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"Hey, you slept with my roommate who's a notorious slut but you seem like a decent guy and here have some pancakes and we can chat and wow you're actually really sweet and genuine are you sure you wouldn't prefer this roommate to the other one?" Any ship you please.

Here you go, Hun! I went with Merthur because the story was practically written for them in my head before I finished reading the prompt haha :P

Send me a ship + AU and I’ll write a ficlet (preferably Merthur, Bagginshield, Wolfstar or Johnlock

Oh, no. Not again.

That’s Merlin’s first thought upon seeing the strange blond man in his kitchen. He’s wearing what are clearly last night’s clothes (dark wash jeans and a scarlet button-up) as well as that look of regret and embarrassment he’s seen on so many of the people who have been through Gwaine’s bed.

He knows Gwaine doesn’t mean to hurt anyone (the man is basically a human labrador puppy) but he’s impulsive and careless and no matter how many times Merlin has told him to be discerning about the men and women he sleeps with, he can’t seem to understand that not everyone is as good at one-night stands as he is.

Merlin, for instance, is still dealing with his string of ‘just-tonights’ with Gwaine five years later.

The current victim turns around sharply when he hears Merlin enter the kitchen, causing the water in the glass he’s holding to slosh violently and spill onto his hand. He looks like he’s been caught in the middle of a burglary and Merlin has to fight an amused smile at his look of terror.

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Satisfied - Gwaine

Fic #11 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Satisfied
Warning: ANGST

“It’s beautiful,” you said, admiring the dress with your younger sister. She squealed a little and nodded. She laced her arm in yours and put her head on your shoulder.

“I’m so happy, Y/N,” she said. “Do you think Gwaine will like it?” You sighed, staring at the wedding dress.


“Do you think he has everything ready?” she asked.

“I’m sure. Leon and Merlin are keeping a close watch on him.” She sat down on her bed, and started chewing her lip nervously. You sighed and put your hand on her shoulder. “Do you want me to go check?”

“Yes!” she said, jumping up. “Would you?”

“Of course. Anything for my sister.”

“Thank you,” she said, squeezing your hand. 

Merlin smiled at your awkwardly as you walked towards the door he was now guarding. You stopped when he clearly wasn’t going to move. 

“Merlin,” you said softly. 

“Yes?” he asked, smiling at you widely. 

“Can I come in?” you asked.

“What for?”

“To check on my sister’s fiance.” He was still looking at you awkwardly. “Merlin, please.”

“Okay.” He moved to the side, and you swept past him, picking up your dress as you moved into the dimly lit room. The wedding was to take place at one today, so all the prep had to be done in the early morning light. 

When you walked in, the curtains around the bed were swaying slightly, due to the open window across the room. Leon was talking softly, but stopped when he saw you.

“Y/N,” he said.

“Y/N.” You noticed now that Gwaine was lying on the bed, but sat up when he saw you.

“Hi. Eliza wanted me to stop by,” you said, looking away from the dark haired man, and turning your attention to Leon. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, things are going perfectly, actually. But I do need to check with Arthur. Could you make sure that Gwaine is dressed properly?” he asked, although was already halfway to the door. You stuttered a response, but couldn’t do anything but stand there. The door closed, and you forced yourself to look back at Gwaine.

“So, I don’t think you really need my-”

“Y/N,” Gwaine said, cutting you off as he got out of bed. You looked at him as he walked closer to you. “Are we just going to pretend that things are normal?”

“Things are normal,” you said. “You are marrying my sister today, and you’ll live a normal life.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Y/N,” he said again.

“Please stop saying my name.”

“Please stop avoiding my eyes,” he said. You looked at him, really looked at him, and tried not to look away, even though that would have been easier. “We never talk about that night.” You shook your head and did look away. You went across the room to where the wardrobe was, and opened it up, looking for what he would wear at the wedding.

I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days,” you said. 

“Regret it?” he asked, walking towards you. You pulled out his clothes, and moved back to his bed, laying them out. 

“You’re marrying my sister, Gwaine. Whatever happened that night-”

“Was amazing,” he said, finishing a sentence you couldn’t even start. You shook your head. “Do you remember what I said to you? The first time that I saw you in a year.”


You strike me, as a woman who has never been satisfied,” he said, repeating his words. You sighed, and looked at him painfully.

“Gwaine, please.” He stared you down, until you said what he wanted you to, what you said when you saw him that night. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself.”

You’re like me, I’m never satisfied.”

“Gwaine. This isn’t a conversation we can have. You’re marrying my sister in four hours. Please, just let me get you ready, and I can go.”

“And what? We’ll forget about this? About us?”

“There is no us,” you said coldly.

“Y/N,” he said, walking forward, taking you by the arms. “Please-”

“Please?! There’s nothing I can do. Or you for that matter.” You pulled away from his grip with everything you had in you. “Your clothes are laid out. I’ll see you at the ceremony.”

You walked towards the door, and were glad that Gwaine didn’t do anything to stop you. Merlin was standing at the door, and smiled at you sadly.

“You have to stop eavesdropping,” you said to him. He sighed, and struggled to say something. You kept walking, knowing that you had to get Eliza ready. Every step you took was harder to take, harder to walk away from Gwaine. 

Eliza was dressed when you walked in, and she was struggling to put her hair up. She squealed when she saw you, and raced towards you. She hugged you tightly.


“Well,” you said, not realizing what she was asking.

“How was he? How was Gwaine? Is he all ready?”

“He’s starting to.”

“How did he look?” she asked, sitting down in front of her mirror as you started brushing your hair. 

“Handsome,” you said breathlessly. She smiled happily. You tried to smile, too, but it didn’t reach your eyes. Eliza seemed to look at you curiously, but looked away when Guinevere walked in. 

“Hello,” she said. “How’s it going in here?”

“Great,” you said instantly. “Right, Eliza?”

“Yes,” she said, standing up to hug her. While she did, Gwen looked at you with a knowing look. You frowned down at your feet, not wanting to meet her eyes. 

“Well, I believe there is something Morgana wants to give you before the ceremony,” Gwen said. Eliza smiled and looked at you.

“Do you want me to go-”

“No, I’ll get it. Meet me at the door before?” she asked. You nodded and she gave your hand a squeeze as she walked out of the door. You sighed when it shut and Gwen turned to look at you. 

“Not right now, Gwen,” you said.

“When would you like to have this talk? After Gwaine marries your sister and you live your life in misery?”

“That was the plan,” you said cynically. 


I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich. My father has no sons, so I’m the one who has to social climb. I’m the oldest, wittiest, the gossip, and Camelot is insidious. And Gwaine,” you said, sighing. “Is penniless, but that doesn’t mean I want him any less.” Gwen looked at you sadly, and opened her mouth to say something. 

“Eliza has to marry Gwaine. It’s my job to grow status for our family, it’s hers to find happiness,” you said.

“You didn’t think that when you first saw him.” You shook your head, knowing she was right. 

He was so handsome. He knew it, too. I wanted to take him far away from this place with me. I might have, too, if I didn’t see Eliza’s face. She was helplessly in love with him, right then.” You turned to look at Gwen, fighting off the tears that were already falling. 

I know my sister like I know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned, he’d be mine. She would say she’s fine, but she’d be lying.”

Gwen came forward and hugged you tightly, and you cried on her shoulder for as long as she could. Eventually, though, you had to pull away. You promised Eliza that you’d meet her at the doorway to the ceremony. 

“I have to go.”

“Okay,” Gwen said, wiping a tear of her own away. “I’ll see you in there.”

Gwaine and Eliza sat at the head of the table, right next to Arthur. You sat on Eliza’s right, keeping your eyes on your food. Arthur had just made a speech, and it was clear that it was time you made one, too. You locked eyes with Gwen and then Merlin from across the room. They each gave you a reassuring nod as you stood.

To the groom!”

To the groom!” the crowd repeated.

To the bride!”

To the bride!” they mimicked again. 

From your sister, who is always by your side. To your union, and the hope that you provide. May you always be satisfied!” you said, raising your glass once more with the crowd. Everyone toasted to the happy couple, who kissed as you sat down. 

You finished the rest of your speech in your head, looking down at the bubbles in your glass to keep the tears from pooling out of your eyes. “But when I fantasize at night it’s Gwaine’s eyes, as I romanticize what might have been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly. At least my dear Eliza’s his wife. At least I keep his eyes in my life. And I know, she’ll be happy as his bride. And I know, he will never be satisfied. I will never be satisfied.

More Than Meets the Eye

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Okay.”  Arthur said.  “What the hell was that?”  He pointed at the dark haired man crumpled on the floor.

“That,” Merlin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.  “That’s my Uncle.”  He said at last.

“And who is your Uncle?” Arthur prompted.

“…King Lot of Essetir.” Merlin hung his head.

“And why is he here?” Arthur was acting like an angry parent.

“Because he tried to kill me?”

“And why did he try to kill you?”  Arthur crossed his arms.

“…Because I’m the rightful heir to the throne of Essetir.” Merlin finished.  The knights were staring dumfounded at the lifeless man.              

“Exactly.  And one more thing?”

“What?” Merlin sighed in exasperation.  Arthur lunged forward and punched Merlin in the shoulder.  Hard.  Merlin recoiled with a shout, cradling his shoulder as he glared at Arthur.  “What was that for?”

“What do you think it was for?!” Arthur shouted.  “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Merlin scoffed.

“And give my Uncle a reason to go to war? Are you kidding?!  I didn’t tell anyone I was here!”

“If you’re the King of Essetir, what are you doing here?” Gwaine asked him.

“My uncle stole the throne.  It was supposed to be my mother’s, but then she met my dad.  He threatened to reveal their relationship unless she abdicated the throne.  But by then I was a baby and living with Pa.” He continued.  “Because I was already born before she abdicated, I’m still next in line.”  Merlin pointed to his uncle with the bloody sword in his hand.  “I guess he found out I was here.”  Everyone was silent.

“So now what?” Leon said after a long moment.  Merlin shrugged.

“I guess I go back.”  He said simply.  “It’s the right thing to do.”  Everyone was silent.  Finally, Arthur sighed and nodded.

“Saddle a horse and provide Mer—His Majesty with any supplies he may need.”

“I’m sorry Arthur, I had to protect our kingdoms.”  Arthur nodded again.

“Don’t worry.  I would’ve done the same thing.“  Merlin sighed in relief. "I’m sending Gwaine and Percival to escort you back to your castle.”  Merlin nodded. 

“Thank you, Arthur,” He held out his hand and the other king shook it.  “For everything.” Arthur smiled.

It had been a week since Merlin had returned to his kingdom, and the coronation ceremony was coming up fast.  Even though he had already officially become King, the council insisted on a ceremony.  A knock on Arthur’s door interrupted his paperwork. “Enter.”  He called. A messenger bearing the crest of Essetir stood in the doorway.

“Pardon the intrusion, Sire, but I come bearing a message from King Merlin of Essetir.”  Arthur nodded and took the scroll from the messenger.

“You’re excused,” He said absent-mindedly.  He heard a faint “Thank you, Sire,” as the door closed.  Arthur quickly unrolled the scroll and read its contents:

King Clotpole,

You are hereby cordially invited to bear witness to the coronation of King Merlin of—This is stupid.  Everything’s so formal!  How did you deal with this; you’re the least formal person I know!  I would’ve come and invited you in person, but apparently kings can’t just do whatever they want.  So thanks for warning me.

I’m also writing to ask if you’d be interested in opening trade between Camelot and Essetir?  You don’t have to write your reply, we can discuss it at my coronation.

Yes, you are coming.  Even if I have to drag you here myself.

Your Friend,


Arthur snickered at Merlin’s unique way of issuing a proclamation, and began making arrangements to clear a few days for Merlin’s coronation.  Until he realized he was missing one teeny, tiny, detail.  Growling in annoyance, he grabbed a piece of parchment and began writing.


You never told me when the coronation is.


Respectfully yours,

King Arthur of Camelot

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ok so headcanon: merlin is elated when arthur comes back, but not shocked (since it was prophesied that he would come back), but what shakes merlin to the core is when he goes to the supermarket and bumps into gwaine buying apples


Especially if Merlin spent weeks grieving for Arthur before he ever got back to Camelot and even found out that Gwaine had died trying to protect them. He missed Gwaine’s funeral  and everything and he hates himself for it. Hates himself even more for letting Gwaine die without knowing about his greatest secret.

He spends a thousand years and more with all those feelings of guilt and regret. With Arthur at least he knows he’ll have a second chance, an opportunity to get it right, but he never expects that Gwaine isn’t gone forever.

And he’s so used to seeing glimpses of swishy hair, long straight noses, bright roguish smiles, all the things that remind him of Gwaine and make his heart clench in his chest that he doesn’t believe what he’s seeing at first. But then Gwaine looks up at him with that heart-stopping grin, and with none of the accusation and blame Merlin’s been imagining for centuries on end, and Merlin knows this is his Gwaine.

He wraps Gwaine in a hug before Gwaine even has the opportunity to say his name in surprise. Gwaine laughs and claps Merlin on the back, ruffles his hair as Merlin starts to cry, says he’s never been so happy to see anyone in either of his lives.

And Merlin knows that he has his second chance.

But seriously don’t imagine Merlin after the death of Lancelot. Don’t think about how alone he would feel, how lost he would be. Don’t wonder if he would start obsessing over why everyone that gets close to him dies. Don’t imagine Arthur or Gwaine trying to talk to him and him shutting them out. Don’t entertain the idea that Merlin might just give up on being close to anyone. Don’t imagine his friends thinking about how long it’s been since he last smiled, or wondering just how much Lancelot must have meant to him. And most of all, if you are a merwaine shipper, do NOT imagine Gwaine trying to figure out what he’s done wrong, if Merlin somehow blames him for Lancelot’s death because he won’t talk to him anymore, and just DON’T think about Gwaine feeling guilty because he misses Lancelot but he also can’t help but wonder what made Lancelot so special that Merlin would talk to him and not Gwaine

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Ten Characters I Would Kiss:

  1. Theron Shan (SWTOR)
  2. Lana Beniko (SWTOR)
  3. Akaavi Spar (SWTOR)
  4. Torian Cadera (SWTOR)
  5. Alistair (Dragon Age Origins)
  6. Gwaine (Merlin)
  7. Thancred (Final Fantasy XIV)
  8. Clara Oswald (Doctor Who)
  9. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)
  10. Candy Canaday (Bonanza)

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Whatever you do, don't imagine Gwaine marveling at Merlin's magic and telling him its beautiful and Merlin blushing and being so pleased at having someone who knows and enjoys his magic. (also don't imagine Gwaine kissing Merlin at random times just to see his magic spark and do things) (poor Gaius has lost more glass jars as casualties of Gwaine's sneak attacks than Merlin cares to admit to)


Imagine Merlin needing a lot of time to get used to someone actually truly appreciating his magic so Gwaine is constantly emphasising how much he loves it to reassure him and OH NO imagine Merlin realising that the last time someone appreciated his magic like this was Freya oh my god

And eventually as Merlin actually comes to terms with Gwaine liking his magic, he starts using it more and more (in private of course) to make him smile and to feel that little bubble of pride in his chest because he’s making someone happy. With his magic.

Imagine one time Gwaine is seriously injured and distressed - he can’t get out of the cot, he’s got a fever, maybe he’s a bit confused about where he is - so Merlin sits with him, telling him a story and creating pictures with his magic, using the flames of the candles or the water from a nearby bucket or the sparks from the fire, and he rambles on and on, barely even knowing what he’s saying, and making pictures to go along with it, and Gwaine hears Merlin’s voice and sees the magical pictures and he relaxes because maybe he can’t get out of bed, maybe he’s in pain, maybe he’s confused, but he knows Merlin is there so he knows he’ll be okay.

Imagine occasionally Merlin’s nightmares get the best of him and his magic throws things around in his sleep. He wakes up to see Gwaine’s room an absolute mess, broken furniture, overturned candle holders, a smashed window. And Gwaine’s leaning over Merlin, looking frightened, and Merlin thinks “this is it. I’ve done it. He’s scared of me now.” But Gwaine, ignoring the mess of the room, searches Merlin’s face and asks “are you alright?” Because he’d been trying to wake Merlin up for what seemed like far too long and Merlin had been so terrified and he hadn’t known what to do. And he lets Merlin fall apart in his arms and he holds him until the shaking stops and finally, much, much later, Merlin looks again at the state of the room and he’s worried all over again, he tells Gwaine he’s sorry and he’ll find a way to fix it all. But Gwaine just smiles because Merlin’s here with him and he’s safe and he’s okay so who cares about his damn room, it was too ostentatious for his tastes anyway. And they blame it on a drunken night getting a bit too wild when people ask about the window and the furniture that has to be replaced, and the whole time Merlin’s nervous, sure that someone’s going to figure them out, but Gwaine just holds his hand and keeps talking to the guard and no one suspects a thing.


Merlin: BURN him! Burn the witch!

A/N: 110% inspired by this

Merlin stood with his shoulders slumped, allowing himself to be jostled by the crowd that gripped his arms as they approached the raised platform in the center of town.

“He’s a sorcerer! We found a sorcerer! Burn him! Burn the sorcerer!”

Gwaine, the local knight who had appeared out of the blue several weeks ago, would be at the platform, seeing as how he wasn’t at the two pubs the horde had dragged Merlin through in their hunt for a mediator of justice.

Today, however, Gwaine wasn’t alone. There was another man – a knight? – who was on the platform with him, in quiet discussion with both their arms crossed. The presence of this stately blond did nothing to deter the mob mentality.

“We found a sorcerer! We found a – BURN the sorcerer!! Burn him!”


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A little angel.. of a kind

[ ladyelenya ]

Elydir left a long sigh, before her head fell on the desk, letting a soft bump. Her job was almost done. She organized scouting parties with Irindul, approved trades and shipments, signed every paper needed her signature and name on it but the reports, oh those she hated.

With Irindul having his black days –Verya was in Rivendell, with Santiel and Lyque- the young elf couldn’t concentrate to read them, but the queen told him she’d be happy to do it. Gwaine and Rauden had left for Lothlorien to train and learn the art of politics, while the girls learned of arts and philosophy and healing. She didn’t have anything to do, but work of spend time with Thran. She was close to giving birth but not that close.

Hearing a chuckle, she looked up to see her husband. “So bored?” he asked and she huffed loudly. “A fair answer” he said and kissed her cheek. She got up and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply. “I have time to kill. I can kill it with you” she said, kissing his neck seductively.
“As much as I’d enjoy that –and I’d really enjoy that- I can’t let you get tired again. We agreed to make love once a week and we have already done three” he said and kissed her head, wrapping his arms around her waist loosely.
“I miss my children and grandchildren. And our baby grows slower than Gwaine or so I feel like. Month eight and counting” she said and sighed.

“Meleth, take Elenya and go for a ride. I’ll finish the reports and take care of Liriel. I’ll teach her a new song today” he said lovingly.
“Why do you sing so rarely to me, my angel?” she asked and kissed him gently, his idea sounding like a nice escape.
He chuckled. “Because I like hearing your voice more” he said and kissed her forehead. “Go, go, I don’t want my child bored in there” he said and knelt to kiss her round stomach.

With one last kiss, she walked out and went to her friend, in Legolas’ study. She knocked and got in, hearing Liriel’s soft laughter.

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Random question: have you ever thought about the fact that gwaine, who loved merlin unconditionally, was the only one dying while Merlin was not around?

I have and it hurts so I stopped thinking before more pain. haha. But no I do, it’s so sad and wrong! I know there were so many in Camelot to have connections to Merlin but Gwaine’s was so much more in my opinion and I’m mad the show didn’t do more with it. Merlin was the one to bring Gwaine there in the first place, basically, he brought him into the life and showed him he could be who he wanted to be and to change his perception of royalty. It was Merlin that Gwaine came back for time and time again, it was with him that his loyalty laid, although he was a Knight of Camelot, a subject of Arthur, it was Merlin who was his brother and who he connected with. Gwaine was to Merlin what Merlin was to Arthur! And Merlin watched everyone he loved die, he was able to give them what they deserved in death when nobody else could or would. But Gwaine…nothing! Yes he had a good friend with him in Percival but as you said, Gwaine loved Merlin unconditionally (whether people see it as brotherly love or more) and it was a cruel cruel fate. For the both of them. Gwaine probably expected to have Merlin with him in his dying breath, heck he probably expected to give his life in some way for Merlin, or to die in old age with him by his bedside. But instead he had a half hearted goodbye and the thought that he died not knowing if his best friend was safe, and without saying his farewells. And I do not even want to go to the thought of Merlin finding out about Gwaine…it hurts too much. I would love to imagine him giving him a send off once he got back, (because as much as I do agree that he may never have returrned to Camelot I also highly believe he did, he still had a love and loyalty to Gwen, Gaius and his home) or at least being able to stand by his grave and mourn rightfully. They didn’t get to say goodbye as Merlin did with mostly everybody else and that truly hurts. They were brothers, all of the knights and it is heartbreaking to see them die alone, but it is even worse that the one who loved someone so much didn’t have them by their side: Elyan had Gwen, Lancelot had Merlin and Arthur, even Uther who was a dick had Arthur holding him.

It’s even worse to think that had Merlin been there he could have stopped Morgana, or even tried his best to heal Gwaine afterward, because I know that in his anger and pain his magic would have flared and he could have done it- ok a headcannon maybe but just picture it.

Gwaine loved Merlin and in turn I know Merlin cared for him greatly, even if not exactly in the same way. They had a bond that was so wonderful, they had one another and the thought of what happened…well it makes me rant as you can see. Oops. I’m sorry.

Now, excuse me while I…