just lksndclnsdcjnsdjkcsndkjaf

hermioneblacks: I love this blog. I love it. <333

imagine-pendragons: ok I’ve been checking out her blog for like a year and haven’t been following her. BUT YOU TOTALLY SHOULD. PERF. Her blog is pure eyecandy. Gorgeous

sangstr: she is totally a must-follow, I can’t really say anything else.

colinmorganshair: lots and lots of colin here too. Love this blog.

colinmrgn: she does stunning gifs. I mean look at the gif on her sidebar, my eyes can’t even take it. So pretty.

colinmourgan: i just love her minimalis theme and all the posts. Ond God, who did she kill for that URL? :D 

emmajelle: I adore her blog as well, but don’t forget to check out her fic recs at dirtybookshelves.

margaerypendragons: have been following her for ages as well. Definitely do check her out!

brolinmerthurendlesslove: her blog is always up-to-date as well. you really should follow her, just like all the others. :) I love this blog so much.


since it’s follow forever season, here’s mine! happy new year to everyone, i hope 2016 is amazing for you all! i also wanna say thank you for making my dashboard and time on tumblr pretty great. i’m sorry if i forgot anyone or if you’re not in there and i’m following you, i still love you a lot (otherwise i wouldn’t follow you). and this is so long, sorry! oh well, thanks everyone, i hope y’all spending happy holidays. :) don’t ask me why i made such a sad gif omg

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