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hi nora what's the best gw2 race/class combo? i like sylvari but im not sure what to choose

everyone likes sylvari sylvari is bae. my faves are sylvari and human (my main is a human) just bc like sylvari are cool and humans have really cool lore and their home city is fucking beautiful

as for class i’d suggest just going with whatever sounds like the most fun for you personally. you’re gonna have way more fun if you’re playing something you genuinely like

“I really miss the chance ANet had with your warband when you create a charr and play the story. They are there, they die, you are left alone with just one of your warband members, your family members. Then you start rebuilding the warband, recruiting new members. And suddenly, join the orders, forget about them, never call back, never send a letter, never visit. There was so much potential there. And I miss it. I miss the chance that we could have had, but hadn’t.”

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Hey, Justin, you play Guild Wars 2, right? How would you sort the races? I think Norn would probably be mostly Gryffindors and Asura would be mostly Ravenclaws, but I'm not sure about the other races.

(Disclaimer: I am speaking here how each race’s CULTURAL and RACIAL views align with the houses. I am not claiming every race is entirely composed of just one house. All races are composed of all houses.)

Norn are definitely hardcore Gryffindor. A society valuing power and seeking glory to become a legend, I really don’t know how else to explain it. They are bold and courageous to the core. Perfect examples of the textbook (stereotypical?) Gryffindor. 

Asura are actually predominately Slytherin. I hate that they have become the “cute” race in GW2. While their defining factor is still their incredible intelligence and a society balanced around the three colleges, this does not make them Ravenclaw. Asura as a culture view themselves as superior to the other races, caring very little about their well-being. They are primarily interested in their own individual talents and projects, shamelessly sabotaging others to improve their chances of success. Furthermore, as quoted in The Movement of the World article: “The Asura believe they are destined to rule the larger, less intelligent races of the world. They see humans, especially, as quite good for heavy lifting, and in general terms, view other races as merely pawns to be manipulated in Asuran schemes.”

Sylvari are Ravenclaw. As the newest race to the world, Slyvari are primarily interested in discovering both the world and their own identities with immense curiosity. Many of the dreamers also share a strong connection with each other and value acceptance of others, largely influenced by Ventari’s teaching: “All things have a right to grow. The blossom is brother to the weed.”
Although having darker aims, even the Nightmare Court share many of these Ravenclaw traits of curiosity and especially seeking independence from the influence of the Pale Tree.

Humans are a race that I would align mostly with Hufflepuff, despite that one follower rudely disagreeing, due to their faith in their six gods and incredible perseverance. The game does a poor job at explaining it in detail, but the Humans are essentially on their last legs. Their home in Kryta is the last remaining human kingdom on Tyria with both Ascalon and Orr being abolished. Elona and Cantha may still exist; however, all communication is seemingly cut off. Despite this, and despite being attacked from every side of their land (and literally their city being attacked in the most recent update), the humans remain strong. The “unafraid of toil” of Hufflepuff is incredibly present for the humans. In addition, the Gods have not been heard from in over 250 years. The humans, though essentially being abandoned, still largely remain faithful to The Six for guidance. Seriously. It says it all in the human story intro:

“The human race once ruled Tyria. Now, we struggle to hold our ground.
 We’ve been defeated, driven back, and broken – but we will not surrender.
So many nations have fallen. Only Kryta still stands.
Our faith is strong, despite the silence of the Six Gods.”

Charr are a rough mix of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Honestly, I would put them in Durmstrang if I could. The in-game description describes them as such:

“The charr race was forged in the merciless crucible of war. It is all they know. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward. The weakling and the fool have no place among the charr. Victory is all that matters, and it must be achieved by any means and at any cost.”

From descriptions alone, the Charr can be very Slytherin in their cutthroat pursuit for power and control; however, it cannot be denied that the charr are also innately defined by their boldness and courage valued in Gryffindor.

-Justin (Slytherin)

“I came to GW2 after playing the original Guild Wars, and because of Prophecies, I hated charr a lot. Even Pyre Fierceshot in Eye of the North. I didn’t want to create a charr, they were ugly, rude, unpolite beasts…Everything changed when I met Tybalt Leftpaw and laughed a lot with him. He made me change my perception of charr, which is now a race I really like. That’s why I am very fond of him.“

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Not Okay

Summary: Taimi helps the Commander deal with losing a loved one. (implied Commander/Trahearne)

Characters: Pact Commander, Taimi, Trahearne

Notes: Commander’s POV (2nd person); Set in LS3E1; 1200 words

You’re standing at the bow of General Almorra’s airship when the communicator in your pack crackles to life.

“Come in, can you read me, Commander?” Taimi’s disembodied voice cuts through the air, louder than the clamor of Pact soldiers as they work on repairs behind you. She sounds a little scratchy, reminding you of when she left you that trail of holo-discs in the jungle. Still, it’s better than the faltering static you were receiving on the ground, so you’re smiling slightly as you respond.

“Loud and clear, Taimi.”

“Finally!” she says, pleased. “There’s been tons of magical interference; been difficult to get a clean line to you.”

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“All the rascim of players from GW1 against charr is ridiculous. The lore of the first game states clearly that the humans started the conflict and stole lands not only from the charr. As they were about to lose against the charr, they got divine magic. Also people seem to completely ignore that the exodus from Ascalon in Prophecies was all about the hubris of Adelbern and the incapability of old men to let go and lead everyone into demise just to prove the point that their racism is the only way.”

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  • Charr: Our gods led us astray, so we had to destroy them. We're better off without, they were nothing but tyrants
  • Sylvari: Our literal creator reached into our fucking minds and tried to dominate us, but we know that we have free will. mordremoth will not take away our choices
  • Humans: protection squad for everyone who doesnt wanna stop blathazar take over the world because it makes them feel icky :////// you're valid and we support u

My Norn crew is the beeeest.

what ur main character’s race in gw2 tells about you

charr: ur a furry
norn: ur a furry in denial
human: ur a furry in so huge denial that you felt the need to pick least furry race in whole game
asura: you are probably very short irl and you are trying to cope with that by playing as something thats even smaller than you. or you just like weird little gremlins
sylvari: you are objectively coolest existing person and you have absolutely fantastic taste in fictional races