The signs trying to hide strong emotions
  • Literally fidgeting the whole time like they look like they are literally trying to keep their heart from ripping out their chest:Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.
  • Will blurt it out so randomly that it makes sense to no one but them:Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.
  • Flips at everyone and anyone:Cancer, Leo, Virgo.

No one would believe it, but quiet moments do exist between them. When Kagami is studying for a test, Aomine would take a nap on the couch with his head on Kagami’s lap while he reads. He complains that his bed at home is too hard and the couch in Kagami’s house is way more comfortable. Kagami doesn’t really mind as long as he can get some studying done without any distractions. Aomine sleeps like a rock anyway. When the light in the room is too bright and Aomine shows signs of discomfort, Kagami would gently place a hand over his eyes to block out the light so that he could nap more comfortably.


I was tagged by daddyzainmalik to post the 10 best zouis pictures and it was sooooo difficult. I decided to only include photos (if including GIFs I would not have been able to do this…) but it was still next to impossible. I tried to pick some pictures that I haven’t seen a lot of in this challange…. (Because the ones I’ve seen are lovely and include some of my favorites, but since I can only include ten, it’s kinda cheating, but I thought others might enjoy this more.) As you can see I still ended up with some of the more popular ones anyway.

You might be able to tell I have a thing for Zouis looking like boyfriends… But they do that a lot, so there are just  too many photos to choose from. ^^’‘ Oh well, I tried.

I won’t tag anyone, because most of the Zouis shippers I know have already done this. BUT, if you haven’t I urge you to do it, just so we can see some more Zouis-love in the tags. ;) <3

it was time for a new setup. the old cage grew tiny compared to our new mice growing bigger and bigger. now they have lots of space for climbing and running. not sure what to do with the old cage though.

the cage isn’t all finished yet. it needs more clutter.