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I'm 5'3" and 200 lbs. I need to get back on track with losing weight. What do you think I could do to lose weight and what goal weight should I shoot for?

The lowest weight you can go without veing in the underweight category is 105. But i think you should start of with more simple goals to make yourself feel better. Gw1: 195 Gw2:180 Gw3:165 Gw4:155 Gw5:135 Gw6:120 & so on. I like to fluctuat my goal weights instead of keeping them at a steady pattern. Makes me feel more accomplished. Make sure to drink tons of water and give up those sugary drinks! That should help you lose 5 pounds in no time. Try giving up some carbs (not all carbs) and try for lower sodium foods! Stay safe hun ♡ (this is personal experience, not certified)

Reached first goal weight!!

My first goal weight was 175 and I’m finally 175 woohoo!!!!! Here’s all my goals
Gw1: 175 (next week)✔️
Gw2: 170 (Halloween)
Gw3: 165 (thanksgiving)
Gw4: 160 (Christmas)
Gw5: 155 (New Years)
Gw6: 150 (birthday)