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Currently working on gearing up my mirage, Schrodinger Cats. I never thought I could play mesmer but I’m doing pretty well at it now.

It took me a while to actually get these pictures because I kept getting distracted when people needed help with something in game.

Last Friday, 5 PM

Coworker: Hey Ru what are your weekend plans?
Me: Oh I was thinking about exploring new places I never visited before
Coworker: Wow you are so adventurous!
Me: Ahahah yeah that is me!

Me this weekend:

I think the worst part of returning to Orr during Living World Season 3 is that we get to see Orr in its process of recovering, with bits of green here and there, and seeing methods of bringing the greenery back in action. We even get to help with it.

Something Trahearne never got to live long enough to see himself. He only ever got to see the recovery in his Dream, and never in his reality.