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Kid was walking around, looking for his sweet, sweet fell. When he spotted him in the distance, when he got closer he ran to fell picking him up. "Fell! Oh ma gawd bro what happened t' ya!?" ((@Little--Kid--Fresh))

Fell let out a little whimper when Kid picked him up. He sniffled a bit, for he felt a little uneasy. Fell clung a bit to Kid, like if he let go he would fall.

“da gway-faces……it was dem…..”

this is the wrong blog to be posting on but gway is such a good writer?? like of stories?? like all of mcrs album are themed after like stories nd stuff he wrote like demolition lovers and the patient in the black parade and danger days it busts my nut

OKAY im gonna eat my tea, have a shower and then launch my gway stay free pin Kickstarter!! Out of interest, would anybody want me to also put it on my website, so that I can accept card payments? I think Kickstarter can only accept PayPal!